Scorpio male HELP!!!!!! PLEASE!!!

  • Thank u Leoscorpion. I will be lookn for my reading.. We he contacted me on friday nite at 12:30 and asked me if I wud come to Tommys (bar) to go dancing and I waasnt dressed to go dancing.. cuz by the time I do the bar wud be closed...I told him I cudnt and he said Im sry 4 bugn u..which pissed me off cuz his mood was like a poor me pitty mood after he said that to me...I told him if u wud of asked earlier then I wud have come down there and danced with you..then again im sry 4 bugn u and I wont do it any more...which pissedd me off agin.. I told him if u need to talk then come by my place.(which was across the town down the road from the bar he was at...) he said no im just gona go get some thing to eat and go home...(he lived way out in the country) I told him no come to my place cuz he was drunk and I didnt want him to kill himself or someone else...well after arguing with him for 10 mins he finally agreed with me...He showed up at 2am and when he came in the kissed me grabed my but and held my hand...then he went to the couch to eat..after he ate..I saw or heard (snoring) him falln asleep I told him to go lye down cuz he was snoring and he said no I wasnt, but after arguing again with him (boy hes stubborn * so am I ) he finally agreed and went in to lye down in and in 3 mins he was out I had to take his boots pants off to get him comfortable geez guys there a pain in any ones ASS!!!!..well when he woke up in the morning he cudnt remember some of the stuff he was doing..he asked if we done any thing..(yeah right!!) I told him no ! u passed out on me..which he didnt say sry to me..he goes oh . well I still have feeln for him but im kind of backn off too cuz of his pity and drama additued..but my gut is telln me to stay there 4 him too as a I told him I still have feeln 4 u but as a friend also and if he ever need me just call but only as friends and I told him that im gona give him his space (which I was giving already) and he said yeah cuz im gona need it for along time..and I dontt know when its gona be over..(watever geez either chit and get off the pot , cowboy up or suck it up and get over it dude) They only been together for 3 I said ok....and he left.. well no txt yet from him and will c how long its gona be b4 he txt me cuz im not bothern him.. Well the friend that got screwed by the same girl told me that hes tired of his pitty additued too and hes not gona hang with him...My friend was with her for 8 mos b4 she left him for R...and my friend is a scorpio also...he told me that he thinks that R likes me stil but is gona keep me on the back burner untell he figures out wat he wants...go figures im always thew back burner well by the time he figures out his life it mayb to late for him and thats his problem then cuz he had a chance to grab me at the beganning and he dropped im just gona let him go and c if we are ment to b if not O'well...Im dating another guy off and on which we both dont have any thing in common at all..(hes in to politics) and I sure in the hell NOT!!!) he dont like country music or any thing that involves with the country life style but hes such a swty and very passionate more the R was...and hes a I dont know wat to do either see where it goes with Leo or see where it goes with scorpio Help!!! oh I got a Sag guy to which is a good friend also...I just need help b4 i go crazier then I am

  • ZENDI,

    44 is a grown man, noway....he needs to lose you unfortunately, to see your value, i'm sorry. mine is only 29 so i gave him the benefit of the doubt, and even he knew AT THAT YOUNG age what he was losing , it took some time and patience on my part, and some great growth, and self love as i lost myself oh so many sad times, in desperation to hold on to him, he always comes back, After 5 years, he changed for me, we were exclusive, it is me who must pass the test now, to set boundaries, but it has only made me a very very strong womAn and if anything i know what i DO NOT WANT, AND WILL NOT TOLERATE, i had to show him this behavior was not acceptable and he would lose me, he chose not to. i had to show him in the beginning, but pulling back, it was worth it for me, we live and learn, someone out there would love to love you, and it will not be so heart wrenching...Love is not that know in your gut gurl, you've already said it.......felt it.........But just pull back if you never have, we have to try something different, it may turn out in your favor, if he really loves you, or it may not........For love it's the chance we have to take.....Ya know what i know, ? they're is only one me, one you, you are special, nobody else can be like you, your self-worth is invaluable, believe it......not one of us is alike....He cannot replace you!


