Please help me understand

  • If anyone could help me figure out what my karmic debt is and why my life has completely changed since I became the cold, unflappable, and emotionless person that I pretended to be for so long. I loved DEEP. Love at first sight, butterflies for the first 4 of our 8 year relationship. During that time we slowly tore each other apart, tit for tat revenge and pain. The torture of allowing myself to feel became unbearable so I shut it out.....and here I am 10 years after we broke up, unable to feel true spontaneous emotion and never romantic love. I try 2 feel but somewhere along the way i became as coldhearted and unfeeling as that scared girl pretended to be...Hollow and alone

  • IT starts with loving your self first, love your self and respect yourself first., then reach out to people who feel alone to and be a real friend, forget about a relationship for now until you heal yourself .S orry you feel so badly but talking about it a good first step, im really so very sorry you are in so much pain. But you now have to stop thinking about yourself this way. Blessings

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