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  • ok, last posting got too long and hard to keep up with. anyone looking for a quick reading, please leave one question here. no general readings, as im still practicing, so please ask a direct question regarding a specific concern. will get to the FIRST 10 PEOPLE who post. no need to leave names, dob, or sign. i dont need that info.

    for the record, i use the spanish style cards, not the tarot. its a different technique, layout, vibe. though i also have a tarot deck, but am much more in tune with my other deck.

  • tonix3



    I would appreciate some information as to what I can expect this earth year. My main concern is in the health and financial areas.

    How does my health fair and will the finances improve. I am medically retired there for it woulf be interesting to know if UNIVERSE will comply with some kind of windfall-bounty.


    loving silver wings

  • Hi . Will I hear from my ex Cancer ? thank you so much in advance .

  • Hey... Any chance of love in 2010 for me? Thank you!

  • hi love silver wings. does your illness have to do with your back? thats what i get immediately. your posture and a stabbing pain. please let me know if any of this is accurate. i see your health improving and yes, there will be a financial gain or "exit". if thats out of the illness, i'm not sure, but i got 5 out of 7 cards being pentacles, so thats definitely some sort of financial boost.

  • WILL the lawsuit go in my favor?

  • llindieloo, i see you reaching out to your ex, but there will be a sort of tense reception. i see a period of dispute, followed by a period of more calm conversations. and i see a trip, so either you will go to where they are or they will come to you. this is more travel, maybe by flight, not simply a car ride away. one of you will be in another city or state or country but you everntually meet. i see you sort of putting yourself to their level, if that makes sense. sort of you making a compromise not to please this other person, but because you are in accordance with them.

    does any of that make sense?

  • tonix3


    Yes, part of the health issue is due to degeneration of the spine. At times there has been a lot of sharp stabbing pain. Also, There is some heart issues which are getting under control with medication.

    With my age (63), it means there will be no return to employement on a full time bases. I receive a pension which changes (reduced) in two years.


    loving silver wings

  • Hi, my question is: In what direction will our relation go?

  • How cool of you to do free readings. Thanks so much.

    Like to know what you see for my boyfriend and I in the future. He is 57 and Never been married.

  • hellsbells, i see one person come into your life this year, but its someone that wont be lasting, and it has to do with money. however, in the new year, there will be another person in your life. i feel this is more the person for you. not sure if its marriage, but it looks like a serious commitment. keep me posted if any of this comes out down the line!

  • hi tonix, could you tell me if a guy will be coming into my life romantically in the next 6 months or so?

  • or if I will be getting back into contact with my cancer guy? sorry about the two posts.

  • Will I get to see my loved in time? Should I go 2 her right away or later? Will i be able to handle the pain?

  • stclaire, i see the cards balancing out more towards your card, so my guess is yes, the lawsuit will wrk out in your favor. however, i feel there will be 3 key factors that lead to that conclusion, and two of them are in your favor, the third actually is against you. the first two seem to be in regards to some documents, or something formal that protects you. the third is something else, not exactly sure, but i feel it has to do with an action of yours that might be against you, not so much a negligence, but some action you took. for example, something you've done that puts some of the blame on you. but i feel that ultimately this works out for you. please let me know if any of this is accurate.

  • Hi Tonix3,

    My birthdate is 24/09/1964, Can you see any future love interest for me? Have had a pretty awful few months (estranged from husband)...

    Many thanks


  • moonalisa, i keep getting people in sets of 3's so my first instinct is that this is someone you will have a child with. or does one of you already have a child? i see a commitment but not a serious one (as in marriage) until much much later down the line. i feel as if in years, but this is someone who you build some sort of family with.

  • Thank you tonix3, this lawsuit has more to do with harrassment from an ex(he to me) so you are saying i will win and this will end?

  • stclaire, yes, i feel it will go in your favor.

  • stclaire, if its in regards to harrassment, then the two formal factors could just obviously be laws that protect you.

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