Scorpio male HELP!!!!!! PLEASE!!! BRIAN!!!

  • So I met my scorpio man about 8 months ago and we dated till this april. I am a aquarian female and as many other stories I have read this is not a good match. BUT I have also read stories where it did work. So we have had our disagreements but are overall relationship seemed like we were real happy. Till one day he called and ended things out of the blue with no warning at all. He told me he needed space because he has some personal things going on right now and he doesn't feel its fair for him to string me along when he is confused. He told me he hadn't been thinking about this no more than 2 days so it wasn't like it has been on his mind for weeks. Atleast thats what he says. Ok so im confused because the past weekes before our breakup he had been telling me how happy he was with me and he was falling for me and im a great girl. One night when he had one too many drinks he told me he loved me and he was scared to tell me because of what I might say back.. he was meaning I might not say it back and he didnt want to be rejected. This is the first he has ever done this too and i've seen him drunk many times. Of course he didnt remember in the morning but I didnt want to bring it up. I wasnt ready for that word yet and I rather him say it when he was sober. So that really confuses me... I dont get why he would tell me all that and still be sleeping with me and inviting me to family and friend events if he was just going to break it off out of the blue.

    Now im not one to chase a guy who doesnt want to love me anymore especially if it was that easy to cut me loose in his life. So the first month of breaking up we talked on and off and he would tell me he missed me and misses me being around but he still needs space. He even told me this was probably the worst mistake he may have made and he probablly lost the "great girl" every man dreams of. Once I replied back (not chasing him or screaming I missed him too) he than started acting like he didnt care anymore or he was just being nice. I can never tell when he is being real with his feeling, being fake or just covering them up. It was starting to get to hard to talk to him because I miss him so much. Yea we had our differences but we had a very strong connection and I know he felt it too. So I decided to have no more contact with him. I dont have facebook or myspace or twitter so the only way to get ahold of me or keep tabs on me is threw email or phone. But its like once I give him his space and fully disconnect he will still email me asking how im doing or that he will talk to me later and he keeps using my full name when ever he writes to me. I used to write him back but I decided no more. Its been a week since we talked and he hit me up yesterday asking how I was and I still havent replied back.

    I care about him and miss him so much. I want it to work but im not going to chase someone who is playing games or using me till he finds somethin better. I dont know how to read him or what to do with him. If he truly misses me or if hes just saying that. What should I do with my situation? Where do I go from here. I want things to work out but hes so wishy washy I dont know what to do?? Can anyone help me if you know or are a scorpio man or been threw this both ways. I dont understand why he needed space all of the sudden when he led it on like we were happy and than also why is he still trying to keep contact when he was the one who left me??? Ive told him many times I cant be friends with him right now so he kows that.


  • As a scorp i can see what he's doing but its hard to explain to a non-scorp, but i'll try.

    I think he likes you (proberbly a great deal) but he either does'nt know it fully yet and is still trying to sort his feelings out OR the scorpio self destruct button has been hit, he's had a good thing with you and feels he does'nt deserve it.

    He's told you he needs space so i think he's got a lot on his mind and wants to resolve it, when a scorpio has a problem and is on a mission to resolve it then everything else is put on stand-by until a solution is found.

    Us scorps are very independant on such things so i doubt he'll tell you whats going on or let you help.

    Don't be cold or difficult with him or too needy at the moment, sure way to loose a scorp in this situation.

  • No thank you this helped.. I actually had a reading done and they said the same thing.. that it had nothing to do with me.. more so whats going on in his life as of now.. that eases my mind but I guess time will only tell..

  • I can tell you my one experience with my Scorpio friend. WE were just getting to be good friends. Talking on the phone etc. and I think he really liked me. But his girlfriend found out he was talking to a female on the phone (just talking mind you) and let him have it. Now he has withdrawn. I do not communicate with him much at all because if they are having trouble, I definitely don't want to be implicated in the breakup or as the "other woman." He won't communicate with me because he is being watched. Yet before he was really nice and we used to have long conversations and he said he really really liked me but not to push him away.

