Over Acheiver Leo

  • just wondering...are there other Leo's who have the same problem....being hated on becuz your an overacheiver......

  • yep.

    But what do you do about it? Slack off? Intentionally make mistakes? Go against your nature? Stifle your passion for the task? Keep your mouth shut? Give others the credit? I've tried. I've had people make nasty, jealous comments (out loud, mind you) about how I wrapped a freakin wedding gift, when I wasn't even trying. It wasn't even elaborate. I was just having fun. Why???

    Meditation has helped me, a LOT. Being with other Leo's (several of my friends) helps. Likewise with other strong, talented, opinionated people who are not easily intimidated or overshadowed. Most of my friends are Leos, Aries, Pisces, and Virgos. Also, getting involved with a cause (then it seems like it's accepted to throw yourself into it, others are doing the same). There will always be haters. Best to overlook it and find other overachievers, people you admire who won't be threatened by you. People who are better, and louder, than you are. rawr. 😉

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