  • You are very smart! You are absolutely right, and i don't even know you. So thank you for being so real, so correct and unconditionally supportive. I really appreciate it!!!!!!!!!


  • Anytime my friend, wow i got goosebumps because i hav been there and someone once told me that, changed my entire thought process. We must share these life lessons with others, i believe it is truly why we are all connected, to help one another.



  • stranger, tularegirl, hauj

    have a bit of family problem this week

    will reply to you as soon as I can OK?

  • hey leo scorpion,

    hope everything ok for you and your family. thankyou for being so supportive here.


  • Leo Scorpionn

    I hope that things are ok with u and ur family. thanks for being there 4 me and im not in a hurry family is more take ur time k..hgs 2 ya

  • Hey all!

    Lisa Scorpio married to a Scorpio man.

    Walt is egocentric max! Guess I may be too!

    It's hard being Scorpio, for me anyhow. Lol

    IMO, ya gotta like it rough!!!!!

    Peace out Sistah!

    Love Lisa



  • leoscorpion, thanx for being so considerate. No worries, I'll still be here. Hope all goes well.

  • Tularegirl

    From what I can see,

    Between 2010 to mid 2011 is actually a good period for you to find happiness. You will probably have quite a few choices in terms of men that you will have to be careful and selective about. Your mom, or a female in the family, may introduce you to one. Or you will find this person at work or work related event. If you are self employed, you will meet him in a business related event.

    After mid 2011, another good period is 2014 and 2015. But these two periods is more about your inner development, not much about relationship, although inner development of course can lead to the right path. Because change starts from within. This is as far as I can see about your cycle.

    Just remember, just because someone predicts it so, doesn’t mean you can’t change your destiny. You determine your own destiny.

    You have a great nurturing ability, this is another factor that causes you to attract those who need nurturing. These people are either lost, burdened, simply indecisive (go back and forth), deeply hurt in the past and so on. Just remember to nurture your own needs while you are at it. This is very important because your home life and your purpose are very much affected by your ability to nurture others and yourself.

    For now, just enjoy the romantic opportunities available for you. The Sun transiting your 5th house until mid August. Just be careful don’t get serious too soon, just enjoy casual flirting and let your inner child come out to play until mid August. When the Sun transits your 7th house (mid October to early December) then it’s time to be serious. Really pay attention to your relationships by then and take the time to consider which person you want to take the relationship further with.

  • Hauj

    Thank you for understanding. I just needed time to get some things done on the work front and at the same time a family member hurt himself , but he will be OK I think. Anyway, Here is a quick look at your DOBs :

    Your Sun is in Leo but dominant sign in your chart is Virgo. You have quite an army of planets here showing a huge concentration of energy in this sign.

    Mercury is on the cusp Leo-Virgo. You may feel its energy in both ways or one at a time : you are outspoken, inspirational and grasp the big picture without getting bogged down on details, OR you consider tiny details when thinking things through, and once everything ‘makes sense’ then you just can’t bother changing your mind. Venus in Virgo gives you an analytical and calculative approach to love. You have a certain standard of the man that is ‘perfect’ for you, someone who is worth your love. The danger is, when you find this man, or you think you find this man, you will be over concerned over his well being. With the right man, this is a good thing, but with the wrong one, you will end up exhausted and manipulated. Uranus in Virgo helps you find ne ways to improve the way you work and take care of your health, but conjunct Pluto and the moon, you need to watch for the tendency to change forcefully. If something doesn’t work, then get rid of it gradually so that you can adapt with the new situation without dramatic changes. This includes old habits, old friends and old relationships that no longer serve their purposes.

    With Mars in Libra, you can dampen your aggression, but it doesn’t stop you fighting for a just cause. The thing is, you want what is just for everyone, and so you will pretty much help both sides. This may make people think you are switching sides and can’t be trusted because they don’t know whose side you are on. You may have made mistakes in the past, defending those who don’t deserve your time and energy.

