How he handles your meltdowns:

    -if you're upset about HIM.. he'll become instantly defensive, especially if you start crying or raging. He'll follow up with a cold shoulder and screen most of your calls.

    His meltdowns:

    -File a missing person's report. The Scorpio man's meltdown is dark and depressing and in extreme cases may involve an extended disappearance.


    Ices you out completely but rages/obsesses about you for months, even years. May Google you for life.

    What He's All About:

    Do you long for the predictable? Fear the unknown? Then stop reading now. The Scorpio man is a complex, often confusing creature who thrives on life's extremes. There is no such thing as moderation with this intense, all or nothing guy. He's as infuriating as he is addictive, fascinating yet exhausting..

    ..The Scorpio man will plunge into his passions, studying and experimenting until he's a walking encyclopedia on the topic. Mastery is his ultimate goal.

    ..In typical extreme fashion, he can be as self-absorbed as he is silent.

    What he wants in a woman:

    -Rule #1: Never, ever, EVER kiss his ass.

    -Rule #2: Never show him that you want him more than he wants you.

    The biggest turn on to a Scorpio man is your self-respect. After all, it's a rare woman who can keep hers intact around him.

    The Scorpio man loves powerful women-- but it has to be the "right" kind of power. In a nutshell, you have to be just a little too good for him, just out of his league.. Masochistic as it sounds, the threat of rejection turns him on.

    ..Ultimately, he longs for a spiritual and sexual soul mate, someone to "become one with" on a truly intimate level. The Scorpio man's greatest fear his also his greatest desire. The woman who can patiently remain unrattled through all his turbulent cycles and many rebirths will keep him around for a lifetime.

    Scorpio is the sign of deep bonding and extreme detachment, making him a bit schizophrenic about intimacy. Closeness frightens him because deep down, he fears separation. Abandonment issues? He's got 'em for days. While he longs to merge souls with you, another part of him is terrified to lose control. He feels pain at a deeper level than any other sign, and breakups can haunt him for decades. To protect himself, he'll try to keep a sense of "space" in the relationship-- having a long-distance relationship, working late, or keeping his own apartment. If you push him before he's ready, he'll draw back. This could go on for years until he feels "ready" (read: safe enough) to come a centimeter closer.

    Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth...You may have several breakups or relationship phases en route to fully committing. Though they will be harrowing for you, he considers these fiery emotional trials a purification ritual. In his mind, the more your relationship withstands turmoil, the more "real" your connection is. Hardcore? You bet.

    With a Scorpio, no relationship is ever really over. He has a powerful memory, especially for pain, and he can't stand to let go of anything. Although he may obsess over you for decades, his modus operandi is usually to ice you out faster than a Subzero freezer..

    Breaking up with a Scorpio:

    He will obsess over you for years on end. Scorpio men bond at a soul level, so when you leave him, it will feel like you've ripped out a piece of his insides. Even if you break up with him because he won't commit, or you're sick of waiting, it doesn't matter. He will still resent you in some way.

    He is the king of the "curtain call", so don't be surprised if he makes a comeback a few months later, attempting to charm you back..

    Getting over him: When a Scorpio Dumps You

    Trying to get over a Scorpio? Approach it like detoxing from a drug. Your body will ache for everything you loved and hated.. If you can't pick up and move to another continent, take a long no-contact break. He will probably stalk you on the internet, even though you may never know.

  • Interesting.....

  • Getting over a Scorpio woman.....doesn't happen, ask any man that has been so lucky. 🙂

  • HAHAHAHA..... too funny, because most of the women i have ever met that were into the occult and weird stuff like that were Aquarians or Pisces.... Scorpios in general are far too sceptical for that that crap, it is or it isn' grey areas for us, show me the proof or shut up! As far as the sex with a Scorpio goes....we live up to the hype without even trying, and are still wondering what all the big woop is about. LOL

  • Well, damn. This explains a lot. Unfortunately, I think I found out too late. 😞

  • So would you say a scorpio wants to control the relationship? I'm in a long distance relationship with a scorpio man, I didn't hear from him all weekend yet the weekend before when I didn't answer his calls (all 5 of them) right away he said he was worried about me when I didn't answer, thought something had happened to me.

