What happened to the Karma readings by Natapier?

  • Did I dream that forum up? I'm so confused...

  • LOL, no you didn't!

    It was still here a few hours ago.

    I was in that thread of Natapier to copy / paste my Karma reading.

    An hour later, I saw that the thread is no longer here.

    Same goes with Long2010 thread.

    This is so sad........and childish!

  • I'm so upset with this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I spend money on tarot.com, and I'm just about to pull this plug, I have been very patient about threads going missing, there are other threads going on here like the two mentioned above ALSOTWIN SOULS TOPIC HAS BEEN DESTROYED...I have had alot of respect for the waY TAROT. COM ADMINISTRATORS RUN THESE FORMS, AND I UNDERSTAND THAT THIER COULD BE VIOLATIONS, BUT REALLY THIS IS ALL HARMLESS. I HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO PAYED READINGS LIKE I SAID.....



  • This post is deleted!

  • I replied to you in the other thread.

    I believe the reason why they leave Brian's thread up is the same as why they leave Han's thread up. They mentioned the reasons why they leave Han's thread up in the thread I started for Beth if I am not mistaken.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Look on Tarot..." anyone willing to give me a reading"..I see she is doing readings there... yesterday I believe.

  • notshytobeme and everyone,

    Believe me, I am NOT defending the Admin either, I gave up on being pissed at them since they took off Beth's thread. Wasted energies. Since then, I seldom visit other threads except those I started and the one I frequent.

    Just like you all, I like the readings I received from Natapier and Long2010 but I saw this coming already. Which was why I copied / paste my readings quickly to my Docs as soon as I received them.

    I am sorry that you guys are pissed. What they are doing is very selfish!

  • Hello All,

    notshy2bme, we delete the spammers and ban them as soon as we see them. We did set up the email address forums@tarot.com so members could contact us directly when we noticed that people seemed unable to get through.

    We're sorry you are upset that certain topics have been deleted. We only delete topics that violate our forum rules, which we have for legal reasons and liability and to protect our members. We wouldn't be able to offer forums at all without having some sort of rules in place. We do not delete posts that are critical of the rules either, we value your free speech.

    Again, we're sorry that you are upset -- but there are still plenty of discussion topics and terrific people to interact with here on the forum that are still within the guidelines.

    We have never banned anyone for violating these rules (except spammers) since they are all well meaning people with no ill intentions. Everyone is welcome to post anytime, but we will continue to stay on the lookout for posts that go against the rules.


    Forum Admin


  • Well, I'm all for admin getting rid of spammers and forum violaters, but Natapier's forum was NOT spam. I was looking forward to her Karma reading for me and I enjoyed the readings she was providing others with.

    This is like the police pulling over an old lady on the highway for going 50 mph in the right lane. You'd think they'd be after the real criminals?

    Thank you,


  • Hello,

    You are correct -- Natapier's thread was not spam. We do, however, have a well documented rule against personalized readings. That's why the thread is gone. Natapier seems like a well intentiopned poster and is welcome to post any time -- just no personalized readings. (Spammers on the other hand are permanently banned.)

    Forum Admin


  • This is so confusing I'm still very much a newcomer and have nothing but praise for the valuable information I have received on here. This site is not worth staying on if kind hearted people are unable to offer personal help and guidance. How can they be violating the rules, has Natapiers Karma reading been deleted if so, then why? . If all the good people leave here how will we find them ? Appreciate an answer thank you .

  • I have been a member of tarot.com for years altho I didn't start the forum membership till last year. This is my 1st experience of this admin jumping in to protect themselves so. Their rules and disclaimers explain themselves but still....it is baffling cause most of what people want is readings.

    I'm starting to wonder if maybe this was why Ahlayah left also, I miss her. Clearly someone has jumped in trying to fix an issue and from our end it looks like they have gone too far. It makes no sense to me why have a psychic, tarot, divination forum and then delete their people who answer them? But it is what it is.

  • Well, admin stated that they do let a lot slide because of how many posts are there, thats why it seems double standard I suppose, and that they have too make a judgment call on each one that does get their attention, and that no one would be deleted for their opinions of it, which answered my question as too why some were deleted, some weren't, but over all, it does seem too upset everyone whenever it happens because theres no way too know ahead of time if your topic of interest is going too be there when you go back too look for it.

  • Truly disappointing...and not very business savvy either!!

    I think readings coming from people who really want to donate their time should be free to do so. I also think amateur readers should be allowed to post their interpretations as long as they are clear that it's for their maturation as readers and for our entertainment only. Instead of drivng professionals away, Admin should allow the forums a chance to come alive with readers who could not only build a following, but also spread word on the site. Admin should negotiate its terms with readers themselves instead of pouncing so abruptly on the experience of innocent members who often time come on here in search of someone who will listen.

  • Maybe Sandran 712 reported them too

    She reported Krystalkisses' thread


    read page 187 and 188

    good thing is, Admin was fair at this one, since nobody was posting anything about drugs and porn LOL some pics, as Admin said it, was close, but certainly it is subjected to personal

    now I don't know how many threads Sandran712 has reported and of course nobody will admit they reported what thread but hey, at least you know one possibility

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  • Qeunkath, no use in being angry with her, she feeds on that for some reason, she needs our prayers, no Joke!

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