Scorpio male HELP!!!!!! PLEASE!!!

  • So I met my scorpio man about 8 months ago and we dated till this april. I am a aquarian female and as many other stories I have read this is not a good match. BUT I have also read stories where it did work. So we have had our disagreements but are overall relationship seemed like we were real happy. Till one day he called and ended things out of the blue with no warning at all. He told me he needed space because he has some personal things going on right now and he doesn't feel its fair for him to string me along when he is confused. He told me he hadn't been thinking about this no more than 2 days so it wasn't like it has been on his mind for weeks. Atleast thats what he says. Ok so im confused because the past weekes before our breakup he had been telling me how happy he was with me and he was falling for me and im a great girl. One night when he had one too many drinks he told me he loved me and he was scared to tell me because of what I might say back.. he was meaning I might not say it back and he didnt want to be rejected. This is the first he has ever done this too and i've seen him drunk many times. Of course he didnt remember in the morning but I didnt want to bring it up. I wasnt ready for that word yet and I rather him say it when he was sober. So that really confuses me... I dont get why he would tell me all that and still be sleeping with me and inviting me to family and friend events if he was just going to break it off out of the blue.

    Now im not one to chase a guy who doesnt want to love me anymore especially if it was that easy to cut me loose in his life. So the first month of breaking up we talked on and off and he would tell me he missed me and misses me being around but he still needs space. He even told me this was probably the worst mistake he may have made and he probablly lost the "great girl" every man dreams of. Once I replied back (not chasing him or screaming I missed him too) he than started acting like he didnt care anymore or he was just being nice. I can never tell when he is being real with his feeling, being fake or just covering them up. It was starting to get to hard to talk to him because I miss him so much. Yea we had our differences but we had a very strong connection and I know he felt it too. So I decided to have no more contact with him. I dont have facebook or myspace or twitter so the only way to get ahold of me or keep tabs on me is threw email or phone. But its like once I give him his space and fully disconnect he will still email me asking how im doing or that he will talk to me later and he keeps using my full name when ever he writes to me. I used to write him back but I decided no more. Its been a week since we talked and he hit me up yesterday asking how I was and I still havent replied back.

    I care about him and miss him so much. I want it to work but im not going to chase someone who is playing games or using me till he finds somethin better. I dont know how to read him or what to do with him. If he truly misses me or if hes just saying that. What should I do with my situation? Where do I go from here. I want things to work out but hes so wishy washy I dont know what to do?? Can anyone help me if you know or are a scorpio man or been threw this both ways. I dont understand why he needed space all of the sudden when he led it on like we were happy and than also why is he still trying to keep contact when he was the one who left me??? Ive told him many times I cant be friends with him right now so he kows that.


  • If you're going to go by horoscope, Scorpios like to play mind games. It's not something I'll admit to often but, yeah, as a Scorpio woman I like to dabble in manipulation a bit.

    Right now, he's playing you. Regardless of star-sign, you need to just let him go. Which means, deleting his emails once you receive them and definitely never responding to them again.

    It's a sense of empowerment when he knows that someone still has feelings for him while you can't move on with your life. You need to change the tables on him then. You need to start interpreting those connection-retaining letters as a selfish-boy's whining and be the mature female who won't accept "poops" from people, especially him.

    Pretty much everyone is attracted to a strong woman, and if you want him back you might just have to be strong, or maybe being strong will bring someone more worthy of your time into your life. But right now, he's playing games and you don't have to participate if YOU don't want to.

  • Hmm that right there sounds correct. I guess I have no choice but to move on and let it go. I am stronger than that. Hess just so damn confusing!

  • Hello xtine21: I am married to a Scorpio man and have been for 8 years now; I am an Aries! However, what I see, is he does care for you. Maybe even truly loves you. Unfortunately, he has a fear of settling down right now. He is NOT quite ready to give up his social life of going out with his friends, and I'm sorry to say dating. Most scorpio men love to flirt! He keeps coming back to you, because he keeps comparing every person he meets to you!!!

    The way I see it is you have two choices, 1) Either wait until he is done playing with his friends and give up the dating seen. 2) Decide as much as it hurts, you have to cut all ties, AND MEAN IT!!! Breaking up is one of the hardest things for females to do. WHY? Because we are emotional beings. Men are physical beings. That is how our creator designed us to be! Good Luck, and God Bless.


