Love reading,Please

  • Grape622, why do you ask someone else what type of man is best for you? If you cannot answer that yourself, it means you need to dig deeper into yourself and find out what you really want. As soon as you can clearly understand what it is you desire in a partner, he will appear like magic.

  • Pleaseineedareading, this relationship was better for friendship than love. I think your ex just recognised this fact before you. The blend of your ex's strict moral attitudes and your fearfulness is not favourable for a love affair. Your ex's tendency to dominate meant you gave and sacrificed more than you got back. Take back your lost individuality now. You didn't have a lot in common and it depended on social contact with other people to help you to stay together for as long as you did. You probably got together initially because both of you can feel like misfits - you thought that two misfits could make a normal relationship. But it didn't here. This relationship can help each person heal old wounds but it is not meant to last forever. Your ex has a problem with committing himself to any one thing or person for very long and will move from one interest to another a lot. He is also more interested in putting his time and energy into his career goals and ambitions than having a partner at this time.

  • we are both piscies and I just need to know if I should wait or tell her how I feel ? Have I missed the window ? (and remember that when we had mutual feelings for eachother I decided not to make a relationship out of it because it couldn't go anywhere at the time) and would we work together ? (shes taken)

    Me 13/3/93

    her 4/3/92

    Please help

  • Ronia, you are driving this man away with your attempts to pin him down and find out what he is doing all the time. He feels very 'stalked' by you, that you don't trust him (which you don't). He likes you but unless you pull back and understand that he needs a lot of freedom - not to see other women but just to do his work and see his friends - he will dump you. If you need constant attention and reassurance from a man, then this is not the right relationship for you. He is not going to change his love of freedom so you must stop dogging him or you will lose him. Let him come and go as he pleases - if the rope is too tight, the horse will bolt.

  • Starrgirl, there exists in your relationship an inability for you two to stay in each other's company for very long. You are likely to lead each other on a merry chase since you are both free spirits who are not easily caught and each of you makes a worthy quarry for the other. That doesn't mean there is an adversarial relationship here. You two get great satisfaction from your 'dance' which will often be a verbal one but can involve a physical distancing. Mostly your relationship is a pleasant and easy one - it is also highly original and versatile. Returning a sense of freedom to the relationship if one of you has felt the need to escape can bring it together again.

    Your love affair can be extremely complex indeed and it will usually be impossible for you two empathic people to lead a conventional life together, since your highly original personalities demand unusual alternatives. Distributing household chores, organising working patterns, keeping financial records - all of these may be handled in an out-of-the-ordinary and somewhat unpredictable way. Generally you two follow your impulses, doing things on the spur of the moment. So I expect your friend was feeling rather trapped or restricted in some way in your relationship and on an impulse took off. I think he will return if you can negotiate an agreement where you both spend some time apart at periodic intervals so that the relationship doesn't become too predictable or 'normal'.

  • Koipiscies, you and your friend can enjoy a warm and affectionate relationship which could go on for years without any problems. You two see eye-to-eye on many subjects. You Koipiscies may be somewhat of a teacher or role model for your friend. Your closeness can make other people feel excluded and there is a real danger that they will see your relationship as a closed society and feel envious or resentful.

    Your relationship is less passionate and more sensuous - you two will share a love of food and activities like massage, art, music, mild drug use or alcohol, and other interests. Good feelings and the pursuit of entertainment and pleasure to the point of excess can manifest here. Marriage between you would be like a mutual appreciation society with unreal states prevailing. In the end you two would have to adopt some moderation in your excessive way of living. The routine of living together however would almost certainly kill the relationship. You two both suffer from fixed expectations and are usually more successful when sharing your leisure time, or working together just for fun, with few or no demands made.

    Anything more serious or responsible will not work between you.

  • Hello Captain,

    I am torn as to what to do when it comes to 2 men in my life......can I trust them, which is really better for me, which will provide a real relationship, I have just met in January of this year...........his birthdate 12/6/1960 and still has a "friendly" relationship with his ex-wife bc he has to pay for her mortgage until she moves from the home she still lives in (he lives in his own home)........................and another I met last January and dated for a while (never married).................his birthdate 10/13/1983...................My birthdate is 10/12/1965.................( I was married once)

  • thanks captain, i genuinley hope i can prove you wrong but based on the accuracy of previous reading it seems unlikley thank you for the respose 🙂

  • MajikDust, I answered you on the other thread.

  • Captain can you please help me. My ex girlfriend and I broke up about a month ago. I want to know if we will still be with one another. Her name is Micha and her DOB is 8/16/1990. My name is Joven and my date of birth is 11/01/1986. She is talking to a guy right now and his name is Ronald his sign is a Taurus. How long will they be dating each other. And will Micha and I get back together?

