Need help analyzing a dream please

  • It's very rare that I remember a dream, but this one stood out in my mind.

    Anyway, here it goes.

    I'm in a high school environment. I have friends from college and a very few from high school mixed in. Classes change and I meet up with a male friend, Steve. I subconsciously recognize that this is a dream and when he approaches like a boyfriend I accept it. Steve acts sweetly to me, and eventually he is kissing my neck, but it becomes harsher and he creates a very deep and ugly hickey. I walk away and attend another class that I recognize from a another dream. We're doing an art project but I finish mine, and somehow it is very wrong, then the materials I need to complete go missing. Steve is now ignoring me after classes end for the summer. He is talking to my favorite teachers and I sit patiently waiting for him to finish. Then he pulls me to my feet and starts yelling about how easily he used me.

    I woke because of an alarm.

    I'm getting that it was to do with feeling opposite of what my head thinks but can't really make a deeper connection to it. There were a few inconsistencies here and there. Steve is a very good friend, I used to have a crush on him but nothing happened and have since moved on and dated other people. I have never known him to be cruel like in my dream, and I'm wondering why him and not some of my other male friends?

    But most importantly, why was the hickey so vital and visible, and what does missing art tools symbolize?

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