Blmoon, i would appreciate your insight

  • I have read some of your other posts and hoping you can give me some insight in my situation.

    I do not know what kind of information you need, but a bit of background. Met this guy online and for over a year he tried to meet me in person. At the time i was still married, so i have never agreed to meet anybody. About six months later i left husband, due to alcohol abuse and discovered ex had relationships with other men. A couple of months later i agreed to met with the said guy, there were an instant connection. Being kind, gentle, loving, affectionate... Four months being fantastic. Then due to personal circumstances i freaked out a bit when he went silent for a couple of days, i had to get an answer on something, and he just ignored me. For more than five months he acted like i never existed. Then slowly reaching out, until we begin seeing each other again. This time, although not saying that he loves me, he showed it in every way. Three months later i was transferred to another city. He said he wish that i do not need to go. When it became final i wanted to discuss it with him. POOF... the same story than before. He vanished. To make a long story short, i had to give my answer to head office. Decided to take the job, as it seems i was fighting a losing battle. After this he was visiting my profile on the site on a regular basis, until i closed it down. It's already five months later and i simply cannot stop thinking about him. Memories haunting me day and night. Remember how many times he used to tell me he is not playing games. Remembering he told me with others he always tell them it's not working when he wants to break up. Why not with me..?

    I never had a lot of boyfriends or relationships. I'm not the kind that runs from man to man. Now that i feel i have found the man of my dreams it seems if i have lost him even before i got him.

    Please if you could give me any information on. His DOB 3 July 1962. My DOB 4 May 1962.

    Thank you in advance for reading my story.

  • It is not by accident the men you are attracted to. There is a shadow side to you that chooses men who are really not available--for whatever the reason. You are not seeing how intimacy scares you. Your heart longs to love yet you have other feelings and fears that come with it. There is a great wound you are still nursing as well as who you are by nature--getting close is hard for you. The emotions make you afraid of losing control. You will not like this advice but to heal first means dating yourself for awhile long enough to heal all childhood trauma and to get to know yourself in a loving but honest way. You will continue to sabotage love by attracting unavailable men untill you do. They distract you from your life. You put your energy into thoughts that have no constructive use when you obsess about them. Spirit says you must learn to live in the moment with yourself---detachment is your issue--it manifests in your relationship with YOURSELF as well as others. Pray for healing and ask your guardian angel to bring the info and helpers you need to help you with this journy to heal. Once you truely love to be alone in your own thoughts without osessing about loss you will attract a man who will not disapear. Blessings

  • Sorry to intrude but Blmoon can I ask you to look at a thread in the psychic forum about a Stalker.

    I am concerned and perhaps you too can shed some light on the matter. It's not for me but the topic caught my attention. Thread belongs to Ms.Indie

    Thanks in advance,


  • Blmoon i appreciates your time, but i do not agree that i am attracting men that's emotionally unavailable. I have been married for 17 years. It was only the last three or so years that things started to go downhill. At first it was p0rnsites, then g@y sites... thereafter he experimented. Before we got married i left him after we dated for two years. He was the one came begging for another chance..... This cancer guy was the only one treated me like this. Yes, i may have faults too but i do not believe that everything is my fault

  • Sorry you misunderstood--I did not say all was your fault. I do not wish you to think badly about yourself at all. If you can not hear the healing message in my response please do ignore. I'm sorry you did not hear what you wanted to hear. Perhaps you'll get a better answer from someone else. Blessings.

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