Natapier ARE YOU OKAY?

  • I am so confused, so the karma readings were against the rules? I thought it was just if someone was talking about their own sites/bussiness too take people away from this site or collect on readings? So, what is techincally allowed? What is it too break a rule? Is those asking for readings and those answered readings a broken rule? also anyone offering card readings, like the angel cards, tarrot, tools ect., is that technically against the rules? Aside from the spammers, this doesn't seem clear too me.I do get why the abusive people are still on here dishing out, as it doesn't really affect the site, or company per say. What about people who explain the cards from the readings people do purchase on here, thats actually rather kind of them too do so,is that against the rules? What if someone said 'Yes, this will happen, no this won't, I can see where that could be an issue, but nothing a disclaimer about the site not being responsible for that wouldn't take care of. Is that a rule breaker as well? This is getting more and more unclear, and rather frustrating as well.

  • Another thing I am confused about, did I read this right once on a another admin post, or? but are we seriously not allowed too give one another our emails? is that right? I have never done this anyway, but it made me curious as too why that would be a rulebreaker or concern of theirs?

  • it was probably deleted because it was copied from this website here:

    link edited is very generous with the daily insight they give us so just play by their rules instead of jumping to conclusions.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Oh, I defintly agree they are generous and informative, I wouldn't complain there, I'm just thinking the rules may need too be layed out in plain sight somehow, so that way everyone knows, no confusion.

  • So they know that it was copied? theres no possible way they could have had the book? speaking of that, is that against the rules? Copying? or posting out of a book? We really need a list here!

  • Hello everyone, I am ok and well. I am sorry that my post was deleted. I guest I was becoming too popular for certain people LOL): I understand that forums and blogs have certain rules and as a member I must understand that. Send me some invites to popular tread topics.

    Thank you.

  • True, everyone is subject too rules, my question is, where are they on the site for anyone who wants too know exactly what they are ahead of time? As I've looked and either missing where it is said what the forum rules are or are they posted somewhere?

  • Long2010,

    Thank you for all the guidance and advice.

    I have copied / paste them in my Google Docs.

    Rest assured I will read them over and over again.

    Feel free to drop by in my thread "New Moon and Mercury Retrograding".

    No readings there, just some silly talks about planets (which is your fav. topic too!) 🙂


    I have given you the info you need in the thread you asked for.

    (December 11,1976. 9:11PM GMT, Singapore)

    Thank you so much for everything!

    Feel free to visit my thread too and we can talk about planet! 🙂


    I have already replied to your reply on my post. (in the other thread)

    Thank you by the way for replying to my post.

    I have also included another input of mine (suggestion).

    It is about adding a disclaimer that Tarot, com is not in anyway responsible for any READINGS given / shared between members in this forum. Tarot. com is not in anyway related or responsible for their members. Furthermore, all readings should be consider as entertainment purposes only.


    x x x


    Media Community LLC makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the operation of the site, the information, content, materials or products included on this site. Media Community LLC will not be liable for any damages arising from use of this site. Ultimately, all divinatory readings and advice arising from use of this site are understood to be for entertainment purposes only.

    I saw this one too and I believe this one holds very strongly and 'protect' I am not in USA so I don't understand the law there but by being a Human Resource Manager in an industry line for many years, I do know how to read a disclaimer a little or less. Especially in industry line, we are very particular with disclaimers as we are 'always' responsible for thousands of people each day if we are not careful.

    This is what Admin would say I guess. I believe the the disclaimer above is to protect and not its members. is afraid that dissatisfied member will file a law suit against another member (the one who gives the reading). This is why I am asking Admin what do they think about adding the new disclaimer I mentioned in my previous post. That might release them from being responsible for their members.

  • But anyway, I am not a lawyer LOL!

  • Well, either way, it makes sense

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    I just read the "RULES and ETIQUETTE" form.

    At the end of their "RULES", they state,


    What does this truly mean ??????


  • it means exactly what it says.

    poor natapier all that hard work gone.

    Hope she is fine. Maybe faith and love can help her feel better.

    Have the boards changed have they I'm only new here so don't know what went on before.

    I would have hoped to have found a place that we could explore what we wanted to become and share with each other.

  • I couldn't even find the forum rules, Emergence pointed them out too me. I suppose we have too follow the rules, but I know I've spent money on here too, and the readings aren't clear, some people on here are always ready too explain cards, so if anything you would think they, the site would be grateful there, someone explaining it all for free too them as well. Anyone can start a forum, a lot of people chose this one and were happy with it, I wouldn't consider those karma readings personalized at all, not compared too anything else, she could have said "heres this info', from this site or book, or what not, have at it, which wouldn't have exactly benefited the site either, atleast we were reading them on here, not somewhere else, but its sucks too think good people will start too loose interest here and go elsewhere because of judgement calls on readings.

  • I think I said that wrong, meant site should be grateful people in the forums can explain what "thier computer readings" mean!

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