How do you know if your a Healer? How do you feel etc...

  • Hi Everyone

    I have had some major things happening in my life recently that has changed my course in life.

    I know what I want to work as and have started my own small business from home now. Which is all fine but after attending the psychics fair in Australia I have got alot of mixed messages.

    I have been told I am a Healer of all things and animals, I can read them and can anticipate peoples next move before they do it etc... Know what I would love to know is how does a Healer Feel ? How do you know your a healer for example?

    I was told I have an Emerald Green Aura and I Love plants and Gradening etc... But I dont know if this true I dont know if I can heal or not and If this is the case shouldnt I feel It? My hand does feels like a magnetic force sometimes and either repells or attracts if that makes sense like magnet... But I am still confused.

    So I done my Angel Cards last night 3 cards aimed at contacting the guardian angel on the last card I pulled out Archangel Raphael in the third position and it said How your angel is helping you!

    This is talking about being a Healer as a Career and to call upon him if needed....

    So Should I look into something with healing? Cause I cant seem to get away from it lately.


  • Hi everyone I know this is a silly question but can anyone tell me anything?

    Can anyone see healing in my future?

  • beaniac, If you are a healer you will feel it in your heart and soul. You could try invoking one of the archangels to help with guidance and development of your psychic abilities. Good luck

  • You are confusing work with vocation. Your healing presence coexhists with your everyday life. Most healers do not do that as a buisness--only some. To be of service comes while you go about your life no matter what your job--it is a service you do silently at times. Some of the signs of healing touch is how nature responds to you? When you are alone in the garden do animals aproach you without fear. Butterflys land on your shoulder? Do birds come close? Can you speak to animals out loud and they respond without running off? In public do strangers often talk to you? Tell you about themselves in a trusting way? Have you always been nurturing--interested in the medical profession? Seem to know what to do to make others feel better. Do you feel tired or anxiouse after being in crowded places. Do needy people seem to want to latch onto you? Are you emotional and easily upset when around angry or sad people? Have you ever considered being a nurse? There are many signs--these are just a few. The garden doesn't lie--if you are a healer your garden will show it.

  • Wow thats amazing Blmoon I feel you nearly desribed me to a Tee... I reakon.

    Yes I have had wierd experiences with animals the wierdest in an small zoo were I got to pat a Black panther, Another zoo I sat down for lunch and we sat near the eagle cage, and the eagle was chucking food at me as if he was trying to feed me?? Raw Rabbit of all things?

    I have cared for a few domestic and wild animals over the years for friends and the strangest being a Baby Kangaroo I had to bottle feed. A Humming bird that decided to sing and dance outside the car in my outside car mirror and the latest was a set of ducks I would say male and female landed on my front lawn out of no where in the city and we hand feed them and gave them a big bowl of water. But I have had alot of animals experiences over the years thats for sure. I Love Gardening and yes we get alot of birds, butterflys and dragonflys and alsorts in the garden.

    Yes I can be an emotional person and do feel empathy for all living things, but have been known to cry when people leave as I try to be strong for them but sometimes the feelings are so overwhelming I cant help but cry after their gone. Anxious yes alot, Hate Crowds! And being a typical Virgo doesnt help, and I hate going out period!. I do suffer from Anxiety but have learned to control it myself with breathing and sitting down and just relaxing, thats when i know its time to take a breather as I am a busy person with 4 kids and dont get alot of time to myself but when I do, boy I feel it. I am only 37, Nearly totally grey already and been told I am old sole and feel it!

    Medicial profession WOW .... Your Close!

    Try counselling degree, but never practised as one as I decided it wasnt for me ( I get too emotional lol ) my biggest down fall cause I went through alot and mainly done the course to help myself understand a few things. So i could never work as a counsellor but I do have sharp skills and a keen eye, good ear, and excellent at reading body language, and behaviours from people, So i can tell when someone feels uncomfortable and I try to make them feel welcome. I believe I am kind and caring person and treat all my kids the same No-one is better than anyone in my house and if there isnt enough for everybody nobody gets it or i go buy more so they are all equal. My kids friends beg me to adopt them and they say i am easy to talk too and they always said I was fair.

    I hate arguments and grew up with plently, so I dont like judging people as i see alot off this everywhere I go, and have learnt to take people for who they are not what there not. If someone stands behinds me with a few items at the checkout I always offer to let them in as I usually have a trolley full with 4 kids. I have been prone to help strangers over the years from mothers with prams, to the elderly and even brought a young homeless girl lunch and left her wondering why I done it, I noticed in the shop she was trying to steal food and I told her their were camera's everywhere and I told her to put it back and I would go buy her a coffee and Lunch, she looked at me wierd but she done it and I dont think she saw me as a threat as I had my baby with me, and I only said my first name to her but said you never know, one day i might need help and you might just be the person to do it and finished eating and left and said goodbye. I was only a young mum at the time, but thought gee it must be hard for some people thats why i done it, but I will help when or where I can if someone asks but 99% of the time, I will never do it unless asked otherwise I feel I like I am imposing.

