Any assistance for guidance please.

  • Hi... I have been offering a bit of assistance here on the site but I always have trouble being in tune with myself.. as a lot of people do. It is kind of frustrating sometimes to see right in to other people's lives but not be able to have comfort in knowing what there is for me.

    In my personal day to day life I am at a crossroads with thousands of paths I could embark on ... it is a wide open field career wise ... and relationship wise ... i have no children ... I am 27 with my whole life just sitting out in front of me and I just don't know what to grasp ...

    I am getting kinda antsy ... about both career and relationship ... I would love to have a family and kids and house and a lovely husband and all of that ... but, it seems to all be coming up dry for me. I would like if all possible to know the next year of my life .... so I can start on some stepping stones to get me going in the right direction... please... anyone? 🙂

    Thanks so very much in advance for any assistance... 🙂

    Christy Rose

  • or any advice at all... any reading ... tarot... psychic... energy ... etc. etc.

  • Christeerose,

    Hello Honey, Hope Your doing better..

    I know exactly what you mean about not

    being able to tune into yourself.

    I instantly feel, A scattered Mind;

    You know what you want, I feel You've made

    a list of the things you do and donot want lol ? Mentally or even

    on paper, if not..Do so. I feel this is a minor situation for you

    at this point and things will pick up for up SOON.

    I keep getting 'the answer' what you need to do is already

    set up, its already laid out for you

    However its a matter of which step shall you take first

    and how many steps need to be taken thats overwhelming your mind

    I keep getting 'Just make a Move' go outside your box DONT PLAN

    like you never forget to do lol, Just DO IT because this path is already PLANNED

    and Made for you now you just must FOLLOW your gut and desire that will lead you

    to these doors,that will soon open.


    many blessings and hugs.

  • Hi Christeerose,

    As far as your career goes...were you thinking of going into something creative like graphic design? If so, I think this would be a good thing. And I feel like you will meet the man you will marry in about 2 more years.

  • thanks so much!

    I have made a list. It is needs to be more concrete but there is a list. I feel I am very fortunate to have these things that I know that I do want and I know what I do not want... before I am on the main journey of my life... I am very interested in the Culinary Field and that is what I am tiptoeing around. Also a dream of having a totally "green" organic farm ... that I can cook with. I am not sure how to get there.. but, we will see.. hehe.

    As for the man..... awww.. I was hoping it could be sooner than that ...there is a nice little Irish lad I have been penpals with for the past two months that is best friends with my best friend... and I was sending him a package in the post tomorrow.. I was secretly hoping something would come out of that when he comes for a visit to the States this year 😉 he seems to have the the qualities I have on my 'Do Want' list hehe... kidding... we can't have it all.

  • The culinary field would be good. Anything creative. I feel that you need to be in a career that you can express yourself in a creative way.

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