CONFUSED.... Friendship,Fliritng, or much More????

  • dnnmre,

    Typically they are an ex for a reason. Your decision or his?


  • he thought the grass was greener on the other side only to find outr that it isnt so it took him 6 months to figure that out

  • my ex has been back and forth in and out of my life everytime something goes wrong with someone. So this time, from a cell phone that he called me from I sent her a letter telling her everything he has done to me to watch out(I know this was wrong) but I had to let her know what he is/was doing, So he calls me up telling me I am "an F" and I can go to hell he is never talking to me again but yet he still passes my house, tells every girl that he is with where I live so now when he has a fight with them they check to see if he is with me. What is going on with him? He never makes plans with me but every time he comes back he gets my hopes up high that we will try again

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