  • I can see something if you can provide DOBs

    it's going to be just general read, nothing specific

  • Sure thing.. my birthday 1/21/90 and his 11/9/1987...

    for me I would say I have more traits of a cap. than a full aqua.. like being shy or introvert..

    anything will help...?

  • a quick look to your DOBs

    your sun is in very early degree of Aquarius. but Capricorn is dominant in your chart. You have 6 planets sitting on this sign, and 3 of them form a stellium. this is a high concentration, no wonder you feel that you are more of Cap than Aqua. Old man Saturn is also in Cap, he is at home here. What you perceive as shy or introvert is more of Saturn influence of restriction. You feel safe and secure when you have control over your immediate surrounding. Doesn't make you a control freak, but you do not feel safe if someone close, or something of importance, is unpredictable. Capricorn is an earth sign, having so much concentration there, gives you a steady grounding stand, practicality and many more Cap traits.

    He, on the other hand, is a Scorpio with both Scorpio and Sagitarius dominant in his chart. Pluto is in Scorpio, he is at home here. Both of you have this placement. it gives double intensity and increases intuitiveness/receptivity. but more so in his case than yours, because his conjunct his Sun.

    He places too much importance on partnership, he needs to embrace Aries north node, to be more independent and possess control over life direction with his own hands. By being too dependant on partnership, he is forever looking for an ideal lover, because he thinks he can't go well in life without an ideal lover. There is no such a thing as ideal lover, and the only one that has control over his life direction is himself. Until he realizes this, he will keep going back and forth. Today he is sure you are the ideal lover and he is ready to settle down with you, tomorrow he fears what if you leave him, his life will fall apart. and so on. Uranus conjunct Saturn also gives him the 'back and forth' dilemma, since one likes new and unusual, the unknown (things and people) and the other feels safe with the known (things and people).

    He has problem with communicating. Either he talks too much it gets out of tangent, or he keeps to himself too much that when the time comes to say the right words, he just can't say it. maybe something happened in his childhood.or some sort of health problem causing him to be this way. with Mars conjunct Mercury it's important for him to pay attention to his words, because he may come on too strong and hurt people unintentionally.

    To a practical mind, he can be a tough riddle to solve. I think you are doing the right thing. Let him sort it out and when he does, he will come out sooner or later. Not all Scorpios has Pluto dominant in their charts, but the one that has, is like having constant struggle behind the scene. Forcing him to come out with it, or simply asking him to, may not bring good result. So just let him be, when he is ready, he will come out.

  • " Forcing him to come out with it, or simply asking him to, may not bring good result. So just let him be, when he is ready, he will come out. "

    One last question.. I think I messed up.. he was confusing me so much (b/c he wanted space but he kept contacting me giving me hope and than be cold again.. I was hurting) so I asked him where I stand with him or what he wants from me.. In all my last messages I was real caring but with this one.. I was a bit hurt and sad so it was straight to the the point.. letting him be isnt the hard part its just when he kept contacting me my heart would keep breaking.. well he hasnt written me back and now im worried I may have pushed him away for good... Deep down I dont feel thats the case but I do feel like he may be mad enough to leave me alone for awhile.. it was said scorps do that when they cant have thier way... ? Since than I havent bugged him, wrote him, or anything from my last message... I hope he knows I still care it just hurts..

    do you think I made a huge mistake and messed everything up or with him being a "back and forth" person will he come around again?

  • "it was said scorps do that when they cant have thier way"

    There is nothing simple or practical about Pluto. It is as powerful and aggressive as Mars. But while Mars is loud and dynamic, Pluto keeps it quiet inside and observing. Pluto is about mystery and power. It is attracted to the essence of things.

    For example: He knows you love him, and he knows you know he loves you. But will you still love him, when he is going through rough times? because that is the essence of love, isn't it?

    It may sound strange to you, but. Pluto does this to everyone. Only the person who has it dominant in his chart, will feel the most pull to the depth. Having Pluto in Scorpio, doesn't mean you will feel the same intensity he feels because it is not dominant in your chart.

    What happens after Pluto gets to the bottom of things, that's what separates manipulative Scorpios from the rest. If they want to have their way, they will use you. If they truly want the best for both of you, then they will not manipulate you, they will actually make the necessary sacrifice. Thing is, they can't do any of these, until they know the real you. Think about it. How can somene manipulate you, if they don't know who you are and what you are good at? How can someone make the necessary sacrifice, if they don't know what makes you happy and whether this sacrifice will make you happy?

