Birthchart Verification

  • Hi Long2010,

    Can I also ask for advice with Love and relationships...

    Also, if you can, please advice me on career/work...writing career in future?

    My DOB is Jan 4, 1979... 10:30am New Delhi, India... No Daylight saving....

    I'm female.

    thanks heaps!

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  • I know you are swamped, but I will give it a try: born: feb. 22 1976 Rapid City South Dakota.

    Living in Denmark: yes to daylight savings.

  • ooops - Female, by the way.

    aaaand have a nice day! 🙂

  • Hi Long2010

    I would appreciate a reading. My birth date 06/01/1971 born in Buckhannon, WV at 2:45 pm. Female. Anything you can provide would be great.



  • Hi Long2010. My name is Cathy. dob 12/08/55. Born in Danvers Ma but don't know the time. Currantly live in Laurel Md. We do have daylight savings time. ?Thanks so much.

  • Hi Long2010

    All the drama that has been buzzing around.. Oye!! Anyway was hoping you could give me advice according to my chart on how to proceed basically with life. I feel like im at a crossroads at this point, and with all the "T-crosses" that seem to be coming soon, would like be advised as to what basically i should expect/handle:

    November 28, 1964 @ 6:48 pm in New York City.

    Thank you so much for your time and thoughtfulness....

  • Good morning Long2010 this is my third attempt to see if you have anything to tell me please. I am a female born 10/18/1948 in Oklahoma City, Ok. that's in the US. And at 10:30am. I would be receptive to anything you can offer. Much appreciated and peace to all.


  • Hi Long2010, I would ove your advice please. I am female born 17th March 1967 in London England. Many thanks

  • Sorry, forgot to give you time of birth. It is around 7 pm.

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  • Hello kathy72,

    This advice correlates with the birth time you give me. If you think this description does not fit you, then I will have to change the time.

    Your birthdate is 2 June 1972 at 9:56AM

    This is my advice to you. You can be anything you want. It doesn’t really matter what field you go into because you will find success and have a high job position. Your career will be better the older you get. I would not be surprised if you become a millionaire. If you understand my message, then you should know that your future is incredibly bright. Can you tell me what your job is right now?

  • Hello grungychick,

    Your birthdate is 11 September 1980 at 7:30PM.

    Throughout your whole career, there is a time when you will be a leader in the field (leader of a group or supervisor…etc). You make good money, but you can lose a lot of money too. I know it sounds contradicting, so I will give you an example. You need to be alert on the amount of money you spend on things you love or things you can’t live without. In 2011, you should still be positive even if you experience bad things happening to your wealth, job, or income. If you ever thought of having a baby this year, then this year should be a good year for you. I look forward to hear from you.

  • Hello Emergence,

    As for this year, you should be positive even if you experience bad things relating to your career or wealth. For example, you will find luck relating to money, but you will experience not so pleasant things relating to your job or wealth. A better way to put this is half good and half bad for this year. I think you will feel happy in 2012. For example, you are likely to receive good news relating to romance (find a person you love, planning to get marry, or getting pregnant…etc). Sorry about not going into more details about you. I planned to get to everyone first. Then I will tell you which year is good for your career or relationship. I would love to hear back from you.

  • Hello lovingsilverwings,

    Your birthdate is 2 May 1947 at 2:13AM.

    Let me verify your birth time.

    If you answer “yes” to my questions, then I have the correct birth time.

    Does your son and husband have a good father and son relationship? For example, your son might talk to or spend time with his father more or has the same interest as his father.

    If you have more than 2 children, then some of them will be really successful. For example, they make a lot of money or have a good job.

    As for you, I think that you are a leader in any field you want. For example, you are a supervisor, a manager, or even higher. After you turned 41 (approximately), your career and wealth were better than before. I look forward to hear from you, and I will talk about your son after you reply.

  • Hello RedPetals,

    Do you mean you have thyroid nodules? Yeah, you should not worry about your health because I think that you are a healthy person. If I see something about your health, then I would have given you some advice about it.

  • Hi Long2010,

    Can I also ask for advice with Love and relationships...

    My DOB is December 5, 1969

    Time : 1.14 p.m.

    Place : Pune , India

    No Daylight saving.

    I'm female.

    Thanks in advance

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  • Dear Long2010

    You have already sent me a preliminary reading in the previous thread,that I have verified to be true!Please 'advise' about health,studies and relationship,if that is not too much to request for.I am putting my details again:

    dob:28 Nov 1969,time:11:25am, place :Birmingham ,UK

    Am female and this is my forum name

    Many thanks in advance

    Love and Light

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