The Captain ~ I was wondering ?

  • Hmmmmm . I am not sure who that would be , have they been around me for a while now and are they still around me now ? After I read you reply , and got up from my chair and was tending to supper . All of a sudden I had a shiver go up the back of my head and tingling in my face . I was not sure how I should go about helping this young man , so I just ask their name . I dd not hear a reply , so I just told them that it was ok and to go towards that light . That I would be beautiful there . I said this a few times

    I hope I was of some help to this wondering soul or maybe I didn't connect to them either because I feel that I am not alone . How do the people who passed pick who they want to help them and do they stay with that person until they do ?What attracted this person to me ?Were they directed to me . I know I am asking a lot of question , but if one doesn't ask they will never know :O)


  • He was attracted by your vibes which indicated to him that you might notice his presence. And he did hear you talking to him. He's gone now.

  • That is awesome ! Thank you :O) . I know I wouldn't want to be wondering and feel totally lost after I leave this earth I am so please to have helped him .I am still trying to think who that person was . The only person that I know who had passed recently was my Godfather . Unfortunately we were not as close as I had wished we had been . But I still considered him Family even thou we weren't , actually his entire family for that matter . I am also trying to figure out what the place was that I came to my mind after I heard the name that evening . I know if wasn't a street but more like a business or dept of something for the general public .The word Agriculture keep sticking in my head thou . I did Google the name Thomas and The department of Agriculture did come up where I live . . hmmmmmm :O)

    Here is another strange thing that happened this past weekend . I had met a Gentleman , who was a friend of my Stepbrothers and for some reason every time my Stepbrother mentioned his daughters name , the man would look at me and then touch my back . I didn't make me feel uncomfortable or anything . But it did strike me as strange . It was almost like there was a connection there , but NOT in a way a man is attracted to a women . At least that is not the vibe I was getting . It was almost like he had a message or something . I had a similar thing happen about 7 years ago , but I will leave that one for another day . I know I should be trying to figure these things out for myself . My little book sure is going to get full fast of things that come to me before I figure them all out huh . Anyway , that is all for now .

    TC&GBY ^A^


  • Then again , it may have of been a gesture to say , Ladies before Gentlemen , when it came to that Gentleman putting his hand on my back . But still strikes me a strange thing , for whatever reason. .


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