Paying for Love Spells?

  • So I am in desperate need of a love spell and found ones online that you have to pay for. Do those generally work?

  • Angelfayce, be careful for what you WISH for..

    angel hugs


  • oh i've been thinking about this over and over. and i want this more than anything..i just want my ex back!

  • angelfayce, if he is meant to be with you, he will come back.

    If not then he was not meant to be yours.

    He will be like a caged bird with no freedom or free will.

    Is this what you truly desire.

    angel hugs.


  • Ugh my mom says that all that time. It's hard..i do feel in my soul that things will work out, im just impatient. it's been a rough two weeks

  • angelfayce,

    Normally I wouldn't interfere with whatever others want in their life but I feel the need to advice you to think hard before you go and try all these spells.

    So you just want your ex back..........

    It doesn't matter to you if he comes back to you for whatever reasons, as long as he is back? You don't care if he doesn't love you at all, as long as he is back?

    You love him that much and you don't care about his FREE WILL?

    You love him so much that you don't care about KARMA?

    All said above, you don't even know if the spells work.

    There are lots of scams out there, they just want your money girl.

    They will take your money and tell you that your spell is casted.

    You waited for months or maybe years for the spells to work.

    If you don't get any results, they might say it is because you are not believing in magic.

    Do you love him or do you need him?

    I don't need to tell you about unconditional love because i believe you are smart enough to know what it love someone, you set them free, if he comes back, then he is yours.

    All the best in whatever you are doing.

    Just think it over okay?

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • 2 weeks? you waited for 2 weeks and it is tough?

    honey, some of us here waited for months or maybe years.

    try to focus on something

    maybe this break up is a good thing for you both.

    things happen for a reason, maybe you both still need to figure out how you feel.

    maybe this is the testing time for your relationship, how much you both love each other.

    Take care okay?

  • It's hard. Because I truly know in my heart he is the ONE and I'm afraid he will never come back. I can honestly say that i am so madly in love with him it hurts.

    We met last year around this time, actually a week later and became a couple June 2nd. I was 22 at the time, he was 19 (I'm now 23 going on 24 in September! and he just turned 20). He was the first guy EVER to treat me like a princess. Always telling me how beautiful I am, telling how much he appreciated me, three weeks of dating he told me he loved me (it was romantic too) and he even helped me curbed my drinking. We talked about marriage and knew we wante to be together forever. We spent every waking moment together (we worked as summer camp counselors together) and then school started. And things started to suck. We didn't have enough time for each other and he broke up with me in November, only to get back together the next day. However, it wasn't enough time for us to work on our relationship because I went home two weeks later for Christmas break and things were starting to feel distant-he was trying and I well, wasn't.

    We broke up a few times these past couple of months because of my fault. My reasoning is that I was scared he was going to eventually leave me again and well lo and behold he did. But we kept getting back together. Finally Easter Sunday we broke up. It was suppose to be mutual and i only said it was so that he was happy. The amazing guy that he is, stayed with me the last five weeks until school was done. We hit a rough patch, but as April went on, he commented on how well I was taking this and was proud of me. However, last week Tuesday things went downhill and I told him this isn't what I wanted and we ended on a bad note. I can't stop texting him (he wont have anything to do with me) and I do think this breakup is a good thing, I'm just scared he will meet someone else, forget about me and all that horrible stuff. I want nothing more to get back together.

    I absolutely LOVE this guy and I know in my heart he's the one. Even my mom says "You two are going to get married and have kids, just you wait". I'm miserable without him.

    Sorry this is long, but I truly appreciate the kindness from you.

  • angelfayce,

    I cannot say that I am a pro when it comes to relationship but I have been in a few and I used to be in love when I was at your age. My heart been broken a few times as well. There were times when I thought that was it, I could not find anyone else etc etc..

    I know how you are feeling, we all know how you are feeling...

    I respect you for loving him, all I am just saying is, think carefully before you want to go for love spells. I know you are desperate to have him back, the 2 weeks were rough..

    Does he loves you? If you are sure that he loves you, you will wait patiently.

    In the meantime, get on with your life and keep busy.

    You are afraid if he is going to date someone else and forget you.

    Honey, if you are the one he wants, he can date 10 other girls but his heart will still be yours.

    He can lie to everyone, to the world but he cannot lie to himself.

    This is also a test for him, if he is man enough, he will not hide his feelings and just let you go.

    He will come back and fight for your love.

    Also, dating someone else might be a good thing for him.

    Maybe he will realize how special you are and he will then follow his heart.

    Sometimes, we all need to lose that precious someone in other to find out how much we actually love him / her.

    Give him some space and time.

    2 weeks is not that long.

    I don't know who is right or wrong but if you think you are the cause of the break up, all the more you need to leave him alone.

    He is hurt and maybe even angry, let him have the time to cool off.

    Only then, you can try to initiate contact and see how things are; test the water.

    Don't just jump in and start bugging him about his feelings or yours, be a friend first.

    Pick things up from the beginning and see how it goes.

    Take care

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to listen and give me advice. I know you're right and am going to do my best to follow your advice. This is going to be one of the hardest things I've ever done.

  • You are welcome.

    Take care of yourself, look at the bright side of life 🙂

    If you ever need support or advice, do visit the thread New Moon and Mercury Retrogrades.

    I am there most of the time, with many others who are willing to offer their support.

    Let's dump this thread okay?

    We don't want negative energies clouding our mind.

    Who needs love spells anyway?

    Your love is the best love spell there is! 🙂

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • This may seem off-topic, but I'd advice you to uptake TheCaptain's ''Positivity Challenge''. I started it Almost 1 week ago(1hour and afew minutes to go!!) and it's really helped me. I think I'm going to do it for one more week!

    Also, there's some topic she also made about avoiding fear-based decisions. That topic's helped me also, lots...

  • I think I will try that, Hidden! I appreciate you commenting 🙂

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