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  • Tonix3. Thank you for your response. I hope you are right , but somehow I don't see this happening . Thanks again .

  • llindieloo, you never know! but either way, keep me posted if it does.

  • tonix3- the person is not in a relationship. It is my grandma who just found out she has lung cancer and is about to have surgery 2 remove half of her lung. She has had emphasema for 10 years and already has some difficulty breathing. My grandfather, who was my best friend, passed away in 1996 and he died 3 days before i was due 2 arrive. He asked me to come on Dec.26,1996 but I was a selfish 18 year old and told him to make the plane tickets for Jan.2,1997 so i could party with my friends at new years. He was killed on Dec.30. Is it possible that my gma is in between the 2 of us? life and death?

  • do you see any health issues with my heart? both of my parents died in there early 60's

  • Hi Tonix 3

    I have just retired and it's pretty weird. Do you see me doing anything useful in the future?...I'm not sure of my new path. hanks vry much.

  • Dear Tonix3,

    Yes you are on the money. I have things that are going on right now that has to be kept tightly lipped for now.

    But it is true that I will be going in the horse industry and I will need a new stable or barn to house these fine creatures.

    About the relationship that you see being developed... I am afraid to move forward because I am still greiving over by deceased husband.

    Do you think this relationship is only strictly business and involving me as a business partner and not a romantic one?



  • barbeegurl, thanks for clarifying. i saw two sides, so naturally assumed it was a relationship. i would suggest you go immediately only because you never know what could happen from today to tomorrow. however, based on what i was feeling during the reading is that if you go now you could cause this person much disruption. im a huge believer that what you think physically manifests itself, and when someone is healing the last thing you want to do is be in their presence with the constant thought (spoken or not) that they wont make it. If its a matter of your grandmother being ill and getting ready for a surgery, i would suggest you go either way, but just keep your thoughts positive. either grasp the possibility of her recovering (even from cancer at an older age) or focus on the joy and love she represents in your life. focus on pushing your strength onto her, sending good vibes towards her, instead of wondering if YOU could handle the pain. i would think that if anything does happen to her, you would regret that you've spent your last moments with her fearing tragedy, instead of enjoying her presence. a friend once told me that fear is never a good indicator when making a decision, and you should remove it from your reasons in doing or not doing something. and at the end of the day, when loved ones pass the pain is ALWAYS going unbearable. but regretting the time wasted is even worse. enjoy the time you have with all your loved ones, so that when you are separated, you can remember the things you've shared, and not have reason to dwell on the things you didnt or wish you did.

  • hi rooster5, i felt it as strictly business.

  • Thanx tonix3- u r right about keeping a good vibe and attitude when I'm with her. I feel that I can and will give her all my strength and I will strive to show her that together as a family we will be there to hold her up just like she has always done for us. whether we liked it or not, usually Thanx for helping get out of my panic and into the fight.

  • hey tonix

    not sure if you reached your 10-- if not

    will the cappy realize what he has and commit soon or ever for that matter

    or career-- what field/ industry -- when

    which ever comes up

    i would appreciate it -- thanks

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hey Tonix im not sure if you are still answering on this thread but I decided to give it a chance. I would like to see if you can tell me if you can see if anything will happen between me and this guy I like that works at a gas station by my house. My DOB 5/17/1987 my initials are cmm. thanx

  • Any chance here too....maybe asking too much! Hope's a kind thing to do.

    The relationship with my partner....he has no job, no money (no assets at all) and nothing has changed in 2 years. Will it, or do I leave well alone? Will there be someone else in my life?

    Thanks so much.Much appreciated.

  • Tonix

    In case you are still taking requests,my question is the same as in the other thread.Will the person who blows hot and cold ,be back with me again?Thanks ever so much

  • thanks for the reading Tonix. I hope you're right! 🙂

  • In case your feeling generous, lol Will my cancer guy and I work things out and move to the next level? Thanks, Claire

  • Will I have any luck giving out my #?

  • Hi Tonix-

    If your still answering this post. I would like to know about my love life & if a man I was recently involved with will return or how he feels about me?

    Thank you in advance!

  • Hi Tonix

    Theres this cwby that I met online about 4 days ago I am very much interested in him alot. He asked me for my number yesterday and he told me that he was going to call me last nite and he didnt. im just wondering if hes interested in me or not .Or just playing me. Should I just give up and move Im alot older then him too...I really do want this to work out.. Roni

  • Thanks Tonix3,

    Appreciate the reading but have to say am now a little worried..............both my parents have been hospitalised recently with different ailments (they are home now) and I just pray nothing befalls them as without them I would be totally lost. They have been my rocks during these awful times.


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