Dazed and confussed

  • I need guidence on a matter.....if anyone can help me i would be greatly appericative......I have been talk to this guy for alil over amonth and i like him, but he is in russia.......he tells me toda that he wants to come to usa to be with me.......what should i do?

  • Hello Honey,

    Internet Dating ?If So Logically, I dont feel after meeting someone

    over the internet after a month is such a good idea, no matter

    how long the convo's just to be on the safe side you know ?

    unless, for example he had plans on coming to the usa, to visit

    or for family and invited you then maybe a day to the movies or coffe

    or ect, But him just coming particulary for you ? I think more time is indeed

    needed. I would then have to speculate how often does he meet

    over the internet, really consider more options as far as time.

    many blessings, best of luck. -hugs-

  • May I suggest Skypeing each other and getting a better feel for one another before you do anything BIG.

    Cheers Pfree

  • It's a common scam through the internet dating scene. If he doesn't ask you to buy his plane ticket, he will call from somewhere in between and say his wallet has been stolen, you need to wire money, etc. - or - it could be someone wanting to immigrate. I believe that if someone comes here and get's married, it's much easier to get to stay than going through the proper channels. I would be extremely cautious with this guy.

  • Thank you for your help.....

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