Love reading,Please

  • Thank you very much Captain. I see alot of truth in your reading. For now I'm trying to move on and heal my heartbreak. He won't commitment to future, just says I care....but you have to do what is best for you, So, I decided to try and put him out of my mind. I do hope one day we can get it together, but not holding my breath.

    Thank you again for your Imput!!!

  • Dear Captain~

    Hello- I would like a love reading also if at all possible.My DOB is 5/8/68.

    I've been having many challenges in this area.recently I was involved w/ ayounger man who I like but only hear from occasionally...what is your feeling of any of it?

    Thank you :0)

  • Lilmisbullsnap, what you really want is to experience happiness, harmony, fairness, and support with one partner whom you love. But to achieve this, you need to be your own partner first. By getting to know yourself and what you really want, you can begin to do the things that bring you joy and increase your level of self-nurturing so that you feel strong, confident, and supported. As you treat yourself more fairly, you will feel a better sense of balance. It is at this point that you will establish a healthy relationship wherein two people can share equally with eacth other and not feel debilitated.

    You must lose your need to fill the expectations of others and just be yourself. When you are honest with someone, they will be honest in return. As long as you try to be someone else and live a less than authentic life, you will only attract similar types who are dishonest with you about their intentions. By developing greater self-interest and self-awareness, you can increase your individuality instead of trying to be some sort of 'love chameleon' for your partner. If you can avoid being corrupted by flatterers and hangers-on and give up trying to fulfill yourself through others, especially those who are different from you, then your dynamic and energetic personality will attract similar much more compatible partners.

  • Dear Captain,

    I need insight into my love relationship..I've been seeing someone younger than me (dob 7/5/83) and it's been nonetheless confusing as he is becoming increasingly distant. There's been no contact from him for several weeks except by my initiative but I've since given him space and try to live my own life, because as someone older (my dob 7/11/80) - I don't want to cling to someone who's been acting distant. I don't know the reasons behind his change and I feel utterly in the dark and helpless. Should I try to contact him or will he? Will we see each other again and will the relationship work? I've been in many disappointing relationships with men and I just wish that this one time it would work out...Thank you~

  • Youretheocean, your friend has an attraction for the bizarre and unusual in rather titanic proportions and he may seek self-fulfillment in any number of odd, ecstatic or even cultlike experiences and affiliations. He will find it hard to keep his more romantic imaginings tempered with truth and practical reasoning and may even be unable to adequately distinguish reality from fantasy or truth from fiction. He is very prone to overindulgence in pretension, ego, idealism and escapism (alcohol, drugs, sex and other dependencies), and his image is all-important to him, yet with other people he can be incredibly insightful. If only he could learn to analyse his own behaviour with the same accuracy as he can view others, his life would be much easier. He can be very ungrounded and this will make it difficult for him to remain in a relationship for long. Once the fantasy is past, he moves on to chase another dream and is unlikely to ever return.

    Youretheocean, problems with self-respect and self-esteem will dog your path until you lose your need for approval or adulation from others. Until you are confident in what you are and what you think, you will not be wholly immune to issues of popularity. You have a commanding powerful presence despite your insecurities however, and weaker people will be attracted to your aura. But a 'foot soldier' can never be a good partner for a 'general' and you must acknowledge your status as a leader and seek someone of equal rank and power.

    There may also be a subconscious part of you that doesn't want to engage in any relationship deeper or more complex than friendship because you can find closeness somewhat restrictive. You like to be free to act with fewer binding expectations or fixed responsibilities. Your worldly goals may also leave little room for emotional investment in others. But if you really want to receive love, then you must first give love by cheering people up or in some other little ways - you know how to make people happy. By exercising your creativity to contribute to the happiness of others, you create an 'audience' or a peer group who will support you, accept you, and love you. In the process of giving happiness, you gain the reward of knowing you are an important participant in the stream of life.

  • Thank you, Captain..That is a pretty accurate description of him and even though we've known each other for a short time - He was very open to me about his unorthodox views. And it was apparent that he had a few addictions and his self-image was very important to him. It saddens me that I may never hear from him again because I think about him often and have had strange dreams of him and I together. I felt this deep attraction and connection with him and it's been a while since I've felt this way with a man. Thank you again for your insightful analysis on me. I never understood why I felt in/out with most of my relationships. But love is very important to me and I'm pretty simple when it comes down to it. All I want is to find someone special for me..Despite my inner conflict - I will try to forget about this man. Work on myself more and be more loving and supportive to friends. I think that will be a good start...

  • Thank-You Captain...

    That was very insightful...& true..

  • Captain,

    First, you are awesome to give so much of yourself to so many. I truly enjoy reading your responses and I'm constantly amazed by the number of threads that you manage to respond to. Could I trouble you for a reading? I currently have 2 Aquarians in my life -- one is my ex and the other is a good friend. I don't think anything romantic will ever come of my relationship with the friend but we do enjoy each other's company. I thought my ex was out of my life but he seems to be having issues with me moving on. My DOB is 8/13/56, the ex's is 1/25/63 and the friend is 2/15/57.

    Thank you!!


