Father of of three of my kids and still in love with him.

  • Me and my baby father would of been together for six years. But last year we had a bad break up and i left him and started talking to someone else cause i felt like i wasn't being loved. But after a while i figered that he was not the one for me and i still loved my baby father. My baby father means the world to me and what i did i regert because i just did it cause he was to busy wanting to do everything else and not spending no time wit me until we went to bed. I did not mean for it to go down like that and now he has a girlfriend and said what i done to him realy hurt his feelings and i understand that but he won't give me another chance and it hurts like hell to see him with another girl when he should be home with his family. I just wanted to know what should i do? and i know that he still loves me but he don't want to come back cause he thinks i'm going to do the same thing to him.

  • Hi, I'm sorry this happened. I guess this is the chance anyone takes when they pursue someone else. Maybe what you have to consider is the same question--Is he for me. You know, if you reconciled, you would have a lot of things to work thru. If you are serious about him, I would tell him and then leave it alone. At this point, it's not going to benefit anyone if you were to pursue him. He might consider it interfering in his life. This is a decision that you made and you have to look at it that way. With any decision you have to take responsibility yourself. This is a good time to enjoy what you have and be thankful for it. I'm sure, in time, you can and will meet someone else.

  • That's the thing I have done that. His mom set the both of us down to talk and he couldn't even look at me in my face and talk to me. Yeah he said he still love's me but he just can't come back home to me cause i really hurt him . But the thing is i know that that's not the truth cause he always calls his mom and tells her stuff but he just can't say it to me and she'll end up saying it to me. And the thing about that he was crying the day that she made us talk and then he always saying that he miss his kids, but it hurts him to come see them and they cry for him. And he won't come and get them cause i said that i didn't want my kids to be around this girl and he won't even let me talk to her so i can get to know her since he is going to have her around my kids i think me and her should be able to talk. So what would u think if ur baby father wouldn't let u meet his girlfriend or come get the kids to spend time with him?

  • At some stage you are going to have to move on with your life and let him move on with his. It is hard for you as a mum to let your kids meet another woman who is going to effectively be the "mum" at their father's house. I've been through this scenario. It is very traumatic....but you need to let him see the kids on a regular basis. Make it work for you - it'll give you a rest from the kids and give you some "me" time and help you develop your social life so as you can start developing new relationships. How about getting him to have the kids on his own for a while ...& then set a date in the future when he is allowed to introduce the kids to his girlfriend..without you in tow. Don't worry yourself about getting to know his girlfriend...you don't need to. Just concentrate on being happy & strong for yourself & your kid's sake.

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