What happened to the Karma readings by Natapier?

  • Hi BrianTristan! YAY- you aren't leaving!!! Such a relief! I have been searching the worldww for your name. I found a Spanish Brian Tristan- but not our Brian Tristan. 🙂

    Thank you for putting all of that in perspective. The negativity makes me nervous. When I found this forum, the community made a strong impression on me. A very positive one. I can't believe that in just a few weeks, things have radically changed. I am not going to let anyone run my party!!

    (Oh- I wanted to tell you that I am trying trigger therapy and am getting some back pain relief. I'm still working on reducing the leg pain that I have.) I seriously feel relieved to hear from you; of course, you probably knew that already. 😉

  • Pastrevisited,

    Yeah, not gonna find much of me on the web. I am working on a way that we all can connect outside of here, without breaking the rules of Tarot. I shall figure something out.

    The negativity makes you nervous only because you let it. I know it is easier said than done, but you can not let someone who bothers you ruin something for you.

    Oh wow, trigger point therapy. Very good. That stuff has worked so well for so many people, but there is no money in it for Hospitals, Drug Companies, and so on. Works so well though, has no side effects, and is not scary or uncomfortable. Glad it is doing some good, keep doing it, the results continue to get better with most people. I have had the feeling it would help a few people on here, I think three or four, so I am glad to see you gave it a try, and it is doing some good.

  • Oh man,...Brian....You not getting the clue Bluecat been telling you? Don't need to figure anything else out. Just focus on what bluecat been telling you this morning. Come on honey, you are smart enough, I know! 🙂

  • Flowsco

    LOL that is definitely twisted -having two a/c and talking to herself - LOL

    sorry I didn't know this

    I used to think she is funny and used to have a good time

    but what she did to the Thread well that's a No No LOL

    after all, she used to have fun there herself

    I know how to protect myself from negativity and all, so I have no fear with that

    I can understand a person doesn't like a certain someone, it will be hard for them to be all nice and sweet to each other

    but personal attacks and reporting thread, also creating 2 a/c

    LOL quenkath emergence and bluecat are right from the beginning,

    something is very wrong there LOL

  • pastrevisited

    nah, all the people on Men of Zodiac never leave

    the thread is filled up with funnies and beauties, advices and stories

    who would want to leave such a thread?

    some of them can't log in all the time, that's all

    I'm not worried about negativity

    all you need to do is protect yourself and cleanse yourself regularly

    even a lingering negativity, will not stay for long if you are diligent

    if you feel down and restless, pace yourself and tell yourself This too shall pass

    it always works, you just have to believe it

    if you feel like sending negativity out, find something fun to do, distract yourself

    energy is an air form, it can't be contained

    if you try, your health will suffer

    so instead of containing energy, be it positive or negative, you need to channel it

    that's where doing something you enjoy to do, can help

    you can visit many threads I responded

    if you want to find out more

    I don't know if these threads are still here

    but if not, give me a shout

  • Oh man...this Mad Witch makes me think of something....

    Cappi and D I C K....dang it..not a good combination, something I shouldn't think about!

    You see....the only Cappi male I know in my life is my Dad!

    Got the picture now?

    I better get back to the Men of the zodiac now.

    Those pictures will definitely wash away these weird thoughts...Gah! shivers

  • Men of Zodiac is a cool thread, its a very whimiscal sense of humour there, very colorful, out of the box in all the best ways! Nothing wrong with that.

  • What was that about B leaving? what for? Brian, don't go, but do visit us often in oo start astart a love train,all the wayyy there!

  • bluecat, glad you enjoy the thread

    I'm going to visit that forum when I have my work pc fixed

    sheess Mercury retro always finds a gap somewhere 😞

  • Yes it does leoscorpion, it wreaked havoc on almost all my appliances, computers too, that was rough one. I do like that thread, and the people who make it great, thanks! About other one, yeah, I was trying too communicate that forum last evening when we were both on, a little tricky!

  • PastRevisited, I know no one would think you were interfering with thier friendships/conversations, not at all, we are all merely just friends who have not met yet! Oh, glad you got it by the way, come on over with faith and love anytime!

  • Hi bluecat123- thank you so much for the warm welcome- it means so much! This group is so fun- and means so much right now! HUGS!

  • Leoscorpion- nice to meet you! You have a very interesting way of communicating- a little mysterious maybe? I am going to read up on that Men of the zodiac thread- it seems I'm missing out on something! 🙂

  • Everyone,

    Just to clarify something, I do not say I give "readings". I say I will give "a read", "an opinion", or "my feelings" on a situation or question, but never "a reading". The last of the three, "my feelings" is intuition indeed, but I never say it is "a reading". There is a difference. To a lot of people this is just semantics, but it is not, the Admin has a job to do, and part of that job is to make sure people are not doing for free on the forums what they offer as a pay service. There is some leeway given there too folks, they let the kid have the lemonaide stand, they let the church have the bake sale, remember that part.

    You can debate that in much the same way of say, if someone downloads a low quality mp3 file for free, you could say they are more likely to pay for a good quality copy later as a download or on CD, but the RIAA and Record Companies think different. Obviously Tarot has thought about it and come up with a policy, and they are also free to modify that at anytime, as it is their ball, so it is their game. But they have not done that, the policy has been consistent, whereas a place like the fabled social network site that starts with a F, and ends with a k, and has eight letters, has changed their privacy policy and privacy settings like three or four times in the last year. Tarot has been consistent policy wise. And if you been parking your car the wrong way for a year, even though you know it is illegal, and one day the meter maid gives you a ticket, that is the way the cookie crumbles.