    "he'll try to keep a sense of "space" in the relationship", He tends to back away sometimes from calling me, this is very frustrating yet he tells me he loves me. Seems like there's more feelings on my part than this common for scorpio men?????

  • @Andiyana: Same here. I'm a Libra girl, so I didn't get a lot of the... darker tendencies in him.

  • Well scorpios are extremely aloof and seemingly unemotional but its all an act. They tend to think in their heads but still are so on the ball with outside stuff it not funny. You think they dont care but they do. Its very hard to get to know one, let alone be an actual friend to one as they class all others that arent like them lower then them but if you point that out to them they say not at all. Scorpio's are very strange yet compelling creatures for sure! Yet all guys are like to me, but scorpio's would have to be the most. Alls I know is that I female would have to be really super nice yet strong within herself to get along with them. You can never get close to them no matter how you try its never good enough because they will be thinking about what they are doing, its like all is going great when you do what they want you to do but as soon as you put a foot out of line its like hell has broken loose and its showtime then you jsut say sorry and seemingly all is forgiven til the next time it happens. Ugh there is no pleasing these ppl unless your a doormat.

  • Scorpio -- The Sex-Obsessed Demoralizer

    Although Scorpio is the most totally selfish sign of the zodiac, it is also the most magnetic, invariably compelling the attention of others and inspiring awe, even fear.

    Never tell Scorpio a secret for it will be used against you if he feels it necessary to do so.

    They are capable of building a case against anyone; they are the FBI agents of the zodiac.

    Scorpio has no interest in his partner's responses or satisfactions, only in his own, for Scorpio is the most selfish sexual sign.

    His famous sexual appetite is like his eating habits - greedy and intense.

    Both male and female Scorpios love to quarrel, which is an important part of lovemaking.

    Fighting seems to stimulate them, and the troublesome atmosphere they create seems to make things exciting for them.

    Many Scorpios are pimps.

    They keep their women in a subordinate, degrading position by holding out the promise that one day they will enjoy sex together.

    Scorpios are the vampires of the zodiac.

  • That being said, like all guys, scorpios, if you find a good one hold on for dear life it would be worth the ride for sure. They may have their annoying traits but so do we females and a good person who will be there for you, who will be kind and loving and suppotive toward you is worth putting up with the same ol same ol that comes with knowing another person day in and day out. One of a kind those scorps but a good one is well worth it if your into them

  • The last time I heard from my Scorpio guy was on Sept 23rd, if lives in a different state. Out last conversation he told me he loved me and wanted me to go visit in Dec. for 2 weeks, after that all communication stopped. I just came back from visiting him in August. I've left him messages with no response, my last message was on Oct 9th. OK, so has he met someone and just doesn't have the decency to tell me? I've always told him to tell me if he's met someone and he's told me to do the same. I'm very confused.....can Scorpios be that vicious? I'm a Scorpio and I'd never be that mean.

  • Hi daintyone,

    Scorpios can be mean only when given reason. So I am getting the impression there is more to this than what you are sharing. But to keep it on what you have shared and looking around me it's a super crazy time in many people lives. Meaning that he could just be very busy. Yes it's rude to drop off the radar just like that yet unfortunately it does happen. I am guilty of being wrapped up in my own things aswell yet that doesn't mean that I am hanging out with the next best thing.

    I don't know how good you are in luring answers out of him yet I would give that a go. And see if you get a response and what kind ofcourse and draw your conclusions then. You are a Scorpio so you should at least understand that area.

    Good luck.


  • The distance always makes it difficult and I did get him upset with a comment I made right after my visit in Aug on how he would feel if I hung out with a male friend which he shut me out completely for 4 days but he told me he was over that and I told him I wasn't planning on spending any time with this friend or anyone, my focus was on him. I know, very careless of me to have said anything like that to him. Since that episode we talked about me moving to be with him, his feelings about that was he thought he wasn't worth me quiting my job when I only have a few years (6) left b/f retiring w/a good retirement. He stated visiting him 4 to 5 times a year was good. After my visit in Aug. we made plans for me to visit the 20th of Oct for our B-Days. As I said our last coversation on Sept 23rd was that he loved me, he was upset because he still had to wait for me to arrive in Oct. and stated he wanted me to visit in Dec. for 2 weeks. He also statee he was thoughts are that he was so lonely he got tired of waiting for me. We've been in contact for almost a year, since Nov of 2010, it's very hard to understand how he can just leave me hanging like this, no explaination..nothing, especially knowing we planned to be together at the end of Oct for our birthdays. You stated there may be more to scorpio guy is my sister's brother-in-law, her husband's brother and they do not approve of him, don't know if that has anything to do with it. As I said, I'm at a complete lose, since he has not responded to any of my prior messages I have no idea what's going on and I have a feeling I may not be hearing from him. 😞 Thanks for your input Flow.