    Now he has withdrawn for a few months probably has some sort of work project taking up his time and if his GF is irritating him, I definitely don't want to get involved.

    So - from my standpoint - he may - or may not be strining you along but I have been told that Scorpios often get confused about their feelings and have to be left alone to figure things out and that its "not personal". If they have a lot on their mind or a big project, they need their space and the last thing you want to do is let them see you as a nag.

  • One last question.. I think I messed up.. he was confusing me so much (b/c he wanted space but he kept contacting me giving me hope and than be cold again.. I was hurting) so I asked him where I stand with him or what he wants from me.. In all my last messages I was real caring but with this one.. I was a bit hurt and sad so it was straight to the the point.. letting him be isnt the hard part its just when he kept contacting me my heart would keep breaking.. well he hasnt written me back and now im worried I may have pushed him away for good... Deep down I dont feel thats the case but I do feel like he may be mad enough to leave me alone for awhile.. it was said scorps do that when they cant have thier way... ? Since than I havent bugged him, wrote him, or anything from my last message... I hope he knows I still care it just hurts..

    do you think I made a huge mistake and messed everything up or with him being a "back and forth" person will he come around again?

  • Hard to say, we see things in black and white so if you've hurt him its goodbye but we also feel deeply and his emotions for you could be screaming for you back. We are stubborn but will he be stubborn, stand his ground and be finished with the relationship or be too stubborn to finish the relationship because of our inability to give up on anything.

  • Tetley could you help me..? Heres my situation...

    So last thursday night I wrote my scorp and told him finally how much he meant to me and pointed out my faults and admited to them on what may of broke us up. Now I thought he would ignore me or write me another message on how he still needs his space but instead he wrote me a very long message on how much hes missed me and the old us and wants to work things out if I would like to. He said that having me gone has showed him how much i've balanced him. (Hes never opened up this much to me) He told me basically everytime hes out he hopes he runs into me to see me or when hes out he compares every girl to me and doesnt want to even talk to them cause he'll get let down they are not me. He told me he didnt know why he broke up with me.. said he thought he needed space but realised he could work on him while having me around. 3 times he said he wanted to work on things sometime only if I wanted to. I didnt go over the top on replying him back but I told him I felt the same and I would work on things with him because I 2 miss us. He replied saying that makes him happy and hes smiling.

    So basically sat, sun, mon and TUESDAY i've always had to be the one to hit him up. He'll talk to me and ask a lot of questions and bring up old memories of us but hes being super friendly. Finally on tuesday I decided I wouldnt call or text him and wait for him to do it and I got nothing. So I text him asking what was up.. he replied saying sorry ive been busy and doesnt know what to tell me but hes sure things will get better. In his last miss u email he told me he wanted to see me.. since than he hasnt mentioned anything but I'll let you know. Hes real nice to me and friendly.. it seems like he does want to talk cause he'll continue writing back and asking questions about me and my current life. Last time we talked on the phone was the day he broke up with me and I was crying. He only texts me.. he hasnt tried calling.

    Am I being played? Did I miss something here? How can he say all this stuff about needing me and missing me to than act all distant and weird? We both had faults in our break up and we both agreeded to work on them TOGETHER.. that hasnt happened yet.. why not!? Im hurting because I feel stupid..

    a guy friend told me he may be taken back by his emotions for me so hes being distant to get them back in check.. I guess scorps do this? When they know they could really fall for someone???

    Do I just give him space and do my own thing till hes clear AGAIN?

    Or do I take the fact that I was played with and move on?

    any advice would help!

  • I would say he does he want you back, but he's got to be 110% before taking that step to mending things, we scorps have long memories and don't forget things easily so i think he's sorting out what happened and whats he's going to do.

    You said he opened to you which is good, we only do that with people we really care about.

    Don't know what you did when you first met but i'd suggest meeting him like that, neutral ground, casual drink or something!?

    Start from the beginning again, you two already have history but doing this will show you are ready to start again fresh.

    And maybe actually seeing you again may move things along for him, help him get that 110%.

    Two thing i always say,

    -You will know truth when you look someone in the eye.