    But what you said above is really kind of crazy cause it sounds like you just basically described me. Now Im left wondering even more 🙂

  • this thread is so interesting!!! I was told 11 years ago by a psychic that I had healing hands (I laughed and thought here we go!!) she said, you will develop it in your 40's and this will be a very happy time for you. Well Im 39, and when I was 36 I contracted MRSA in my bloodstream through surgery and nearly died. Since then Ive had tingling in my hands, Ive had electrical items play up, I saw an angel of light, about 7ft tall and sensed spirit in my house. I also woke twice from knocking on my front door about 3 in the morning but nothing there. Im not sure what its all about, but will go with the flow.

    blmoon - I wanted to be a nurse and was always interested in biology. Total strangers tell me their problems. A work colleague of my husbands was telling me about his wifes fertility problems within 20 mins of meeting me, he was mortified and said, I dont know why Im telling you all this you have to meet my wife. After losing 13 babies, they were blessed with 2 children. I LOVE children, and people comment they love me. My husband comments that its me our dog likes, as she lies across my feet when she gets the chance. I have been a career woman for 20 years but presently at home with my young family but hope to go back studying and was considering counselling!! so beaniac we have similar traits.

    So who knows what I'll end up doing, just know there is change imminent.

    I have mentioned twice to my doctor about my hands!!! and she was just dismissive.

    I have just done a yoga course and just started a spiritual medication class this week, what lovely people at it.

    By the way, I have aura photography done about 7 years ago in Edinburgh, and it was green and yellow, green signifies healing and yellow is for knowledge (well thats what I was told). I was setting up an educational business at the time.

    Good luck with it.

    kind regards,


  • I was describing myself but as you can see we are more universal than not. I think each healer has their own method of service to follow and it is very personal. Sometimes we feel like we are not doing something "important enough" but often we must give ourselves more credit. It is always a healers strongest urge to give more--that's why most healers do not reach their true potential untill later in life--after they have empowered themselves with a strong head to go with all that heart!

  • Hi

    thankyou everyone for trying to help me to try and understand this. Thankyou Blmoon sorry I thought you were trying to describe things I should be looking for in myself, and unfortunetly it sounded so much like me it was scary!

    I now deep in my heart I have something but what I am meant to do with it has me stumped 😞

  • I did use the same things in myself to ask you as I suspected already you shared these things and I felt if I didn't put myself into it you would be more likely to believe it! And you did! Healers share comman things. I was most interested in answering your postbecause it seemed that you needed validation and doubted yourself. It's easy to not know how special you really are because you know nothing else. I think you should continue on a spiritual path and just keep following your intuitions as you always have--a silent and faithful believer in that voice that tells you to say or do something for some one even when your head thinks it's not logical. Believe in yourself and just be the light that shines for others. I think in your case because you serve others it means that your life will move and change a lot and not always go as planned. It's as if you must follow were spirit leads you and I've learned to keep an open mind and that plans change a lot when you are a healer. Blessings to you.

  • hi i noticed that you mentioned that you hate crowds because you have aniexty. i do as well however i have learned that the reason that i did not like large crowds was that i could feel everybodys energy and you can learn how to block other peoples energy. i also have been told that i am an old soul and have experienced alot of the same things you mentioned. furthermore i do not think of myself as special because i am a healer to me it is just my purpose. it is like having an educated person guiding the uneducated just helping them along the way. as we go through life we not only learn through our experiences but help and teach other people as well. and sometimes we help and heal people without even realizing it.

  • Hello Blmoon, wow our so correct! Half the time I do doubt myself and alot of it is due to the people around me as well I think. They dont beleive like i do, I feel I have grown quicker than them and being family makes it even harder.

    But your so correct when you say Im all over the place, plans change constantly all the time and at no fault of my own. One minute I'll plan to go out and do something and when im ready to go visitors will show up and I will have to change plans as I dont want to be rude and kick them out. I do put alot off because of others and yes this used to frustrate me, but the last few years it doesnt I kind off expect it now.

    So do you think I would be best suited to help the ones that cross my path only you reakon or should I seek some sought of healing as to try and expand on my knowledge? The last few months alot has happened to me alot of dejavu and weird dreams coming true, and alot of eye openers and confirmations. Too many of things to explain here but I have had a lot of freaky stuff happening to me and I was wondering if I should try expanding on these gifts if I could But dont really have the confidence I feel to back them up so I would defintly need some training. Your thoughts would be much appreciated if you have the time and thankyou so much for your answering my post so honestly, I appreciate it. Thankyou! beaniac

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