  • LeoLady53 and the ex - this matchup is a close one and you two may have been inseparable at one time. You are especially conjoined in the area of feelings but this doesn't mean your connection will necessarily be loving or even sympathetic. The relationship has a heavy karma though - like it was fated to be. Romantic ties will have an air of inevitability. Spontaneity would be high on your lists here, forsaking schedules, routines, or checklists. Though both of you are quite different, you do manage to impress as well as attract each other. Both of you love the social life and, more often than not, end up being the center of attention. In the longterm however you would dominate here LeoLady and you would have to keep your more flaky partner on track. He will benefit from this kind of pressure however, usually becoming stronger and more responsible. But he may realise those benefits only in hindsight. During the actual time you spent together, he probably resented your need to control and direct the relationship. You in turn may have resented his mental creativity, even though you are no slouch when it comes to creative agility. This relationship doesn't bode well for long term success. In order to last, you would have to make your partner see marriage as a union and not bondage.

    LeoLady and the friend - this indeed works best as a friendship. This free-spirited Aquarian likes a non-committed lifestyle just like your ex. It is a good combination for working together for a common cause however as your friend's visionary power combined with your physical power can bring higher ideals and beliefs to your inner circle or to the public at large. The love you express for each other is more platonic-based. You must be realistic about your relationship as disillusionment and rejection can result from wild expectations here. Following a path of sevice will help keep the relationship on the ground.

  • Captain,

    LOL -- you hit the nail on the head with both of them. The ex most certainly resented me controlling the finances and everything else but instead of saying anything, started drinking heavily. With him, it was love at first sight and I knew the night we met that he was different than anyone I had ever known so karma may have indeed played some part. We truly were inseparable. We did everything together and I always felt like I was married to my best friend. It was the hardest decision I have ever made when I decided to leave him. I've told him on more than one occasion that I love him as much now as I did when we were married but I can't live with the drinking. He seems to be going thru a really rough time emotionally right now and I guess I keep hoping that he will think about the things that have happened in his life recently and realize what he gave up. We still see each other fairly often and I often wonder if we could or would ever reconcile.

    As for the friend, I really do like him but I don't see us together either. We have plans to do lots of things together but it's more of a casual relationship. We can sit and talk for hours about anything under the sun but I don't feel the love like with the ex. I can see me in a relationship with him off and on over the years but I don't think it would ever be a committed one. It would be a lot of fun, though!

    Thanks again for the insight...<sigh>...guess I'll just keep looking or else talk nicer to the ex. ;)</sigh>


  • Hi Captain,

    Just wanted to say thank you for the reading. All of it makes sense. However, for the longest time, i've been wondering about one particular guy that i grew up with. I keep thinking back about him, feeling that it was a missed opportunity. Could you tell me what you think? My Dob is march 12, 1980.

    Warm regards,


  • Hello Captain,

    I was wondering if you could do a poss. relationship reading for me. I was born 4/19/73 @ 12:17PM & he is 12/21/76.

    Thank you in advance.

  • MokaQueen, what is your friend's birthdate?

  • Hello captain thought id ask you about my love life.....what do you see with my boyfriend and I ? my bday is april 23,1981 and his birthday is march 16,1978

  • Jazzyndee331, sensitivities run high in this relationship, which will involve a tendency to hide irritations and true feelings only to reveal them periodically in startling fashion. For good and bad, the relationship is characterized by strong emotion. This is partly because your combined energies rarely focus on the mundane, practical aspects of life. You either direct them completely outside the relationship to the world at large or at the relationship itself, which will inevitably begin to crack under the pressure.

    You Jazzyndee will be disturbed by the relationship's silences and suppressive aspects, for you like up-front attitudes about thoughts and feelings. Your partner tends to hide his true personality and you may see this as sneaky and manipulative. A positive relationship between you then is unlikely or impossible; an adversarial role is much more common. As far as love is concerned, deep sympathy or compassion is unlikely to appear here, yet there is often an attraction. Sexual relations of a passionate but often unfeeling nature may result, but unless variations or deviations are introduced, the relationship will burn out fast. Often however, the powerful sexuality of each of you is never called into play in the first place, for both of you think better of getting too deeply involved.

    Marriage here is unlikely. Although you do have qualities in common, you intuitively understand that involvement of a permanent kind could invite disaster.

  • Thank you so much Captain for the reading. I will have to see what happens from here. At least I have something to work with now 🙂 Thank you so very much.

  • Niki5150, this relationship focuses on who will be the star, since the chemistry here promotes feelings of omniscience and a tendency to compete for the attention of family and friends. The relationship features public disagreements and displays of know-it-all attitudes; a really close friendship is unlikely to develop unless such attitudes can be dropped. It is possible however for you two to adopt a healthily competitive stance in your daily life (and on the playing field if you compete against each other) and this may spur you on to better your own personal best.

    Your love affair can be intense on the physical level with both of you giving your all. Too often however, this affair will involve a power struggle with each partner struggling to dominate the other. Both of you (but especially you Niki) must learn to give up control and to realise the superior quality and power of unselfish giving and love. For the longer term, your partner is likely to drive the more practical you crazy with his idealism amd philosophical detachment. You will want more attention in the here and now from your partner who is more interested in far-out schemes and thoughts, and delights in convoluted wanderings of the mind that may be too much for even his most patient partner - you - to bear.

  • Hi Captain,

    Unfortunately, I don't remember his birthday. =(

    Warm regards,


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