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  • Hello Tonix

    i think you are very accurate. I was fascinated with your answer. I would love to have a more detailed reading from you. I don't want to give you any more info as you are doing great by yourself.

    My e-mail is

    I'm not sure if my e-mail address will still show, but if not, please contact me here.

    Again, thanks.


  • Morning Tonix

    My e-mail address does not show. When you get a chance, could you tell me more?

  • Hello Tonix,

    I wonder if will we ever be in a girlfriend- boyfriend relationship.

    or how close do you see me and T in the future?

    thank you a lot, a

  • Hello Tonix:

    Just wondering if I will have a romantic relationship with a man who is currently away. I am an Aquarius woman born 2/11/67 (currently in phila) and he is a Scorpio man born 11/20/07, currently in Afghanistan.

  • Tonix3

    Will u return to the thread u started in which dovechick, sexygem n i helped out on?

    juss curious. also i left a request there n surprised to see u started a new one. happy u did.

    best wishes


  • thanks tonix3. will definitely keep you posted...

  • ooooh... actually, not sure why i didn't think of it before, but i met a guy in may this year and money was one of the issues there. perhaps this is what you caught? i was willing to overlook the fact that he earned barely anything however when it made him act rude that was a bigger problem. the biggest problem of all was his addiction to video games. when i was with him, i felt like i'm with a 15 year old boy, not a 35 yo man. that's what ultimately made me want to move on. it was a beautiful month though which i will definitely remember fondly. oh well. look forward to next year then i guess. at the moment, the universe is giving me a clear signal to forget about finding someone this year. which is ok.

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