Bimoon please.

  • You'll get grades when you do what you love. Sometimes you have to do what you hate to decide what you want. Thing is I could have never dreamed the path ahead. It started one step at a time so no mistakes just lessons. You may not know your calling yet. I had to be PUSHED into computer by a teacher I trusted and boy did I love the creatice end of it! There is no true knowing--you just leap! Fearlessly one step at a time take some classes and follow where it takes you. I always learned something--even in the classes that I wasn't crazy about but I kept on my path. You just plain can't think about it too much. Just do it.

  • Hi Blmoon, sorry to bug you,

    I'm also going through a not so good situation for the last two years... most of the time doesn't affect me as much when I focus on the "good things" and ignore the rest... and with all that is going on with the planets... i feel I'm ready to put my foot down and let go... but every time I think that I get so SO sad... and when I decide not to make a decision just yet and wait things out with hope I feel happy again, even if i'm not sure when I would see him again...

    the most we have gone without speaking/seeing each other is three months... his initials are JM and mine LC

    anyway... can you see anything for me? is this time for real? is he gone? or is there still a chance??

    Sorry to bug you 🙂 and thanks any advice it's appreciated

    P.S. by the way I completely agree with your advice on career choice, my career choice definetely was accommodated/arranged by "faith, God, superior power" my grades were so so bad until I decided to fight for what I truly wanted to study... now i'm a bit lost but looking for answers within me nonetheless...

  • Okay bimoon thank you, i may look into a course in writing who knows 🙂

    if you want i can post you some of my writing work, is there anyway i can send it to you without posting it on here

    best wishes


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  • I also have somemore things to ask you

    but i will wait as i know you are very busy, and you need to rest too

    hope all is well

    Best wishes


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  • I'm fine--just living out my life outside of this blog. I'm busy mostly and sometimes just don't check in when I start dreaming about some of these posts! I don't do facebook so if you want to share you'll have to post here. This is the only blog I visit. I'm very private You can ask me anything you feel comfortable with and I'll make sure I check in.

  • did you manage to get anything from my last request?

    If not its okay, was just wondering am curious to now more about spirit guides, iv herd that people have them but just wanted to now if you knew much about them?

  • Before you answer that though i want to show u some of my writing, will only post the first chapter of a book i am doing,Its called The Unexpected Visitors and i hope you enjoy the first part.

    It was a cold summer evening; I was standing beside my bedroom window, looking out onto the street outside my house. The street lights where on and I could see the moon hanging outside, above the houses. It glowed brightly through my bedroom window. It made shadows dance across my room. I looked with wonder up at the stars, they were twinkling and sparkling.

    It was like they were flashing their own special tune to me,

    It felt good it was like they were calling me for something special.

    I lived in an old cottage it was under the name of west stone, I lived here with my family though if you’d call it that, My only family being my dad, though I didn’t think much of him, he always came home in a right state. He gets drunk most evening’s now, James was his name.

    Everyone calls me Evelyn or Eve for short dad said it means light. I like it; it’s different like me.

    I’m not good at making friends see, I like to be alone, it gives me time to think about things, maybe its not a good thing but that’s how I am.

    We live in a lovely country village, is filled with flowers and trees, there are some really nice houses here, that look like they have not been touched in years.

    They look very warn down, there’s weeds wrapped up all around them, windows and doors are all boarded up, and the most strangest thing of all, they were four houses in a row that looked like that, almost like they weren’t part of this time. They had a name as well they were called the Reineed houses, not sure what that meant but cant be anything good.

    Dad and me have only lived her for a few days. He wanted to start somewhere fresh after mum had died. She had cancer that made her really ill, we did all we could to save her but even with all that effort, nothing had worked.

    Her name was Roslyn, she had bright red hair hung over past her shoulder’s she had a rather round face, a bit like me. Her eyes where a mixture of blue and green, aqua eyes, my dad had described them.

    He said I have the same color eyes as my mum, though I think they were bluer.