    -Don't know unless you try.

    That second one i wish had stuck to before i lost my scorpio girl!

  • tetley,

    Hi I need ur advice on the scorpio Im tryn to see...Well he contacted me online on the 24 of june and telln me that he liked my essay cuz we both where hurt in a relationship, so he wanted to get to know me if Im interested and if I wud like to met that nite a bar that I go too (it was country nite) so I hurried up and answered him bk cuz it was getn to the time to go see if i can meet him..Well I went down there and we both missed each other , so when i got home I messaged him and asked what happened that I went down there and u wasnt there so I went some where else..He told me we must have jst missed each other..So a friend of mine wanted to go to another country bar the nxt nite so I asked if he wanted to go and he said sure..So friday nite we met and had a blast together like we where like magnets that couldnt seperate..He told me that he just came out of a bad relationship and wanted to get on with his life and try to find love again and I told him the same thing...He told me that he liked me alot and would love to get to know me alot better..I was happy to hear that..ok so we stayed untell the bar closed and went bk to my place..the next day we was gonna met again but we both had things to do that day so we met on sunday and 4 our date we drove in the mtns.. well while we was on our date and as for me being a loving caring person and a good listerner he spilled his guts out to me about the girl who hurt him real bad so I figured he needed to get it off his chest so I let him...well the story that he was telln me I heard it already from a friend of mine 2 most ago, so it was like daja voo to me..I go OMG..well b4 he met me him and my friend was talkn an he told. him that he met a girl online and we was going out so my friend asked him wat her name was and where did u met her at and he said my name and POF...well M started to laugh and he knew it was me..So (R) my date asked me if i knew a guy name M and I said yes why and he asked me if we ever dated and did things.( like sex) I told him yes & NO..then I told him that when we was on a date all he was doing was whinning to me about a girl who dumped him for another guy and R looked and me and said it was me who she went too..I was laughing cuz it was weird..but when he was telln me all his sruff he was kind of hurt and alot of pissed so his mood was shifting alot from sad to happy all that day..cuz he told me alll about his skeletons in his life and I just sat there and let him get it out and when i did I could see and feel his pain...No guy have ever spilled his guts out to me and tell me his whole life story..well after the date was ending he told me that he just wanted to be friends and that hes no good for me and that I needed to find a man that is..well it crushed me real bad and I told him NO!!! I can see he was hurtn real bad when he was telln me this cuz he was holding bk tears..well he went home and I didnt hear from him untell the next day cuz I txted him to see if he was ok and he said yes so I just let it go and went on with my business that day, but I was still hurtn so my friend M asked me if i wanted to come over cuz his roommate was having guys problems I did and boy did I cry a river to him about R..and he told me the whole story as R did,,But wat gets to me R&M are both scorpios and M didnt have mood swings like R did and he was hurt by the same girl..2. well as the nite got late I got a txt at 11:30 and it was R telln me good nite...I was suprised too.. so the next day I was doing my own business and later that nite R asked me if i wanted to come over to visit, hell i jumped on it real we spent the who nite together and had a great time like we where a couple...He was real loving, passionate touchy like all u scorpios are and he didnt have any mood swings that when the morning came he kissed me good bye and wished me a Happy Bday and we went on to do our things for that day then later on he asked me if i was doing any thing for my Bday and I told him no so he was gonna take me out, and I said ok..but 2 hrs later my boys called me and asked me what kind of cake I liked and I found out that they where having a BBQ for me..well I called up R and told him what was going on and asked him if he wanted to go over there instead and he kind of hesatated on it and he said well that is like if we are in a Relationship and im not ready for that..but he agreed to go any way I told him if you dont want to then you dont have too well we did and he met my kids and we all had a great time..Later I asked if he was mad and he said no so i left it that way.. then the next day we both did our usuall thing and he called me at 6 and asked me if i wud help him with his laundry or come and keep him i did then we went bk to his place .. well he was in a real good mood at the laundry matt and alittle bit at home then all of a sudden his mood switch to a im gonna ignore u mood for awhile untell he got what he wanted later but I felt crap that nite like he was so cold and distance from me then the next day I asked him why he was so cold and rude to me he said I dont remember being that way to u and if i was Im i said all that day which it was friday I didnt hear from him at all then the next day I didnt hear from him untell 10:00 that nite just asken me what im doing and he told me he was with his son watchn the fireworks and that they was having fun..I said good Im glad u are then nuthing after that and then today I didnt hear from him at all untell 6 pm and he txted me a Happy 4th and that was im so puzzles does he like me or not or was I just a piece that he can play with and hurt...I really do like him alot and dont want to loose him but I can deal with his mood swings cuz i have them too but hes worse then me but I cant deal with this distance only txt me when he wants to tell or c me when he wants to c me..what should i do or can u tell me if we are ever gonna b a couple or just friends or not..I want to hear it from a Man scorpio point of view..I need help...a cancer that is hurtn and confused...sorry that its a book just had to get it I just want to know wat was I too him all this week

