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  • MokaQueen, are you 3rd December or 12th March?

  • captain. can you tell me when i can have a lont tern relationship with a result....these four years, i have been stranded for relationship. i want to find the mr. right and ger married,,i dont know how long i have to wait from now. so tired and i want a relationshio afford me safty......

  • Hi captain,

    my birthday is March 12, 1980.

  • Hi Thecaptain,

    Can you please give me a reading . i met this guy two mos ago and I really like him alot and I mean alot more then i should...We talked and txted alot for the first 3 weeks and then it was off and on..He knows that I have feeling for him but Im just wondering if he has feeling for me too or is it just friendship feeling..Im just wondering if we are ever going to become a couple or am i just waisting my time with him...Last week I went on a date and I havent heard from him for awhile and all of a sudden he started txtn me while i was on the date..I was happen to get his txt but didnt want the date to know whom I was txtn..I dont have feelingd for the other guy but i do for the one I have know for 2 mos...He wants to meet me soon and wants me to come to NV...Hes the dream cwby that I have been prayn for. i cant keep him off my mind and out of my heart...I had another reading for some one else and she said that hes bad news that I might get hurt from him like she said danger..and that its not gonna work out for us..Well I feel like it is gonna work .. well lets say I hope it will...can u tell me if shes telling the truth or not..My bday is June 30,1963 and his is Dec 13,1967. Is he the one or is there gonna be someone else and when...I do like cwbys cuz im a redneck girl...sry that just Thanks ronia

  • ^^SP1CA, I don't know what you mean exactly by your question - "is it ok to make a love reading for someone without being in the same environment?"^^

    I meant, don't you need to get some electricity (or whatever) from the person you make a reading. :S so just birth details are enough, without making any connection with the other person??

  • You are correct Captain - thanks for sayin' it like it is! I AM very picky, and I have NOT been circulating in my area. I will put some effort to return to the gym after a lengthy pause.

    Thanks again 🙂 OhJoy

  • Captain, you rock! I love your candour and I'm a scared of it too. If you are willing, I would be grateful of your assessment of my situation. My DOB is 26.1.74 Devon England 15:16, my partners is 8.9.73 20:00ish Southampton England. I am struggling with my relationship with this good good man (the father of my two gorgeous daughters). I wonder whether we should remain together and continue to face the struggles of long term relationships and monogomy or whether I should be ending the relationship to preserve respect. I am struggling with a very long-term attraction to someone (DOB11.7 sometime somewhere) and even if he isn't right for me, I fear I won't ever learn to be at peace and love my partner as he deserves.

    I'm grateful for whatever is coming my way. Let me know if I can put my attention to anything on your behalf.

  • MokaQueen, you must overcome some trust issues and the feeling of being a victim before your love life will improve. Mostly it is trust in your own judgment that you have to work on. Your gut instincts are always right yet you choose to ignore them in favour of your needs. You are an incredibly sensitive person who tries to protect herself by wearing a tough outer shell. You have suffered many emotional wounds over your life and trust in others does not come easily. But it is only by revealing your true authentic self that you will attract a genuine, sincere partner and also become more balanced in yourself. You have great inner beauty, fairness, and compassion which will take you further in life than mistrust or fear. Share your gifts with the world. Use your fine intuition to determine the good people from those who would abuse you. Take responsibility for your part in making bad choices and attracting disappointment and let go of any naive or unrealistic notions you might have about life or people. Escapism through various physical or emotional addictions is not the answer. You need to stay grounded through respecting your body and releasing your fear of losing your innocence or freedom by revealing your true self to others. Love will go far better for you if you overcome the need to be needed and instead develop the desire to share yourself. In order to really understand and see into other people's characters, you need to combine your mystical side with your inbuilt practicality which will lead to wisdom. Activities like massage, yoga, or sports are very good grounding tools for you. Develop relationships that are based on mutual respect, maturity, and trust - not fear or your need for physical affection. Strong, kind, independent souls are the best type of partner for you, rather than clingy or needy people.

    2010 is the year for sorting through your life and tossing out everything and everyone that is not working for you. It is a time for sorting through the trash to make way for treasure to be found. It is also a time for letting go of any bad old habits, beliefs, and attitudes from the past you may be clinging to. New better people cannot come into your life if there is no room for them amongst all the old debris of the past. Make way for the future! 2010 is a time for looking at your life with new eyes in order to remove all that is useless and outdated to you.

