Is anyone else a 4...?

  • No matter where i go the number 4 has just followed me all my life. I was born July 4th..I guess that's where it started. I pick things in 4's...and win!? I even make decisions based on the number. My friends laugh and tell me its ocd but I feel a strong connection to this number and I feel it has actually helped me in situations... OK..Is this strange or no??

  • no not birthday number is 4 and i seem to have a lot of 4's in my life as well...numbers play a bigger part in everyday life than some people realize.

  • been born on 4th of march but never felt anything particular about it, perhaps I never really took notice of this I will. thanks.

  • Ty Stinabear... I find its a positive number and helpful always. Its like a no fail 4

  • yw Kaisse...Welcome 2 the 4's! Now that you've noticed I hope it brings u the luck its brought me! Well wishes...:-)

  • Fours are crazy for me as well. I am an aquarian with birthdate31(3+1=4). A couple of years ago I started noticing things with numbers like glancing at the clock and it will be 4:44(happens ALOT).

    My daughter's thing is 9:11(she is a pisces). I don't know much(if any) about tarot stuff(astro, num, feng shui, etc...), but I have had some VERY strange things happen to me in the past that I would like to know more about what they are and why they happened. There are numerous psychics out there and I understand the need for money(we all have mouths to feed), but i wish there was someone true that I could talk to about things and get help with. Not sure if I have a gift or not, but if i do, isn't it unfair not to be used?

  • hi 4s, i have not had much luck in my life as a four.31/7/1946/ "4". 31/ "4".i had a house number four "twice" very bad karma, i always look at the numbers involved in anything, i stay away from 4, as much as possible, 6 or 8 would be better, four is supposed to bring sufferring and i have had my share and someone elses already.i struggle, daily.


  • I ma not a 4 but I was born 15th May and number 5 follows me all over the place I can look at a clock and it will say 5 05 or 5 15 etc. You are definitely having a karmic association with the number 4 and it means something also look for ... on CDS your fav tracks.. a lot of mine are track number 5 see if that works for you...... bet it will????

  • I meant of course see if any of your fav tracks are number 4.......

  • Hi, I am a number five also born in July! I feel you have no OCD, this is obviously a postive thing for you! So hey why not anything positive is a good thing! Remember about our cancer warnings and hints Esp this Month Impulse, We must keep our good guides near us! My advise about friends thinking its crazy? There loss you are tapped in & they do not understand! Keep those around you who accept you the way you are, do not wear book on sleeve for others to use against you! Course you already know this 🙂 Us cancers are so very good at not heeding our own good advice!

  • My life path is a 4 and that is not good,according to numerology.........I don't really have a connection with 4's at all. The only hope that I have is that Oprah is a 4. Sorry, this is a bad number to have.

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