  • Well Im done with my scorpio, he was using and playn me the whole time we was together..I found that out last nite when I confront him...So he dumped me lets say on Thursday nite but didnt have the balls to tell me its over untell last nite when i confront him whats was going on...So im done with all scorpio men...taurus,gemini and Libra men they all are cheater, player and liars to me...sry that is just how I feel right now and im not ever gona put my wall down again for any man.ever again .or even trust..again..its just hard to believe any more..

  • Xtine21,

    Oh my God! This sounds like my relationship with my Scorpio we know each other? Seriously, when I met my guy he kept telling me he wasn't ready for a relationship with a woman, but didn't hesitate to get physical. It was only when I set boundaries out of self respect did it become a more serious relationship. Like you, times back and forth between how good I was for him, and then sudden fears from the past that plunged him into a despairing state. Also, 'reaching out' to strange women sexually until it became clearer that intimacy was a "threat"; a sort of 'friends with benefits' ideal...not ideal if you don't want the roller-coaster experience of stops and starts. Fear of not being able to control a relationship...yes, yes. The bottom line is: it's better to face who you are really dealing with rather than wish for something more or better. He won't change unless he is in charge--do you want that to be a way of life? And are you prepared to share him when he doesn't get what he wants? Because there will always be a LOT of "alternatives" who will give him what he says he's not about your needs.

  • Yeah he told me that he wanted a relationship with me at the beganning and then at the end he was just playn me jst to get over his ex..boy it pissed me off and he got an earfull from me b4 I told him to shove it up his ASS...U dont tell someone one thing and do the other...Hes still lookn too..even tho hes not ready for a relationship..geez

  • Tularegrl, he'll only get what he deserves if he's been in this relationship pattern before...apparently, a lot of women besides yourself didn't fall for it. And then there's the reality of oxytocin for women in bonding with any guy--and whoever he sleeps with will have to go through that pain sooner or later (or be in denial about it) if and when that happens...take comfort in the fact that he has had to 'keep looking' for an unrealistic fantasy and reality is something he can't avoid for long. Real-life consequences have a way of balancing these things out in the long run...

  • hello all i see you all discussing about scropios well am a taurus Guy dating another scropio Guy i have known him for a year only over MSN he knew alot about me same with me knew alot bout him but we met last month it was great we went movies and then he had to go on vecation to america for 2 weeks,

    we both live in dubai and both are half english (british) we had planned to book a hotel room once he is back and we did sex was great we went again on a date to the cinema again few days after the hotel we were talking on the phone during his duty on thursday and then decided to do somthing on friday matter fact friday is his family day but he insested to leave his parents later and come and see me,

    well since that day he wudnt respond to my blackberry messages or msn or calling so i emailed him on facebook that i dont understand why u stopped talking or respoding and what is it that stopping u from texting or anything and told him to let me know if he dosnt want me anymore he replyed (dude listen i just need some time right now okay i need to figure some things out i appreciate your concern but right now i need to firgure some stuff out as soon as i firgure it out ill let u know okay ).

    well i dont understand why??????????? i really like him and want to be with him and our match is really good but am confused what do to for now shalli ignore or.... PLEASE HELP!!!!

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