  • Grape622, no one else can make you feel safe if you don't feel that way inside. Stop looking for a man to save you and learn how to save yourself and stabilize your life. You like to have people around you but really solitude and quiet is where you will find understanding and wisdom by looking deeply into yourself and your motivations. What you mean by 'safety' is really financial security, isn't it? You want a wealthy man who will provide you with the material things you think you need to feel safe. Don't make the mistake of measuring yourself or others by the size of a bank balance. Look for a kind sincere person for a partner, rather than just someone who is well off. When you place a higher price on goodness and compassion, you will find a more lasting and loving relationship.

  • Ronia, this relationship does look good for the long term. However, sometimes your friend is so concerned with his career or personal goals that he has difficulty acknowledging how dependent he is on the relationship. You have the sensitivity to understand that he is not ignoring or undervaluing you, just failing to recognise how deep this relationship goes with him. It may seem that you are the disadvantaged one here, but your friend is less self-aware than you and you can help him understand his unconscious needs better than he does himself.

    To outsiders, this relationship can appear as a classic extrovert-introvert situation. But they don't know that your extroverted friend can be withdrawn and moody sometimes and that you can play an active role in dealing with his moods. If you are wise enough not to launch a frontal assault on your friend's depression, instead showing understanding and patience, a love affair or even marriage will do very well here. Outwardly your friend can adopt an aggressive, forceful attitude to the world while you pay more attention to the domestic scene, but within the relationship these attitudes are rarely so simple. To be successful, your relationship must share a system of values or a vision of beauty - perhaps in each other, your children, your home or common interests - so that you can have the gift of sharing. Your relationship must recognise and nurture the value of what it has. Your partner will tend to dominate the relationship and you Ronia may need to break free from time to time or let him know when he is being too overpowering or aggressive. He will also need a lot of freedom to come and go and do his own thing. Strive for equality here and appreciate your differences, while sharing all that you are. Don't get locked into fixed roles and try to stay flexible. If you give each other a loose rein, then this relationship has every chance of working out.

  • SP1CA, these compatibility reports are mainly based on astrology and knowing the birthdates of the people involved. I sometimes do throw in the odd psychic impression too that I can glean from the vibes that come through your posts. My vibe and photo readings are purely my intuition.

  • Greenshoots, the relationship with your current partner would probably have been better as a friendship rather than a more intimate involvement. It's a mix of amicability and animosity that is difficult for love. A guardedness can grow up between you, causing a kind of energy blockage which can hamper the results of the relationship and its development. You two have a lot to offer each other, but your respective strengths are unlikely to merge well or complement each other, for this would demand exactly the free flow of energy that this matchup lacks. Distance and blockages are common here. Futhermore, the relationship can include a certain enviousness - you for your partner's practicality and money sense and he for your quick perception and creativity. You may tend to overshadow your partner in this matchup but he can exert a subtle influence and can function as your most valuable critic, adviser or even teacher. You are attracted to your partner's complexity and secretiveness, perhaps trying to unravel his intriguing mystery. Observation is a hallmark here, but usually to no avail, as inherent blockages keep the relationship from progressing. An intimate relationship brings out the nervous sides of both partners. Insecurities abound and you both tend to worry a lot about whether you are pursuing the right path or were ever really meant to get involved in the first place. Your partner will hammer down his resentments inside, resulting in depression and withdrawal. You either need to give each other a whole lot of time and space, and share responsiblities more equally, or simply end it altogether.

    With your love interest, Greenshoots, the relationship will be heavy and demand total involvement. Each of you will know when the other is backing off emotionally, so faking responses is not an option - this relationship will ask for complete honesty. If a new involvement comes along, then you two will want to hear about it from each other, not from someone else. Power struggles and competitive impulses will arise here that must be dealt with from the start or the relationship won't endure. Your friend will assume the dominant role but you are capable of challenging this tendency. Once the power issue is resolved, your relationship may well find itself in a position of leadership, at the centre of a social or family group. There will be conflicts - you have a tendency to stretch your credit to the limit or spend more than you earn while your friend will keep a sharp and critical eye on your habit. But his practical skills and hardheaded organizational ability combined with your quick intelligence can troubleshoot any domestic problems. This won't be an easy relationship as it's better suited to a working partnership. But if you can sort out your power issues, compromise on matters of ideology, and don't assume you are headed in the right direction (investigate the facts thoroughly), your combined strengths can form an even stronger and more powerful third entity.