    Moon in Virgo, you might have a perfectionist mother or a prominent female in your life that never stops criticizing you, making you feel guilty over small things. Don’t let guilt overwhelm you. When you make a mistake, all you need to do is make amends and fix it the best you can. Saturn in Pisces teaches you to let go of what you can not control, and have fun with your creative imaginative side. Just watch for being too sloppy and careless, because the wounded healer conjunct Saturn, means you need to be careful (health wise) as you let your imagination takes you to new places, new relationships, new people. Watch not to believe easily what you hear or see. Neptune in Scorpio can bestow great illusion that leads you to lose money or unhealthy habit.

    Jupiter in Gemini, bestows abundance in the communication and information area of your life. If you care to develop skills in this area, you will achieve your north node in Gemini. It is showing you that your purpose in this life time Is to develop social and communication skills. You will gather information from many sources, analyze it and make informed decision pertaining your life direction. This ability will help you focus on what is real, not illusion or deceit. You will take the time to listen and think, before taking action.

    His moon conjunct Pluto, he can be quite temperamental although he keeps most things to himself. Uranus in Leo may make him interested in unusual type of romance. He probably doesn’t mind being in relationship, but he will also need variety and probably his freedom as if he is single. Creativity gets a big boost here, because Uranus will keep him looking for new ways, unique and unexplored. Mercury in Sag, he can be too idealistic that he tends to be impractical. This is where you can help him, show him more of reality and practicality. Just allow him to say his piece of mind, but remind him about reality and practicality or else he will complicate things that are actually not that complicated, and then it will be harder to get his points across. This is what Saturn in Sag is trying to teach him. Mars in Taurus has his energy grounded. It will take him longer to ‘move’ and ‘act’ than if Mars is somewhere else, but once he moves, he doesn’t stop. This is good because taking action too fast is not a wise thing to do. But on the other hand, if he takes too much time being passive, he will lose opportunity, including opportunity for a great relationship. So he needs to learn balance, this is his purpose in this life time : north node in Libra, and he also needs to learn the meaning of relationship, to be able to rely on someone and be relied upon.

    His Moon also in Virgo, he may have become a perfectionist due to his upbringing situation or close ties with a certain female who is perfectionist. He needs to know that not all women take life too seriously and he can still

    find happiness and success in life without being alone. In the right relationship, where he accepts the other person as who she is and she accepts him as who he is, both can actually grow and achieve happiness together.

    His Sun is in Scorpio. It is also dominant sign in his chart. He has 4 planets here, what a concentration. In a way, having Jupiter here is good in terms of income in any form, but since it conjuncts Neptune and Venus, he has to be careful of taking risk without calculating all odds. Neptune’s illusion can blur his view in many areas, including relationship or even a simple friendship. He may have been deceived in the past by those he trusted as friends, colleagues or lovers. He loves to the extreme, and hates the same way. Another reason to learn about balance, other wise he will suffer from extreme jealousy and possessiveness.

    Hope this helps.

  • stranger

    I am sure there are faithful scorpio men

    but like everything else in life, it takes time to find rare gems

    I hope you will find this person that you deserve and deserves you, scorpion or not