  • Come on IsotericPhilosopher !!! Thats not even philosophy..

    Obsessed Demoralizer ! - I'm an Adult Scorpio Male....come on with your false must have been stung by one... only do we demoralize at a razor sharp edge when we are threatened !!

    The most Selfish Sign ! We are also the most got the most magnetic fu#$in right !!

    Scorpios have excellent memory, we cherish secrets, because we feel that is truth..we will use it when something like a lame excuse is thrown in our face.....we are THE BEST debaters, so dont even go there...arguing to us, is like an opening statement to the jury...HOT FLASH...if you ever need a lawyer, make sure it's a Scorpio...the heat of battle is truth and theres no better platform for a Scorpio.

    Case in point They are capable of building a case against anyone; they are the FBI agents of the zodiac.

    Scorpios love and protect their famalies so they care very much about their partners satisfactions...

    Scorpio is the most selfish sexual sign. GOT THIS RIGHT !!! Because, pleasure, giving and receiving , if done right, satisfies our most intense emotions ans passion....

    His famous sexual appetite is like his eating habits - its too survive...intense because we explore and learn new emotions and passions....we want out partner to experience it as well....its not greedy .

    Scorpios dont love to quarrel we are instinctually defensive...its natural...would you cuddle a porcupine?.

    Fighting stimulates their natural desire for truth....arguments, debates, bring out the truth in all and any issues...Scorpios are truthful, in their way....they are the best debaters becasue we can argue many various points at a pinpoint accuracy....

    We love a good home and a happy atmosphere...

    Many Scorpios are pimps. <

    THIS IS REALLY FU$%# UP !!! VERY FUNNY AND VERY STUPID...we dont like sluts...but smart and independent fact, whores degrade the most thing we hold dear, sex....

    Scorpios are the vampires of the zodiac. ANOTHER FU%^$ UP AND FUNNY STATEMENT....We can explore the realms of Angels or the depths of Satan...we seek the truth...know matter were it leads us...but we are not labeled....WE DONT FOLLOW....WE LEAD.....

  • Let me say another thing about Scorpios...we can walk into a room and immediatly see the lairs and the bullshitters....we have no stomach for it, unless we want to play in their game...then we own it.....but, as always, it gets boring and it becomes trivial...we seek the real and more challenging things.....when we select a woman, I'm speaking as a Scorpion male, fellow lady Scorpios can chime in.......we want to explore the real truth in a relationship, that means a real understanding of two people, and how they come together and become as one...the real depth of love....the male wants to lead his woman there...he's unafriad to explore and go matter the pain or the pleasure......he wants to take her by the hand and explore with her the most intimate setting, the most sexually intense emotions..this places a stamp of originality on their love.....thsi belongs to them...he wants this special place as a couple...above all others......he wants her with him....he wants her to see him in this way as no other...sort of like the love story in The Last of the Moheekins....once they go there, this relationship to him his real, a Scorpio he will cherish this and never ruin it...but can relationships withsatnd this pressure...especially in todays why he's jealous, defensive, argumentive, protective, obsessive...he will FIGHT THE WORLD to protect him and her....and if his lover, betrays that trust....then, she will see the same from him./...Its the Scorpios natural defense mechanisms to keep and remain things as pure as can be....we see so many people who arent pure, who are liars, manipulators, takers...etc...we are the gaurdians of truth....thats why we are feared...we gaurd and protect the underdogs....we will extract wrong from right....and we dont even have to try....its our instinct.....I bet most of Gods Angels are former Scorpions....but just as Satans demons are as well...this the extremes...truth is truth, all depends on what you believe...did you know the greatest battle was between 2 Scorpions...General Patton and Gen, Rommel.....both Scorpios...

