Captain,can you give me some insight please?

  • Hi and thank you for viewing my request.My DOB is 8/28/58-5:28 AM(EST)

    I've been in a bit of a quandry concerning both my professional and personal life.

    First,I've been a cashier for 30 yrs and due to an unexpected recent event,which has changed my outlook concerning security in my job,I don't know which direction I should move in.I want to leave this present position as I no longer feel I can cope with the demands placed upon me yet I am not in a better place financially to just do as I please.

    Second,I went into a marriage 9 yrs ago,to a male(01/21/73) who decieved me in order to help his family in another country.I have not been the best person/wife and he hasn't either though we have come to a truce for now.There are other innocents who rely oh him and I don't want to be the one to cause them grief.However,I don't want to be used either.It's complicated,with legal consequences but I own up to my foolishness in this matter .Do you see what I mean?Can you give me some advice on this matter and if anything,some good news to look forward to.Thank you indly for your time and intellect.

    Blessings and Bear Hugs!

  • Your marriage and job are toxic to you and you should get out of both as soon as possible. Why should you feel responsible for your tricky husband's relatives? You don't owe him or them anything.

    The trouble with your working and love life is that you do not look before you leap and are too gullible to those who tell you what you want to hear or seem to be willing to give you what you need. Only when you stop relying on others to make you happy and become truly independent will you break out of this cycle of being used by everyone.

    All these situations in your life are designed to wake you up and snap you out of that dream world you live in where everyone is good and life is wonderful. Real life can be wonderful but you have to put in the work to make it so. Become more aware of people and what is going on around you.

    Do whatever it takes to get into a new life in all ways. You are stuck in quicksand at the moment and must use all your strength to pull yourself out. If you have to borrow or beg from friends or family in order to move on, do it. Ask for help or advice from those in authority or counsellors. Find out your rights. Make realistic plans about what you really want and put them into practice. I feel like you have just drifted into situations without much thought or preplanning. Now it's time to get practical!

    If you want change, you must first change yourself and your way of looking at the world. Nobody is going to get out out of this fix but you.

  • Thank you Captain for your total honesty.Yes,everything you have said about me is true.I do believe in the great and good of all and everything should be rosey.Yet,I I know change is needed.Have known for a long time.I don't know why I am so afraid for myself since I was alone for a long time prior to my marriage.

    You know the adage, "You've made your bed.Now you must lay in it"...I suppose that is the manner in which I've looked at my situation.So,really I've done nothing to change it.I lost faith in myself.

    You've given me some things to think about on what I need to do to make things right for me.I thank you for your insight and time .

    Blessings and Hugs

  • I think that adage should be "Other people made your first bed for you - now you need to make your own bed with materials that you choose." 🙂

  • LOL,Yes I have seemed to let things get away from me in not wanting to deal with reality.I haven't been very responsible and I know it's as much from the fear of having failed,as it is from being inept.I am strong,but not disciplined.You can see why,I know I don't need to rehash the past.Thank you.Youre response has a feeling of benevolence.I like that.

  • Hello Captain,

    Can you give me insight about my career and love life at this time?? I think I'm on the right track here but you may see things that I cannot see for myself. You know how that is... often we can see deeper things about other people situations than we can about our own.... I think it is nice to have someone that does'nt know us to give insight once in awhile...

    My name is Gina DOB 9/23/60

  • Gkt6063, can you please start your own thread - go to the Psychic section and click on 'Create a new topic'.

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