Get a permanent solution to your love problems

  • i am james from the u.k..i was in love with a girl that really loves me back and we suppose to get married in few weeks and she decided to change her mind cos her parents doesnot want us together due to the religion difference..i was introduced to a spell caster by a friend that really helped me get her back..he did a spell for me and my girl and her parents cae back begging..we are happily married now with kids..

  • i would kill to have a spell like that done for me.

  • Yeah but I would rather them back with me of their own free will.

    And that is saying something considering the mess I'm in. LOL

  • jamesgill

    love the feedback, but i think people would appreciate a little more info. on the spellcaster.... wink wink some spellcaster do not mess with peoples free will, you just have to ask them straight out if they do.

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