Please help, confused in ohio

  • okay, here is the situation. i have been with my daughters father off and on for 12yrs. the last two years were the worse. he constantly cheated and i caught him with other women a couple of times. he always did the crying thing saying he did not understand why he does the things he does, he is so sorry it wont happen again. he realizes that i am the only one that has had his back and he truly does love me. to make a long story short, my birthday came and we were supposed to go out to dinner, he never showed, called etc. i was pissed. i broke things off with him, in his mind this never happened. he ended up going to jail and is possibly going to be deported. everytime he wrote he always claimed how much he loves me and we can and will work things out. i have met someone and have moved on with my life. i explained to this to him and he wrote me back saying that if he finds any man at my house he will kill him. i am so confused because of the situation. i am sneaking around i told him it was over. i have told my new friend that i have been seeing now for almost a year, he says that he is not worried about my ex, but i am. i know what he is capable of and i have heard stories of things he has done. i am to the point that i want to break it off with my new friend, but i dont want to give my ex that kind of power over my life. someone please help and let me know what is the best thing to do. also, i have not heard back from my ex since last month so i dont know if he has been deported back to jamaica or if he is still here. please help.

  • Missonya1,

    I'm unable to give advice but I can tell you how to find your ex. I'm assuming that you are a US citizen, living in OH & did not marry the father of your children. Has your ex has been in the US legally for at least 10 years? Was he in jail for comitting a crime? If so & because of that he may have lost his eligibility & is being deported. If he was living in Ohio you might find him in a deportation center:

    Detroit Field Office

    Area of Responsibility: Michigan, Ohio

    333 Mt. Elliott St.

    Detroit, MI 48207

    Phone: (313) 568-6049

    Here is a site that tells you how find out if someone has been deported:

    If he is in jail you can search online by the county in which he lived.

    Hope this helps.

  • @ Littlelioness

    Good job!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

    @missonya, what's his sign?? Going around threatening folks, youhave to be stronger than that. in all actuality, you have the power. He is in America illegally, it's all about good karma, if he is around still, then deport him, end of an physical issue. I wish a dude would threaten me and my happiness!! Take control, and if you have to report his butt to the police, you should; no woman should have to suffer in fear of an ex.

  • thank you so much for your response. he is a taurus his birthday is 04/03/1964. i am not afraid of what he will do to me, it more so for the other person. but you are totally right if i hear from him i will notify the authorities and let them deal with it. thanks again.

  • @littlelioness yes he is here illegally. this will be his second time getting caught. we were never married, i recently found out the reason we never got married is because he is already married. i have contacted the sheriffs office and immigration and i can not seem to get any information on him. i will try the links that you have provided. thank a million for your response.

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