Doomed--PLEASE help

  • Ok.Maybe Im just obsessing over little things...Because..The whole astrology thing...I don't base my life on it or anything.But I guess I do sorta believe in it.Cause,it can be really accurate at times.

    Im a Gemini,and Im currently in a relationship with a virgo.I was checking the love horoscope for Virgo for May 19th..and it said...

    "A chance encounter today possibly leading to an intense emotional or sexual attraction when you are least it could happen. Try to keep your head and your heart together as this could be overwhelming, the love at first site thundering of your heart moment."

    So..I for completely freaking out.Whats that even supposed to mean?That he'll fall in love with someone else tomorrow?And what if its true?What do I do then?Help me...Is there anyway I can get him to stay before he leaves?And what if he doesn't leave..?This is really complicated,and Im going nuts.Im like,doomed.Please help me.:/

  • Key word 'possibly'. Not 'probably'. Focus on that. Just as possible that it won't happen. You're a Gemini, you can do it.

  • Astrology is very tricky. Remember that although the Sun sign is important, other factors also can contribute to an accurate horoscope such as time and place of birth and the sign that is the ascent. My horoscope for Gemini is rarely accurate. So please don’t freak out and don’t feel doomed.

    Hope this helps.


  • Those horoscopes can be pretty broad 🙂 Like luvslife said, if you want a more specific accurate personal horoscope (which is time, birthplace, date,) and maybe some other things.. then you have to get it from an astrologer or order it from a website. 😃

    Chill out chica 😉


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