    There are manipulative people of every sign and believe it or not, in my case, there is only one deceitful Scorp in my entire life. Arguments, competitions, of course I had many. But nothing manipulative, simply upfront clash of opinions.

    About you messing up, don't worry. He's quiet because your question reminds him that he also needs the time to explore his feelings for you. Is it "love" or is it Love? Who are you to him and how has he been to you? What REALLY has developed, in the last 8 months between you and him ? Will it last, or does it even have the chance to last ?

    Even if your question hurts him, it is not something he can't handle and it is necessary to be asked. He can't just observe you, he has to also observe himself. He has to 'die' to regenerate, make a new start. We all learn the hard way sometimes, this time it's his turn. I don't know how long it will take him to explore his feelings for you, and I don't know whether he will choose to stay in the relationship or end it, but I am sure he will contact you sooner or later. Then you will know where you stand. Hope this helps.

  • Thank you so much.. you really have helped and eased my stress a bit. I will let time do its thing and give him the space he needs from now on.. I had a reading sone not to long ago and they actually said the samething and that they didnt fee it was over between us. Ithink only becase he wasnt leaving me because of something I did.. more just for his own problems at hand. They told me the same thing.. do my thing and live till he eventually comes back around. I hope they are right. I hope he does. But till than I can always workon me and improving myself.

    Thanks so much on my eading. I ALWAYS thought I had more cap. traits than aqua. I would read stuff about aquarian people and be like what? Thats not me.. and than saw what they said about capicorns and I was relating WAY more. Even when I read the compatibility between aqua and scorps it didnt sound like our relationship at all. But the compatibillity with caps and scorps hit home way more. I do have some aqua traits tho lol but thank you so much. I will keep you updated if anything changes or happens.

  • sorry for all the misspells.. my comp. keeps messing up!

  • You're welcome

    "But till than I can always workon me and improving myself."

    Exactly. He will come around, I have mentioned issues coming from his natal chart. If he has issues with other people and life experiences, now that's additional problem for him to sort out. So letting him be, will pretty much free you from expectations and allows you to focus on yourself while letting him deal with his problems.

    "Thanks so much on my eading. I ALWAYS thought I had more cap. traits than aqua. I would read stuff about aquarian people and be like what? Thats not me.. and than saw what they said about capicorns and I was relating WAY more. Even when I read the compatibility between aqua and scorps it didnt sound like our relationship at all. But the compatibillity with caps and scorps hit home way more. I do have some aqua traits tho lol "

    Your Sun and north node is Aqua. This means you are an Aquarian inside, and your purpose in this life time to embrace an Aquarian path. All you have to do, basically, is return to YOU.

    With 6 among 10 planets sitting in Cap, I can imagine this is not going to be easy. You certainly have a lot of 'letting go of control' and learn to feel comfortable with new unusual and unpredictable people or things. Read Aquarian traits (not horoscopes) and go from there. Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, is about breaking the old patterns and bringing the new in. You should feel the influence of age of aquarius now. just take it in and enjoy your new found freedom. Charles Darwin was an Aqua. Who would've admitted our ancestors were monkeys. I thought it was fun -- might even have a pet monkey myself ! at least I don't feel that far away from my ancestor 🙂

    About horoscopes, yep. either you read the dominant sign before your sun sign. or you read your rising sign before your sun sign. try it out, see which one works for you. Good luck and hope he will come out of the closet soon, not letting you waiting too long 🙂

  • "Exactly. He will come around, I have mentioned issues coming from his natal chart. If he has issues with other people and life experiences, now that's additional problem for him to sort out. So letting him be, will pretty much free you from expectations and allows you to focus on yourself while letting him deal with his problems"

    Thats funny you did see that (well not real funny lol) but he actually does. Hes never told me.. I can tell he has a rejection problem. A lot of girlfriends that he has been in love with have rejected him leaving him pretty hurt... he continues to talk to his one ex (not much of a fan of her) but she all the sudden one day decided to stop dating him. No warning.. nothing. Than 3 weeks later she had a new guy. Than there was another ex of his who left him for another guy.. his first love and she is still with that guy today.. just had a baby actually. Theres a few more stories like that with him..

    the only other time he really opened up to me was about his father.. how he never feels good enough in his eyes.. so he strives to make him proud. When he would open up to me I could tell whatever he was saying hurt him.

