Help my life seem to be in limbo

  • Hi,

    Can someone please help me, at work I am manager but get shut out of decision making and the going on in the company, I am getting wierd vibe about it.. Also I am traveling soon and was really excited about it but now I am feeling low. I am a Gemini birthday in 6 days 5/24/76,, Aries moon and gemini ascendant.

  • Geminirules, I feel there is some sort of a communication barrier between you and your work colleagues - either cultural, personal or physical - that makes them feel they cannot talk to you because you would not understand them. They find you efficient but a bit unapproachable. Can you make more attempts to be friendly and really talk to them, listening carefully to what they say? I feel you tend to worry too much and this may come across as uptight or superior or hard.

  • Thanks Captian,

    I try to do all that, its i am the only one in my position and my supervisor and manager seem to want to run away when I try to talk to them, with my staff I am very approachable if not too, I am always interacting with them. I know that there is a major change coming to the unit I manage, because the don't seem to ask how are things going, they know that my team do do their work. My supervisor and manager keep promising to find something more chalenging for me to do but they don't. I am a mba in a associate level position and other than me managing my staff the responsibilities that I was promised when hired me has all but disappeared. They did not do my evaluation but as me to do one for my staff. Everything feels bizare.

  • You need to find someone who will be honest with you about what they see is happening in the company and with you. Get another perspective from a trusted employee, not another supervisor.

  • Thanks Captain!

    I am also job hunting. I do have a trusted source, change is coming, my staff will be offered work since the have other unit doing the same thing, I was told this two years ago. I hope they keep their promise of finding something for me, or I get a position elsewhere soon, I feel the long it takes the sooner my degree becomes deemed invaluable..

    But, on a good note I am heading to UK today, sightseeing and visiting relatives.

    thanks again Captian.

  • 'Hello" Geminirules" i feel that the real issue here is maybe you are feeling disappointed that you didn't get or are not where they promised you to be.

    i dont think you are afraid to take another position somewhere else as i m sure you got the capacity to get something

    it maybe you are hiding your real desire here and your real desire was to go where you should be in first place , where they promised to you when you first join

    try to identify what is hidden underneath

    if they promised something to you, it;s normal that you may feel disappointed and angry that this is not happening and plus you may feel it;s time to move on

    and maybe it is

    you know where you should be make it happen

  • Thanks star2u... I want to leave, the only reason I am still there is because I cannot afford to quit. I dont even what to seek out another position there, the place is too toxic for me and staying will mess me up.. I am just praying that I get a job interview and offer soon.

  • Hello" Geminirules" you need to trust in your ability more, if you are not happy then focus on what other things you can do, like you know life is not only stuck in one option

    The best time to look for a job is when you have one, turn in your advantage it's not too for you to force yourself to do things apart of you dont want to do

    you have a lot potential just remember where they lay

  • real positibility start when you design them in your mind, in this issue here there is a call for opportunity look where they are, it's not for nothing that you are where you are

    it most be because you get the skills to be there

  • and by the way "Geminirules" pray is nice but a man need to act in his reality in order to guide his path. i dont know you but i feel you got more in you then laying low

    we have only one life to be happy and no one care to make us happy then ourself

    God, help those that guide him in what they need, dont feel stressed out this is a great time to look around, it;s existing

    stay there until you find something new but dont go out there with a desperate mind but with mind full of possibility

  • let me correct that, 'Praying is nice but a man need to act in his reality in order for God to guide his path"

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