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  • I think that I am going to ask the Admin. to delete my account!!!!!

    I can not believe that they did this again. They should be ashamed of themselves!

    WHY IN THE WORLD!!!! Would they delete someones hardwork???????????

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  • okay that's it! I am going to start my own forum!

    plenty of free ones available, just need to customize them.


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  • okay, gonna work on it this weekend.

    and I think I will be banned for saying this!

  • Hello All,

    We did set up the email address so you could contact us directly if you need help with anything or want to communicate. You are also welcome to continue to post questions here as well.

    We're sorry you are upset that certain topics have been deleted. We only delete topics that violate our forum rules, which we have for legal reasons and liability and to protect our members. We wouldn't be able to offer forums at all without having some sort of rules in place. We do not delete posts that are critical of the rules either, we value your free speech.

    Again, we're sorry that you are upset -- but there are still plenty of discussion topics and terrific people to interact with here on the forum that are still within the guidelines.

    We have never banned anyone for violating these rules (except spammers) since they are all well meaning people with no ill intentions. Everyone is welcome to post anytime, but we will continue to stay on the lookout for posts that go against the rules.


    Forum Admin

  • GOOD!!!!!!! Emergence I will follow you on to your site! I am so tired of this 😞

    PLEASE let us know when you site is set up.

  • WOW! I've been away for a bit and obviously some things have changed on this forum which I find very disappointing =( This used to be a forum where people could share their gifts and insights because their generous nature led them to give of themselves and their time. If anyone on here giving advice are professionals, well then kudos to you for sharing your gifts pro bono to those who may not necessarily be able to afford the fees but need the help and guidance from caring individuals!!! I may be wrong in my assumptions, as I stated I have not been on here much lately, but it seems to me that admin has taken a position that profit is of greater importance then the reason why people came here in the first place. Very sad! Why not do like facebook or other free sites and allow advertising to support the site so it can remain free???As to the purchased reports that tarot offers, I have found them to be vague, generic, not relevant and a waste of time & money! I have learned more from the interactions and feedback shared between the members here and the love and support everyone has shown each other then any random computerized generated service could ever offer. As for the live individuals you can speak with, well I have doubts as to whether they truly are authentic? Maybe some are but I feel more are not authentic (my opinion). While I understand they need to ask some questions, it seems the questions are more geared towards keeping you on the line as long as possible ($$$) and trying to figure out what you want to hear or what will make you keep calling back! Sorry, I don't want to hear what you think I want to hear, so please don't waste my time! I am interested in the truth and divine guidance!

    Don't fix something that isn't broken...please just go back to how it used to be! If not, then many members and future members will be gone. Like they say in business "Research has proven that people will tell 8 people of bad experiences with a company and those 8 people will tell 8 people and so on and so on"

    If anyone starts another forum or of knows of another forum that is like this one used to be, please share so we can all support it. Thanks for letting me vent! Lol!

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  • So w/o restating what the actual problem was why did admin do this? What rules were broken/ I'm confused she was just giving readings right?

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  • Hello All,

    Personalized readings are against the rules and always have been for the various reasons we have stated. Mostly for legal reasons and past incidents.

    We leave BrianTristan and HansWolfgang and many, many others alone because they offer advice -- not personalized readings. Not for any biased reasons. There are still many people in these forums who offer the type of input Danr and others value. And the Psychic readers who charge for readings are not allowed to post in this forum either. It is a free place for members to interact with each other.

    We're sorry you would prefer to keep threads with personalized readings, but we have to enforce the forum rules.

    Of course, we respect your opinion.

    Forum Admin

  • darr I just read your statement after I posted mine.

    You stated what I was trying to state.

    I hope when a new site is established There will be away for those of us who want to follow will know how to get there as a lot of us do not has addresses to be contacted.

    blessings with angel hugs and flower petals



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  • Seems the thread "WHAT HAPPENED TO THE KARMA READINGS BY NATAPIER" has been deleted.

    There were 12 posts on it.

    I tried to access it 5 times and got a blank screen.

    blessings to this wonderful ADMIN


  • Lovingsilverwings,

    That's a good point. Yes, if the wording were different we are more likely to look the other way. There are quite a few members here who offer personalized insight and advice but not readings. We do read the threads, research the poster and contact them privately, and then make a judgement call about whether the post is advice or a personalized reading.

    Despite all the upset, we actually let way more posts slide through than we delete. There are thousands of posts in the forums and we've had to delete maybe 5 non spam threads that were violating various rules. We prefer to try and stay on top of the spammers instead, since they post things faster than we can delete them.

    Forum Admin


    There were no rule violations, so we would have no reason to delete it.

    Forum Admin

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