I need some help please

  • My husband took his own life four years ago. I would like to know if his soul is at peace now and if he has anything to say to me or his children. His birth date is 7/5/47. Any insight from those very gifted would be much appreciated. thank you in advance.

  • Hi OrionStar,

    I'm a little out of practice, but I'll give it a shot. I get the sense that his hands shook. I feel like he's saying that they don't shake anymore. This could have been from an addiction or an illness. Yes, he is at peace. His energy feels good. I feel like he wants you to fix the back steps. Hope this made some sense.

  • thank you manifestdreams. I am glad he is at peace now. His life was so hard for him. I don't have any back steps, but I will keep this in my thoughts.

    thank you again.

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