Tell the truth about who u really are by sign....if u dare.

  • If you are on this site there is at least a small part of you that believes people are somewhat defined by their birth sign...what is it that truly defines you as your horoscope sign? And be real! Inquiring minds really want to know!

  • Uh Huh....noticed that u never shared anything signifigant about your sign, that we all might gain a little insight from?????

  • ramonita

    thats is really my birthname, i am a ram! always going head first,

    i like the lead, really annoying when i have someone over me,

    start a million projects, some i have finish,

    its is always about others before me, and this particular area, it is always about my family,

    my sons and daughter, and four grandchildren!

    i dont know how to sit still, i have to be constantly on the go!

    i am already sixty two, i wonder if in another ten years, i am still in this journey, i will be able to keep this pace? so many lessons i have receivced in life, sometimes i wonder how many more times i have to bash my head?

    love and blessings to all!

  • Hi Aqua, very unique and different. Often misunderstood.

  • If u mean my profile pic...yes it's me, and no I am not your long lost sister......really? that is a story all in it's self...what a horrible thing for a family to go through!....Ok on second thought is your family rich?: Cause maybe I am your sister LOL

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  • Hello ACP,

    My birthday is 3/20 and also on the cusp we sound very much alike almost to the T (with a capital) but it sounds more on the pisces side of traits to me. I'v been with a Aries 3/31 for several years and he can be very self center and overly confindent ( with all reason he'll never gives up till it's his way) as for me I also have these traits but it only come out once in a blue moon not everyday like all the Aries that I have know. ok maybe confident but not

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