Scorpio male HELP!!!!!! PLEASE!!!

  • So I met my scorpio man about 8 months ago and we dated till this april. I am a aquarian female and as many other stories I have read this is not a good match. BUT I have also read stories where it did work. So we have had our disagreements but are overall relationship seemed like we were real happy. Till one day he called and ended things out of the blue with no warning at all. He told me he needed space because he has some personal things going on right now and he doesn't feel its fair for him to string me along when he is confused. He told me he hadn't been thinking about this no more than 2 days so it wasn't like it has been on his mind for weeks. Atleast thats what he says. Ok so im confused because the past weekes before our breakup he had been telling me how happy he was with me and he was falling for me and im a great girl. One night when he had one too many drinks he told me he loved me and he was scared to tell me because of what I might say back.. he was meaning I might not say it back and he didnt want to be rejected. This is the first he has ever done this too and i've seen him drunk many times. Of course he didnt remember in the morning but I didnt want to bring it up. I wasnt ready for that word yet and I rather him say it when he was sober. So that really confuses me... I dont get why he would tell me all that and still be sleeping with me and inviting me to family and friend events if he was just going to break it off out of the blue.

    Now im not one to chase a guy who doesnt want to love me anymore especially if it was that easy to cut me loose in his life. So the first month of breaking up we talked on and off and he would tell me he missed me and misses me being around but he still needs space. He even told me this was probably the worst mistake he may have made and he probablly lost the "great girl" every man dreams of. Once I replied back (not chasing him or screaming I missed him too) he than started acting like he didnt care anymore or he was just being nice. I can never tell when he is being real with his feeling, being fake or just covering them up. It was starting to get to hard to talk to him because I miss him so much. Yea we had our differences but we had a very strong connection and I know he felt it too. So I decided to have no more contact with him. I dont have facebook or myspace or twitter so the only way to get ahold of me or keep tabs on me is threw email or phone. But its like once I give him his space and fully disconnect he will still email me asking how im doing or that he will talk to me later and he keeps using my full name when ever he writes to me. I used to write him back but I decided no more. Its been a week since we talked and he hit me up yesterday asking how I was and I still havent replied back.

    I care about him and miss him so much. I want it to work but im not going to chase someone who is playing games or using me till he finds somethin better. I dont know how to read him or what to do with him. If he truly misses me or if hes just saying that. What should I do with my situation? Where do I go from here. I want things to work out but hes so wishy washy I dont know what to do?? Can anyone help me if you know or are a scorpio man or been threw this both ways. I dont understand why he needed space all of the sudden when he led it on like we were happy and than also why is he still trying to keep contact when he was the one who left me??? Ive told him many times I cant be friends with him right now so he kows that.


  • If I may be so horrible to ask you.... would you mind if I cut and paste your story on the aclas2 post... it just will make it easier to read... and honestly... they have pulled me through a scorp horror show...

  • Oh, but still keep your thread up it's just hard to keep flipping...Im on a "loner" lap top


  • Hi, I posted to you on ASCAC part 2... I'm sorry this computer is sooooooo slow. If you want I'll cut and paste and put it back here but I couldnt deal with all the slow cutting and pasting. I live to paste and cut (just kidding) 😉

    Sorry, I hope you're not too mad.

  • again I spelled my own post wrong! I am such a dork sometimes ..lmao!..

    ASCLAC part 2


  • sorry it took long but yea post it wherever I dont mind lol I just need help!!!

  • ill try to find it now if not ill let you know and you can post it on here lol

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