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  • OH MY stclaire!!....I am SO with you on this, you truly do NOT deserve this harassment ....MUCH love and JOY to you my friend...I will certainly be thinking of you...


  • thankyou and i will let you know how it goes,you have relieved me!

  • hi rubyred, i could be 100% wrong, but what i am seeing is a separation between you and this older person. i see him leaving and it has to do with someone else possibly from his past. i see while they are ok with you, i feel as if this other person is traveling from another location to him. i feel this person is in a superior position, and as you've mentioned his age, i'm guessing this simply means its someone closer in age to him.

    if you'd like for me to elaborate, please leave your email and i'll send you a more detailed note.

  • Thank you tonix3, so it means that he will not disappear from my life. I was afraid it might happen. I'm happy to hear that. Thanks.

  • AHHH Denise! thanks so much! the creep still wont let me live in peace.

  • Oh my dear friend!!....I know this may not give you what all you need at moment, I wish I could!....but I REALLY am with you...I don't know if I ever mentioned in all my other posts, but I JUST CANNOT abide injustice!!!...and all I can say at moment, I PRAY that tonix3 is SO right, and this WILL go your way... YOU deserve justice!!!.....once again Claire, I AM thinking of you in this!!!


  • Tonix3, Can you please tell me how my friend will ask me to help him with his business?

    Thanks 🙂

  • scorpvirgo, in the next 4-6 months i dont get anyone coming into your life. i see that you will be working hard, or simply focused on finances or work related ideas. i see as if either at the end of the year, or more in the first few weeks of the coming year, there is someone by your side. the card is an older man of water, guessing thats your cancer guy. i see the same card in two instances, so i m looking at that as he will pop into your life with nothing really developing and then in the new year, something in him changes, and it will be more serious between you, and because of something he matures in. hope that makes sense? or it could simply be that he comes in, with nothing evolving and then another similar person comes in after, someone who is a better/more "evolved" version of him.

  • will I met somebody this summer ,with whom I get involved with ,or just a friend?:))tnx.

  • hmm...thank you so much for the reading! unfortunately, the cancer guy I'm talking about is younger than me 😞

    he's sort of been in and out of my life for over a year now.

  • barbeegurl, i see this person in between two figures, facing a different direction looking at the other figure. is this person in a relationship at the moment? i feel that while they are in this "middle" situation, you seem to have a huge emotional connection, i feel as if they are watching you or aware of you through their side eye. based on the cards ive thrown, i feel if you go now you will cause this person serious damage, not so much emotionally, but more a disruption in their surroundings. if this person IS in another relationship, i feel as if their partner is very much aware that you exist. and while the emotional connection might not be the same, i feel there is a reason that this person is with the other, but more of a "this makes more sense" or "this is how its SUPPOSED to be" type of way. I feel you should follow your heart, and if you decide to go, then I would hold off for a moment.

  • Dear Tonix3,

    Hello again. Please tell me about a new house and horses.



  • scorpvirgo, then that makes perfect sense if i saw him maturing. the first instance of the card was the younger water male, and then the second instance, the one in the end by your side, was the older version of the water male, which is why i figured it meant he would be maturing.

  • This post is deleted!

  • did i make the right choice at work? thank you for the offer kathy

  • geraldine, i do not see anyone come into your life for the next few months, at least not a serious prospect. i feel there will be some sort of family related disruption in your life, and i feel it could be either on your estranged husband's side or a close relative. i am seeing either a death in the family or some huge change that impacts various members in the family. i think this will be something that will take up a lot of your focus away from your personal life.

  • rooster5,

    i see you discussing something that is no longer working out, something in regards to a financial investment, or partnership. i see you separating from that venture, and building a new relationship with another partner. this new partnership leads to some sort of trip to a distant location, where the partnership is realized, either you set up an office, or open a shop or something. but the card i get is one of a structure that has to do with finances and a compromise or formal commitment that has to do with this structure. this trip/partnership or project leads to more paperwork and meetings, and further opportunities. i know youve asked about house and horses, but the cards im getting are all very business/legal related. if you are in the horse business, are you thinking of putting up a stable or something? if youre NOT in the horse industry, then my interpretation is that something will come into play that will greatly benefit you financially and professionally. out of this, you'll be able to acquire the house and horses that you've asked about.

  • (pilot and lil miss love, since i've read you both within the last 3 days, i decided to give someone else an opportunity this once. hope you can understand!!!)

  • Sure 🙂

  • Ofc:)

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