Hi, Captain!!! Please help me if u can, TY!!!

  • A co-worker and I are very attracted to each other. His DOB is 10/31/1968 and mine is 11/15/1955. There seems to be a lot of chemistry between us, but, so far...not a lot is happening. Could you please tell me if this attraction is going to lead us anywhere, or, what, if, anything is standing in the way? (He has said, that, age is NOT a factor here) Is he just talk, or does he truly mean what he is saying? Thank you! I hope that I worded this right for you. Have a great day!!!

  • Be very careful here. This man wants to use you for his own desires - he is the 'have-sex-and- then-dump-them' type. But this might be all you are wanting?

    It will make working together very difficult if you two part under strained circumstances so consider carefully what you will do. You do have a lot in common but I feel this guy is only interested in light sexual affairs and doesn't want commitment or just friendship. So if it's sex you want and not romance or commitment, then go for it!

  • Thank you for responding...I really appreciate it! If you don't mind me asking something else, I am confused then. I have let him know that I am interested (physically) in him. He has said the same, but, for some reason nothing has happened yet. Do you see it, happening? Also, what do we have in common? (not meaning to sound stupid here) Thank you for everything. This is the first time, I have been this interested in someone, for mostly, physical reasons. (He does seem like a very nice man). But, hey...you never know anymore. Thank you, again.

  • You are both Scorpios so there is that attraction of like-to-like. Your egos are both boosted by the advances of someone so charming and dynamic. Both of you are deep, somewhat eccentric individuals and when you meet, you are both overjoyed to find a kindred spirit. But there is no middle ground for you in love - you are either the best of friends or mortal enemies. You both have a secretive, wary, critical and intense side that will exacerbated by an intimate relationship. When your affair is on, it's great - easy and open. But when it goes off - well, frankly it's deadly. This matchup is dangerous and fraught with peril because of your darker sides. Neither of you will see the danger however, keeping your plans and feelings to yourself, until the off switch is pushed. Then the finality of the process will be shocking to everyone who knows you, and bringing the relationship back to life will be well nigh impossible.

    Romantic feelings seldom prevail here - it's all about sexual attraction and the lure of someone who is so like yourself. Your friend will be the boss of this relationship, setting the rules (his own) while you try to adjust as best you can until you can no longer stand for him to have it all his own way. Your friend is a loose cannon and you may not be the only female in his sights. He likes to have a back-up plan should things not work out with one affair.

    Real honesty is the only thing that can make this work - both you and he have to be honest about your true intentions towards each other, and honest with yourselves about what you want here. Secrets or dishonesty will kill this relationship almost before it starts.

  • Wow!!! That was some scary stuff to read about myself. (dark sides, secretive, critical, etc.) But, you are right on the money, (so to speak). If we are so deep and intense with our feelings, then why do we usually end up destroying ourselves or others? I am so much like my sign, it's scary. I am, by, nature, a very giving, loving and caring person. I hate to see others hurt. I do tend to be jealous, critical (which I hate), and very secretive. Oh, btw, I am very passionate, and I do tend to get moody, when things are too boring or overwhelming. Captain, do you have any suggestions? Anything I can do to be more alluring, positive and less critical? How will I know when the right "man" comes along? Who is a good match for me? Again, ty so much for replying. Have a great evening!!! 🐵

  • We all have dark and light sides. It's all about recognising what our dark sides are and dealing with the different issues we have. being aware of your weaknesses is the first and most vital step. Next, become aware of what situations or types of people trigger your dark side so you can be prepared. Check whether childhood issues have been completely resolved.

    The right person appears when we have worked through our issues about love. You will naturally attract the best sort of person for you then.

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