  • Every sign has it's generalizations and their deeper one of a kind influences. The greatest difference between sign attributes has to do with enlightenment and soul evolution. Meaning, Scorpios are capable of using their nature on a low level or a higher level and that's were people argue. I have been married for 40 years to a scorpio--raised two scorpios and have very deep friendships with several. I attract them and they attract me. I stay away from the lower evolved ones as yes they are capable of using their power for harm and you will find them ruthless in a surprising way. But any sign has it's low lifes---darker ones. When people ask me advice about their scorpio love interest---why can't they figure him out---why does he go hot and cold? Mostly, they might as well move on because truth is---if you want complete transparency from your Scorpio and no surprises or are sensitive to mood changes you better move on. Scorpios are not for the weak. They are not easy and abhor weakness in others. They are the most loyal people on earth BUT do not bother them for just any little crisis. If you really are in a hard place it will be the scorpio who knows exactly how to lift you up and this is the bond that holds the rest together. Many people take their honest irritation and ability to diss you when you are whiney as cruel and suddenly a sign of they don't care when really they just expect more from you---to have a backbone. They prefer strong independant woman who stand up fairly--even when they push past your boundries--they respect you for having boundries. They also will tell you the truth so if you are thin skinned move on. BUT in fairness they respect the truth and you can always speak up--as long as their is truth to it--they may blow up some but will simmer down and not hold it against you. PASSION is underneath all they do---they focus with great intensity on all they do and again woman get hurt because they interpet it as rejection when suddenly they don't see you for awhile. You have to not take a lot personal with your scorpio. Woman love there magnetism their intensity and high energy fix but then bulk at it's other side. You can not tame a scorpio or control him. BUT a wise woman with her own inner power will know how to inspire him. Otherwise--to just call war on your man or start playing games will only get you hurt----never try to force a situation. There has to be a great trust--if a scorpio loves you it's for life. But they are not for the weak. If you want to survive---have a life that doesn't revolve around them no matter how they insist they want that! BUT they must be secure in knowing if it is important you will be there and you better have plenty of self esteem and never play the jelousey game on purpose. I see more women on these threads who lost their scorpio thinking that would wake him up or get him closer. It's instant death. The only jelousey power that is good is an honest one--that the women be out there busy in her dreams and life and just naturally a good catch. THAT keeps her scorpio from taking her for granted--he hates it but loves it because it is honest. I could write on and on but got to run. Just had to speak up as Scorpios rock my world. The highly evolved ones are leaders--movers and shakers--they get things done. Yes their moods can be sharp tongued (they have the best sly humour!) but a smart woman ignores it. That's really the key--knowing when to just use humour or when to bite back. So really, you have to understand them or yes you will not get it and misinterpet them or make too much out of something that meant nothing. Remember passion can rock your world or burn down your house. If you want to ride the wildest ride in the park--expect to get a little scary! Love my scorpios!

  • So true. I now go through all this pain everyday. When a male scorpio wants someone, he won't give up until he gets her at all costs... I know I am a complicated, possessive and obsessive scorpio.

  • You Go blmoon !!!!!

    I like confident, smart an independent woman becasue they are not weak and can teach me a thing or two...that keeps everything on a pretty much even keel......the woman who can be the best partner who's not afraid to hear an explosion every now and then...but who doesnt panic and run away...supportive and understanding....becasue you're right blmoon, we are movers and shakers...we love to do it...but we need that strong woman beside us.....the partner we can relax and be with when we're not moving and shaking.....the need for intimacy is as important as the need to push the world....

  • Hi daintyone,

    Hmmm. Okay there is two things here. Him feeling that he had to share your undivided attention with someone else and a possible seeking of approval of the family.

    Yet I have some important questions for you. How much do you want this relationship and how do you see the future despite of everything else?

    I would advise you to take note of what Blmoon wrote. Up to now I haven’t found any reason not to agree with her on how she describes the nature of Scorpio yet in your case that is not only what is going on. I would say contact him and ask him point blank if you should take the trip to see him. Or if you are a daring person like me just get on the plane and get yourself a hotel room or something and look him up for your answer. If you truly have this kind of understanding between the two of you as you described he would answer anything you need to know.

    Personally I am not that big in family meddling where they shouldn’t yet I would also advice to sift through the objections and see what you are left with for yourself and not for anything or anybody else. You know who you are and what you want out of life with or without this guy.


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