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  • Hi my user name is Ords it a childhood nick name. I've been a member of Tarot .com for approx 10. years. but I happened to to see an "all Things Gemini forum" so I checked it out, & when I saw the Physic subject, I went here because psychic "phenomena" is of special interest to me.

    Before I get too far I should probably Introduce myself a little, I'm a single male, Gemini of course & I Live in the states (New York) but not N.Y. city. I fully believe in being Physic I have had since I was young A various experience of physic happenings from out of the body experiences to preminatory dreams to healing to feeling Good & Bad places & a feeling to get away from where I am to find out later that something bad happened there not long after I had left. also experiencing past lives.

    There are a great many disbelievers & doubters I hope that here at this forum that People will understand - many having experienced a Lot of the same things themselves.

    So Hello all it already feels good to be here!..........~Ords~

  • Welcome to the forums ords glad to see you here,

    Im RebeccaAnn 🙂

    Nice to see some new people here 😃

    Best wishes


  • Thank you Rebecca Ann, I always liked the name Rebecca, It's a Biblical name, don't get me wrong I'm not a bible thumper, but I do read extensively & I consider the bible to be a good history book & nothing more, sorry I'm digressing off of the theme (I tend to do that a lot) I don't belong to any sanctioned religion, I consider myself a Pagan ( pagans preceded many religions of today) it's very simply a belief in spirits, mostly in nature, Like the Druids of Gaul (which takes in modern day France) & the Druids were also in the British Isles, but it boils down to spiritualism in many forms. from Intuition & feelings that I think a lot of people Ignore, but I believe anyone who has the interest can attune or sensitize themselves to these influences, from there it just expands to preminatory dreams, healing & an odd just Knowing about something or someone, I find this occurs at times when your mind is quiet & open - almost like a Meditative state. dose any of this make any sense to you?

    P.S. I read a book Called "The Red Tent" possibly By Zoe Klein - your name reminded me of it - it takes place in Biblical times, the time of Jacob, he had about 6 wives one of the primary wives was Rebekkah. The book is written from the woman's point of view of how Life for women was back then. the Red tent is where the women were vanquished when they were menstruating and considered unclean, it was also used for birthing & the story tells how a Midwife was called, one of Jacobs wives becomes a midwife. it's interesting How different things were over 2,000 years ago & from a woman's perspective.........Peace & Harmony ~Ords~

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