****TheCaptain**** please help again *smile*

  • First i must say i love how you share your gifts...i have learned so much from. you.... as well as about myself so i thank you for thAT SMILE okay i was wondering if you could let me know anything about work or my love life or anything you feel i need to know.......i am at a fork in the road and want to go the right way.....i would really appriciate it....thanks sooooooooooooo much for everything....love light

  • Moonraiz, you need to choose in work and love to go after what you really want and need, rather than playing the role you think everyone around you wants you to play. Role playing just turns people off in the long run as deep down they realise you are not being authentic or honest with them. I feel you tend to live your life for others - or according to what you THINK others want from you - and not for yourself. It's not selfish to be self-centred. When you are giving off happy vibes by doing what you know is right for you, everyone around you benefits. When you give off martyred or self-sacrificing vibes, it only attracts those who would use you for their own profit.

  • Yes i totaly understand yes at times i do try to do what people expect of me but on the other hand i struggle with being different from most everyone i know.. i am the weirdo the looney one because i read cards and i am intouch spiritualy...so i think i have down played my spirituality a bit because of others....so thanks i know what i need to do i need to live for me this is my story...but at times i get confused as to what it is i really want to do well i guess i know what my passion is (healing) and helping others..I HAVE SOME THINKING TO DO......THANKS YOUR THE BEST

  • You are certainly not the odd one out or weirdo here. Maybe you need to get friends who really get you and understand the things you believe in.

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