What happened to the Karma readings by Natapier?

  • no idea what kind of prayer she needs LOL

    I thought she goes to church, so she prays enough LOL


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    Sunday, May 16, 2010 11:29 PDT


    Brian>> am beginning to lose topics people start for me to look at; they get buried quickly folks. So if you have a question for me outside of the A Song For You thread, then it needs to go here.

    Sandran712>>>Oh That's Too Bad..lol...take A gander at the ASLAC/AFLAC.They butchered the HELL out of any Cancer threads we even tried keeping afloat.I hope anyone involved with a Cancer male gets their azzez kicked to the curb.They don't deserve to be with a Cancer.Whiny babies need therapy not a Cancer Male.

    and another one, she started


    Tuesday, May 4, 2010 5:15 PDT


    Hopeternal>>You two are getting SO boring now on here and taking up valuable space for real people to search for help, love and healing!!....so, my question is, why don't you two do what normal people do and take your, Eeeerm... creepy innuendo's to a private site for yourselves, you know, i.e. Email? Msn? Skype?....take your pick, but please leave decent folk out of your sick and twisted energies....we are BORED of it....it's like watching the film Bonnie and Clyde too many time a day!!!

    but anyway!!...I still wish the best for you, blessings too you

    Sandran>>I posted this board.And you are really bored take your silly a-s-s up on outta here.You want to see a boring thread you NEED to go back to your ASLAC/AFLAC board

    and ohhh.s-c- r-e-w- your peace and blessings.I cannot control what someone posts so GIT Over Yourself!

  • Oh, yep, that was where the Bonnie and Clyde nicknames came from! Except it started way back on a different thread with a co conspiritor of hers, it was just, sad. They both were, that was the problem, one started attacking the other, and then when they were done with that, and all made up, they went on an attcking spree of sorts, it was nothing short of ridiclous, so it was reported, went away for a bit, but now here we again. A prayer it stops before it get started again I suppose?

  • Oh yeah, and that cancer thing, thinks everyone is against the cancer for some reason, littering it onto Brian T's thread.

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  • Exactly quenkath

  • bluecat

    LOL sounds like a good idea, maybe add exorcism too LOL


    ban = good therapy LOL

  • exorcism is good. She enjoys the drama, stirring it up, I don't know why, that sort of thing has always boggled my mind, why anyone would want neg attention. I figured if they were going too ban, they would have with the last spree I was witness too, but no, here we are again, subject too Lord only knows what

  • yeah see I didn't know this has been going on for some time

    when I was still active on this forum, I actually thought she was funny

    then a few months passed I couldn't get on here much due to extra work

    then out of the sudden I found her reporting the thread LOL

    and then I found the other two threads I posted above

    not surprised she is reported but definitely surprised she is not banned yet

    free speech has nothing to do immaturity and inappropriate language

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  • quenkath

    no need to aplogize

    the thread is all for fun

    everything from astrology, funny stories, beautiful pics and soothing comments

    in fact the mad witch (as Emergence said it) used to be on that thread too

    at least from page 100 - 128

    until Flowsco posted a hot model with Jesus tattoo on page 126-127

    then somehow the 'looking for attention' attitude started

    she even left, saying we 'attacked' her LOL

    while we did nothing but telling her that the tattoo is only entertainment / art


    when you all have time, you can visit page 126 - 128

    I thought she left for good, but apprently she didn't really leave LOL

    also check out page 117 and 118 for close-to-perfection mounds 🙂

    it all started on page 10 actually LOL SS posted a musician

  • it all started on page 10 actually LOL SS posted a musician

    I mean the beauties started on page 10

    enjoy the eye candies and don't let any sour comments or mad witch distract you 🙂

  • Tats are tacky, models shouldn't have them? their Tacky? Well, mine aren't! who died and made her boss of Jesus, tats,& tacky? I didn't see any problem with his tat,or him, and Jesus may not mind all that much either. People who can't leave other people alone are tacky.

  • I would think in Jesus' day he had more pressing things too do then walk around saying put your shirt on, cover that tat, thats tacky!

  • leoscorpion, the thread wheres the love at, thats where it started from what I remember being reported, then so on, several, several threads! but that where co conspiritor was, and then it was off and running, sad.

  • thanks bluecat

    I was not active for 2 months so thanks for the info

    Sad isn't it

    I no longer belong to a religion, but I remember Jesus is said to be wise and compassionate

    so who is this person, claiming she goes to church and all, saying some tattoos are tacky

    there are far worse and tackier tattoos LOL

    if she said that about tattoo, what would she say about Jesus Luz LOL

  • This post is deleted!

  • LOL quenkath

    very true!

  • Leoscorpion,

    I am glad your back. When she said she was runned of the thread she meant me. She has personal issues with me and has been bashing the ASCLAC thread every single second she gets. She has a split personality because to my deduction she operates under two separate accounts. And has conversations with herself. I reported her to admin because I was sick and tired of the personal attacks. Until I decided to follow and read and found out what the real problem was. And it doesn't have nothing to do with me...thank goodness.

    Every single thread where friendships develops that are not blastfull she has an issue with. Every single person that gets a bit more attention she has an issue with. Every single subject that she can't constructively participate in she has an issue with. And ooooh don't you dare ignore her because then is when the fuel hits the fire.

    Oh well I am glad I personally don't need to be fed by her because then I would really be in trouble.


  • I've noticed some great people are not posting here anymore and other wonderful people are talking about leaving. I haven't interacted personally with everyone since I don't want to interrupt your friendship conversations, but I'm going through a tough period and this forum has helped me be hopeful. Each of your interactions, posts, jokes, personal stories, and experiences have been helpful in some way to me. I hope I find all of you somehow if you move on to other places. And I have seen the negativity that you discuss here from some people and I wondered if I was the only one that read S's comments and felt like they didn't fit in with this positive community. So, just want to tell all of you that it will be tragic for many people if you leave here- I'm not going to list names because I really mean "all of you here" well, except for ms. negative- 😞

  • Pastrevisited,

    I am not leaving. ; )

    It is important for everyone to remember that, at anytime there are people on here having a difficult time, and people react to difficulty in various ways. Some become helpless, some very sensitive, some morose, and some hateful. A general rule to posting is, when you are going to express emotional content, you need to pull back and take some time before tapping something out on the keyboard and posting it. Not everyone does that, and that is where the trouble begins. So, rise above and take a few deep breaths before you reply to something.

    Also, none of us can control other people's behavior. That simple. I do not care what Jedi mind tricks you know, or what clever reverse psychology trick you know, it does not matter, we CAN NOT make other people act the way we want them to, period. However, we can control THE WAY WE REACT to other people's behavior. People seem to forget that. If person X is ruining your party, it is because YOU ARE LETTING THEM; letting their actions make you feel a certain way, letting their actions make you react a certain way.

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