Someone help please

  • Hi there. I am back. some of you now my story, my husband of 25 years ran off with his high school girlfriend about a year and a half ago and doesn't see me or his kids at all. It was very sudden and shocking to us all and we have been trying to be a family without him, We have had our struggles and seem to be doing okay although I am very broken hearted and feel I always will be..

    I don't wallow mI put on a happy face and do my best to be positive and busy, but deep in my heasry I miss him so much it causes an ache in my soul. I have been told a few things on this forum, one that he is gone and I need to let go, and another that he is going through something real and I need to let him go through it and grow and then he will attempt to come home.

    Yesterday a women came to me at work and I complimented her large diamond ring. she looked at me and said : HOney you will have one like ti in a yesr and a half: I said what, and she said believe me I am very good at what I do.. Well I got teary and she asked if she offended me and I told her no, I just feel I will always be alone.. she told me that I am too nice a person and to see what happens in the near future.

    Canh anyone else see this

  • I answered on your other post.

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