  • Captain, can you help me out with a love reading. My bday is 1/22/74 and his 11/14/78. I am unsure on his feelings for me, he is very secretive and very misterious. We have been friends for over 5 years and am afraid of telling him how I feel and not getting the same response back and end up ruining our friendship. However, there is something there that everytime we are together it is as if everything just clicks into place.

  • Captain,

    I understand what your saying and I have backed off as of last nite.. Im no longer going to contact him unless he sends me a txt message then i'll just answer his message bk other then,that im jst going to get on with my life with him in it or not... if he really likes me and want to be with me he has to be the one chasing me instead...I like him more then anything and yes i dont trust him.. He the type of man that he can get any women he want cause of the way he looks and he has a good heart and personality when he wants to show it...So as I can see it if we are ment to b we will if not O'well...Im stressing out on this to much and my health is more important then a guy...OH one thing he hasnt been in the chatt room that we met in for two mos and then last nite when I was in there some how he showed up , so what does that mean...If im ment to have a guy in my life I will get one if not Owell i'll just have to learn to live with out one then...Well thanks for you input captain...You take care...Ronia

  • Jhove323, what your ex does with other people is not something I care to look into but I can tell you about your relationship with her. It would have struggled to go for the long term and would have been more successful as just a friendship. I doubt you will get back together.

    You had a very complex relationship which on the outside had a love of beauty and harmony and a shared creative vision. But underneath it was a dark emotional labyrinth that few outsiders would have suspected. Outwardly sunny, you Jhova deal with a fiendish intensity in your private life and your ex triggered this in many hidden ways. The relationship was thus at the mercy of its own destructive forces. Your love affair may have been preoccupied with creating a happy life filled with art and design, colour and light but this was most likely an attempt to block out emotional disturbances that raged beneath the surface and threatened to break out.

    You may have had a certain mastery over your friend yet may have simultaneously suffered from intense feelings of inferiority and despair. Your friend may have been unaware of her superior attitude and uncaring of the suffering you were going through. In arguments when your friend went on the attack, you would probably have retreated into your shell and then retaliated by lashing out defensively later on. Your relationship had the potential for trust, beauty and creativity but was destroyed by repression, emotional troubles, and complexity. Learn to deal with your insecurities and your next relationship will have a better chance of success.

  • ANG3L, I have already answered this on another thread.

  • Ronia, stop worrying and just relax. Don't look for deeper meaning in everything your friend does or it will drive you crazy. As you say, what will be, will be.

  • Captain,

    I need Chicken Soup for my soul ! The future is so fuzzy, especially when it comes to the love department. Is there anything that you can see for me? 2/1/1981

    Thanks Devine

  • DevineEvanescence, I am seeing a man in uniform waiting at your door - a very trustworthy and upstanding gentleman. But you are hesitating on the other side of the door, afraid to let him in. There are many battered suitcases around you - the 'baggage' that you have brought with you from your past. It is like an anchor around your feet, stopping you making it to the door to open it to true love. I can see photos spilling from the suitcases - photos of old loves who hurt you and whom you haven't forgiven or forgotten. There are also photos of children so there may be pain from childhood yet to be released. I sense in you a great reluctance to let go of all these memories because you feel they 'are' you, that they reassure and comfort you in some way and you cling to the 'good old times' as if they actually were all good. But they weren't and they are not you anymore and, unless you build a brand-new identity and leave all the old baggage behind, you will never make it to that front door to let in new people and new experiences. I feel that when it comes to self-investigation, you have not dug deep enough and tend to take the path of least resistence when it comes to rooting out all the muck from your past. But the chimney needs to be cleaned thoroughly before a new fire can be lit. Out with the old and in with the new!

  • Captain,

    Alot of that is so true, Hopefully I will be able to dig deep and let go of all the old baggage.I alway's thought a man in uniform was handsome. lol What kind of uniform Military or police? Thank's Captain, I look forward to the future with the understanding that I have alot of work to do yet.

    Many Blessings


  • Thanks Captain you opened up my eyes alot now that I can actually see...I gave myself a pat on the back this morning for not even tryn to contact him and im very proud of myself Hell after that reading you gave me he hasnt even been on my mind that much any more...Im even thinkn on not going to meet him at the end of this month just not interested right now...Im givng myself a break on guys and just enjoyn the time with my son now since hes home for tryn to get my finances back in order too...which it would be real nice if i had a pile of money fall in to my lap right Well its not gonna hurt to Dream aint well thanks again..Ronia

  • Ronia, when you expect abundance to come to you, it will. Just value yourself enough to receive. And well done on your more relaxed attitude!

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