  • Hi Captin-

    I also need help regarding a relationship. My DOB is 1/21/90 his is 11/9/87. Both born in Denver, CO. I was born at 11:34 pm.. dont know about him. I need to know if we should just remain as friends, move on or if thier will be a relationship again in the future with us. I need direction with this situation. Its been 2 months since he left and I havent been able to let go because I dont know if were really over. He told me he needs space to figure his life out because he doesnt feel like himself and doesnt know where his future is going but he said hes afriad of losing me. He still continues to have contact with me and still tells me he misses me and not trying to date other people. I would love to have a future with him but I don't know whats gonna happen. I dont know if I should wait or move on? Anything will help..

  • capitain. thanks for your words. you give me a light in the darkness. you are right, inner peace is the most important thing. i admit i lost it for a long time. i tried to depend on the men to help me get inner peace. that is not right. i am not a phisycal woman. i work abroad and have a good job with good salary, money is not what i am looking for. i just want a man who can make me feel reliable, who comes to me not for sex parterner. after divorce, i met some guys but no good results. feel frustrated for relationship. now i will leave my present job and get a new one. i hope things will change with it.....i will remember what you said about inne peace.

    after your love reading, can you tell me what kind of man is best match for me? and is it possible for me to meet him this year?

  • Hello i would like i reading please if that isnt any trouble?

    my ex boyfriend is being very strange.

    He broke up with me for a funny reason and now all his friends dont seem to no why he did it and he wont talk about it to anyone.

    im really worried bout right now, he seems very unhappy and not himself.

    I would really like to no if we will get back together in a few months?

    his date of birth is. 12-1-93

    Mine is 24-6-93

    Im just ver confused about it all.

  • Thanks to you Captain, I'm damned grateful for your time, effort and skill. Even more so as I've been reading the same level of commitment you've given all over this forum. We're very lucky. I'll keep an eye out for a way to redress the balance. Greenshoots

  • Thank you captain, for answering me back I like your reading alot better then the other persons reading at lease yours give me hope...As for the depression part Im the one with the depression, I dont know if he has it or not...And for the marriage part he just got out of a marriage, so i dont think thats on his mind...Wish it was now I really dont know what he wants... One minute he acts like hes interested in me and then the next he dont...some times I just feel like hes playn me he? Its like he paids attention to me for like 3 days then he takes a break for awhile untell I either ignore him and then he txts me...or when im on a Some days i just feel like giving up on tryn to be with him and then I dont and some how i cant..its like a power or magnet drawing me to him and wont let me go...Well its draining me alot...Im tring to break free from him and go on with my life but when i do it hurts and I just cant let go..Is he my soul mate? As for the two or more outsiders is he interested in them too or just playn them...I know that Sag need their freedom cause thats how they are..and i know their hard to tie down, but we get along so well I even make him laugh...But one nite we got off the phone earlie cause he said that he was tired and was going to bed and this was at 10:00 pm.. and some how he didnt go to bed untell 11:00 cause I caught him on We are suppose to be meeting ea other the first week of July in NV.. so is there going to be any thing from keeping us to meet ea other like money wise..? Plus last nite he was drinking at a bar and I was concern so I asked him to plz txt me so that I know that he made it home safe and he promised that he would .. well guess what he didnt...Did he say that to just shut me up or he just didnt want to txt me or was to drunk to do it? What do you think that I should do..let go of him or stay and try to so where it will go and if he really want me or one of the other 101 girls thats tryn for Im confused..and scared of ending up being alone for the rest of my life...Is he the one or is there some one else...I know that god brought him to me and is he going to take him away from me like he did the other guy...(Texas) Well I'll be patiently waitn for you answer bk...Thanks alot again..Ronia

  • Captain

    I need your insight.

    My DOB Feb 3 1957 and his is Oct 7 1946.

    Everything seemed to be going well for us and all of a sudden he broke it off about 3 weeks ago. He told me at that time that he met someone else, but I have my doubts, it happened so fast--I saw him on a Thursday, he went away for the weekend to his son's house and by Sunday night it was finished.

    Any idea why? and is there still a chance for us? if so what should I do?

  • I see.

  • Scorpaddict, I answered you in the other thread you started.

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