    That boy has done a lot of opening up to me.. I dont know how often hes done it with others. He's even cried over the phone when something had happen to him with me. Told me he loved me when he was drunk but said he was scared to say something because of what I may say. Thats why I hope he meant everything hes told me after we broke up. I hope he wasnt saying all that just to be "nice".. I dont want to get to involved in my reading cause the lady told me he will be back just not anytime soon within this summer. She said he still has feelings and I have more control than I think, I just need to let go for now. Like you read above.. I do have hard time of letting things go lol.

    Have you ever had a psychic reading done? The lady who read me was good at Claircognizance, Clairsentience, and good with cards.

  • I know a medium, also my spiritual teacher actually.

    my main interest is spirituality

    astrology is just something I learned on the side, mainly of curiosity

    it can explain some things although not everything

    it does help me understand my purpose and cosmic influence on my life and personality

    I am a Leo, but Pluto is dominant in my chart

    this is why I understand Plutonian energy that is going on with him

    only after I embrace Plutonian lesson, that my journey is a lot smoother

  • I can understand that.. Well you have helped a lot. I have been takin each day at a time... Hard one but getting stronger : )

  • scorpios are very secretive. they will never tel u wats going on in their mind.

    i personally hate them for their bad temper n dominating nature

  • hope for the best xtine

  • Wow I am a scorpion woman with an aquarian man and this relationship was the craziest ive ever had. He could just turn me off like a light switch! No warning at all. I have a brother who is a scorp and my 17 yr old son so i definately know about scorps. U should give him the space he needs, however, keep yourself visible and attractive! Act as if!! If you act like your ok and respect his wishes ( when actually its making you crazy) but never the less thescorpion man and woman LOVE A CHALLENGE! If they feel like your over crowding them, they will back off. But we are loyal and very loving (aside from our possessive demeanor ) so when he feels like your backing off? Well lets just say, let the games begin. Not "GAMES" but that will definately get his attention. My brother, a true blue scorp like myself finally found the woman for him. Shes an Irish girl that doesnt take his crap and he loves it!! Says she reminded him of me. Fiesty and no nonsense, but extremely loving. Give him space, but not too much and make yourself sexy and simple. Good luck

  • We arent all secretive and we are the best friend and lover you would ever find! However, if you betray a scorpion, then SHAME ON YOU!! We are extremely loyal and compassionate. And yes I get mad like everyone else, but the only thing is is that it takes someone to do a hurtful thing and I will kick their ass!! Enough said.

  • Leoscorpian or mimilaroo help!

    So last thursday night I wrote my scorp and told him finally how much he meant to me and pointed out my faults and admited to them on what may of broke us up. Now I thought he would ignore me or write me another message on how he still needs his space but instead he wrote me a very long message on how much hes missed me and the old us and wants to work things out if I would like to. He said that having me gone has showed him how much i've balanced him. (Hes never opened up this much to me) He told me basically everytime hes out he hopes he runs into me to see me or when hes out he compares every girl to me and doesnt want to even talk to them cause hell get let down they are not me. He told me he didnt know why he broke up with me.. said he thought he needed space but realised he could work on him while having me around. 3 times he said he wanted to work on things sometime only if I wanted to. I didnt go over the top on replying him back but I told him I felt the same and I would work on things with him because I 2 miss us. He replied saying that makes him happy and hes smiling.

    So basically sat, sun, mon and TUESDAY i've always had to be the one to hit him up. He'll talk to me and ask a lot of questions and bring up old memories of us but hes being super friendly. Finally on tuesday I decided I wouldnt call or text him and wait for him to do it and I got nothing. So I text him asking what was up.. he replied saying sorry ive been busy and doesnt know what to tell me but hes sure things will get better. In his last miss u email he told me he wanted to see me.. since than he hasnt mentioned anything but I'll let you know. Hes real nice to me and friendly.. it seems like he does want to talk cause he'll continue writing back and asking questions about me and my current life. Last time we talked on the phone was the day he broke up with me and I was crying. He only texts me.. he hasnt tried calling.

    Am I being played? Did I miss something here? How can he say all this stuff about needing me and missing me to than act all distant and weird? We both had faults in our break up and we both agreeded to work on them TOGETHER.. that hasnt happened yet.. why not!? Im hurting because I feel stupid..

    a guy friend told me he may be taken back by his emotions for me so hes being distant to get them back in check.. I guess scorps do this? When they know they could really fall for someone???

    Do I just give him space and do my own thing till hes clear AGAIN?

    Or do I take the fact that I was played with and move on?

    any advice would help!

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