    My hair was a rather dark brown; I had very curly locks that hung way past my shoulder’s. Like my dad he had dark brown curly hair to, though it was shorter than mine was.

    His eyes where a strange color of darkish green.

    The wind whistled through my bedroom window, the floorboards creaked and moaned. It was almost like the house itself was talking to me; it had felt like that for awhile now. The house feels restless, like it has a mind of its own.

    I wasn’t scared I was use to being alone, though some weird things have already seemed to happen in this house.

    It does make me feel uncomfortable the walls were stoned and not bricked the roof was thatched it smelt funny.

    The rooms were all medium size bedrooms. They were exactly the same size all seven rooms one guest room, dads bedroom, my room the bathroom, downstairs the living room, kitchen and the downstairs loo, exactly the same size and shape.

    It seemed a bit weird; dad didn’t think that he thought it was normal for a country cottage house. But I think he’s wrong so I’m going to do some investigations of my own.

    As I sat there gazing up at the sky lost in my own world, the lights outside started to flicker. I looked out closely watching the weirdly flickering lights it was almost like they were being made to flicker.

    The sky outside started to grow darker; the moon disappeared behind the looming clouds.

    Mist started to appear on my bedroom window and the room suddenly felt colder. I started to get Goosebumps trailing up my arm. I wanted to move but couldn’t. I was magnetised to the spot. I looked down by the streetlights. There was a person there and there wasn’t before. They were dressed in black, their hair seemed thick and long carried half way past their bottom, that was long, and very dark black. I couldn’t look away but I wanted to, I couldn’t pull back from the window.

    My eyes burned on them alone, then they looked up at me, and she was very terrifying. Her eyes were cold and black and skin looked white as death, her lips were a bright red and she glared at me almost like she was looking right through me, right past my soul.

  • Thank you!

    You definetly have talent worth cultivating. Be sure to take a creative writing class and don't give up too soon. Not all classes are nurturing--it's different as the students any given semester and not all teachers are the best suited for you. But I see you getting the right start but you can use this advice as you progress. Sometimes after a few positive classes the irritating frustrating one comes that threatens to unglue all you have learned but actualy if you see it through properly it cements your resolve to keep your voice and what makes it artisticly unique. I think all of us have artistic helpers that guide us as spirits and I'm sure you do but I'm tired tonight as well as yesterday--I've had a long busy streack that is just now winding down--like the moon. Must say some quik comments about your writing. The beginning was well polished and beautiful. You have strong "mood" skills. Strong sense of place. Good job. I was drawn in and you had a firm grasp on timing--didn't jump around--smooth flow--almost poetic--you have a good ear. Beatiful descriptions--economy of words you didn't say too much. A class will help you sort out the editing part of it--work--the grammer disagreements--punctuation-spelling--tense agreements (mixing your past with present verbs) the details that gets it fit for publishing. Even the best writers have help checking for all the techinal and structural errors. When the time comes and you get these corrections--hopefully not in red ink--you must grow a thick skin. Always remember the true gift is the most important part and you've got that--imagination and a good ear for words the real gift. You get the story down first than go back again and again to edit edit edit. A good prof will help you with this or hooking up with other writers--theres always one good wiz in the group with good editing skills who will help. You will get a lot of advice--too much sometimes. It's an excercise in preserving yourself in a constructive way. What I'm trying to say is go for it with the committment to believe in yourself. And it never becomes a sure thing--I've never met another writer--even the most famouse who still does not have their dull dark disbelieving days! Blessings and thanki you again for sharing.

  • thank you very much for your advice and I'm really glad you liked it i will have to try and figure out how am going to go about joining some writing classes 🙂

    hope to speak again soon.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Blmoon

    long time no see.

    do u still read people?

    if yes may i humbly ask for an update?



  • im curious to know why some people, think that june 21 2010 is going to be a big day for me,

    and would like to know something else, but i will ask you after your reply 🙂

    it just something that some people have said to me, and id like to know why, and how.

    Best wishes RebeccaAnn

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