    If you think things have started to get heavy handed on Tarot, and you are blaming the Admin, then you need to wake up and smell the coffee. They have spam filters, profanity filters, and forbidden word (like websites, copy written words, trademarks) filters that automagically clean posts. The actual human being's eyeballs looking at your post is typically done because of a complaint, and thereafter because of that complaint. The Admin is not the bad person here.

    I have never been contacted by e-mail by the Admin, and I am sure I have unintentionally violated something or other, but it just gets fixed and that is that. I know for certain that the Admin as been told I have violated this or that, but the Admin has never hassled me; whatever the issue was either gets fixed, or gets ruled it was not and issue to begin with. And yes, that is subjective, since a human has to evaluate whatever the complaint is, but we have been given a lot of space before we are called "out of bounds". I personally do not see the Admin as heavy handed, that is my opinion, but I think we are given a pretty wide field to play on here, so I really have no complaints.

    Also, everyone needs to remember if someone calls the police, the police have to come and look into whatever was being called about, no choice. The police are not the enemy for keeping the peace and order. Certainly, more than a few of you on here feel there should be a crack down on the nastiness that seems to just permeate into various topics/threads without warning, apparently ruining more than a few peoples experience here on Tarot. I will tell you this though, if you can not ignore it, or it upsets you so much you have to post about it, then you need to sit down and write a well thought out e-mail to the Admin, not some "whaa, whaa, so in so in being really mean and hurt my feelings". The Admin can enforce the rules, but the Admin does not put band aids on hurt feelings. If fire upsets you Scarecrow, use your brain and throw some water on the Witch, that simple. Otherwise, grow a thicker skin, and learn to ignore it. If you think I am being lackadaisical, I will remind you I have been called quite a few names on here, and the tissue box is still unopened. I of all people have every right to request several topics/threads be taken down, as they are slanderous to me, but I choose not to, because people can read them and decide what is what for themselves; I am fine to let the opposition have their say. Different people have different opinions, does not bother me, even if it is about me. If it bothers you, then you do need to do something about it.

  • And you have my deep respect for that.

    Everyone deals with matters at hand differently.

    As a Sag, I am good at being rebellious and walking out (yeah, bad traits I know)

    I don't sit down and grumble or be upset and do nothing about it.

    I roar or I walk away, sometimes both.

    As for the Admin rules, I have respect for them and I have wrote to them several times to express my thoughts on the matter. I don't encourage what they are doing or I am saying it is totally way out of line. I am very neutral about it. I am more concern of the weaken ones. Again, this is the Sag traits, always wanting everyone / everything to be fair. But anyways, just like being in someone's home, I have to respect the rules and regulations of the home owner. I can choose to stay, pay my rent and abide to the rules or I can do something about it for example; get out of the house, hang around at some other place and come back to sleep. Whatever way I choose to handle it, I have a choice.

    I love this place as this is the place where I have met all the good people whom I can called friends. Some have helped me find the path in life which I am meant to follow. For this, I will always be grateful.

    Do not get me wrong, this is not a self defense post, There is nothing for me to defend anyway. In the contrary, I applaud your way of seeing things and handling things. I hope some will understand what you are trying to voice out and not be 'hurt' by it.

    You are doing a great job and many people, including me, are blessed to have someone like you to call friend.

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • I don't have a problem with admin, Brian, I agree, they have been generous. The only thing I don't care for is the possessive quailty of certaint hings, like meet here, talk here instance. If I want too give someone my email, then it doesn't seem like a big deal too me.

  • pastrevisited

    not sure why you said I am communicating mysteriously LOL

    this is what you wrote

    "And I have seen the negativity that you discuss here from some people"

    and so I offered you to read my posts about healing, protection, neg and pos. all from my own experience and learning

    I also did quite a few of astrological readings although I am not as good as ScarsandStars and Highpriestess but I have helped both with theirs

    There are 496 different threads, in many of them I wrote more than one post

    the threads are gone now, but I have a link to them if you want to know more about those

    if you don't want to know, it's not big deal either

    I used to be active here, but work gets too much I have to withdraw almost completely

    and I can't do readings anymore, I leave them to SS and HP

    If you want to get astrological readings, you can find these two in Men of the Zodiac and ask them there

  • "If you want to get astrological readings, you can find these two in Men of the Zodiac and ask them there "

    just found out from SS that readings will be deleted

    so I guess if you need one, you can get that from Tarot.com

    good luck

  • Hi Leoscorpion- I am so sorry! i never meant that YOU were negative- EVER! I actually am confused that I came across that way. I was not referring to you at all! I am so sorry! The mysterious remark was just a light hearted description of the manner in how you write- I thought it was pretty! Regarding my statement about people being hurt by one person's negativitiy, I wasn't referring to you. Again, I am so sorry how I came across. Thank you so much for your references to your posts, even if they aren't available anymore, I truly appreciate your offer of helping me. Is there anything else I can say to help clear this up? I'm so sad- I was being sincere and genuine in my appreciation for your replies to me.

  • PR

    LOL some confusion here

    I KNOW you were not referring to me LOL

    I was OFFERING you to read the posts I made about neg, pos, healing, protection etc

    nobody is assuming anything

    and I don't know how you get there

    is this clear now?

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