  • Leoscorpio

    Thank u for answering me back and i hope ur family problems are ok.I am gonna take it slow right now...Im talking to a picese from .which I am very interested in due to we both have alot in common I love Art and so does he, but some how he has to be living in another state thats is so far away like always..:( and another guy from llinois but we are jst friends dont have any interest in him for relationship type wise only friendship...At first it was ok nice casual talk and now its all about him being Horny all the time lol and its getn real old..jez is that all guys think So what is my 5th & 7th house mean...and where I work at is outdoors helping kids cross the street I dont think im gona find a man doing that unless I have one that my type and interest run me If he does then he better be my dream man cuz theres none that Im interested here in Tulare especially the type I like..if there was I wudnt be complaining on finding him in Can u tell me wat type of man will come into my life.Like wats his interest etc and then I can look 4 it...Is he going to be in my town,state or in another state when its time for me to meet him...and which zodiac sign will he be cuz I have been getn alot of Scorpios, Sag contacting me and afew of there other signs...To tell u the truth I really dont know wat to look 4 any more..All im getn are mixed signals from all the guys im meetn and its draining me..One min they act like they want to get to know me and then the next they distance themseves from me like the piceses is doing to me right now...he said that hes interested in me and acts like his interested in me asking for my number and telln me hes gona call and he seems like .the ones that I want to call or txt me dont and the ones I dont I have another one in Texas who contact me first said that hes interested and we talked for awhile then now hes flaking out also jez what is wrong with all these guys are they all players..Can u tell me if my finences is going to get better for me too..I jst think that my whole life is all screwed up ever since I was 18.. I dont know wat to do any more .I feel like giving up..I just need a sign if its gona be getn any better...or not...Im beganning to hate life and was wondering why in the HELL am I on this god forsaken earth any way wat to get punished and played on..if thats the answer then i dont want any of it...I am jst so tired and drained from all my ups & downs that Im going through and fightn ever day...I just want to be happy and to find love jst like everyone else I know son is going through that same thing as i am...hes puzzles about a good friend of his for 8 yrs if she wants to be with him or not..shes a Scorp..and giving him mix signals well thats for listening to me whine about my problems..I just hope that my life will change for the better soon...Hugs 2 ys Leoscorp..

  • leoscorpion, thanks for a great insight. I will need to digest / contemplate the info. Its interesting what you mentioned about my social / communication skills. I find it so true since I believe communication takes energy & needs a lot of work and so does socializing!! Ironically, my job is a communication director & I'm quite a sociable person though I do not initiate socialization. I have only recently recognized this & decided to do something about it.

    What you said about his need to learn about the meaning of relationship & his illusions about things and people is so very true. For the longest time I couldnt tell if we're in a relationship or not & I learned to stop worrying about it, cause it could change any time & back again. Of course in his head not mine. Also, I've never liked most of his circle of friends, particularly the new ones, and he keeps making new friends all the time. And yes, it does take him long to move. He tought me patience!!

    I hope your family situation is not serious & that he gets well soon. I truly appreciate your time & effort to respond back to me. Wishing you all the best.

  • Tulare

    5th house is house of romance and creativity. 7th house is house relationship, open friends and enemies. What I posted is all I can see for now, nothing about finances yet.

    But like I said, you determine your own destiny. Just stay positive and keep working on your goals in life. Your son I hope he will do the same.


    you are welcome and hope for the best for you too.

    my brother died last night. I had lost my faher 10 yrs ago, and a very good friend in my youth, so now I am stronger to face another death of loved one. My brother had been sick for 20 yrs, now he is free of it. I will set up a memorial for him and those who had passed away.

  • Thank U I will...Im just gona date and mayb one of them will be him...

  • leoscorpion,

    my condolences to you for the death of your brother. the memorial is a beautiful thing to do. he had a very loving sister.

  • stranger

    thanks. I hardly knew him, there was big age difference and he was already sick when I was a teenager. but now he is free, after 20 yrs of sickness. The body and mind can only hold so long, indeed, the physical is only temporary plane.

    I hope everyone have a good week. gotta go now. work tomorrow. no more tears. the farewell party is over.

  • Well Leoscorpion,

    I took ur advise on slowing down and just dating well I got 3 dates to go on this week..But its all gona be just friendship date...Im not gona put my hopes up again and just have fun dating and when its time for my soul mate to come in to my life then my heart will let me know for sure, but right now all I can feel is friendship with the guys im talkn to and dating...Thanks again for your advise...God Bless U my friend & hugs

  • Tulare

    It may not suit your situation but the coming age of aquarius favors friendship and breaking boundaries. Start with friendship, this way you give your self time to know these men more, and they to know you. If you 'go in' too fast, you risk another heartbreak or another betrayal, simply because you don't know them well and they don't know you.

    Aquarius doesn't bend on the set and known rules in the society. You will define your own boundary, and the man you relate with, will define his. Only when each of you accepts each other's boundary, then friendship can go further and relationship can last.

    Don't worry, you are doing yourself a favor by taking your time. Take care.

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