Blmoon! Hello! Hope you can give me some ideas

  • Hola Blmoon!!!! How are you? I know you are extremely busy with others but hopefully you can help me whenever you have time!!!! 🙂

    I was just curious about my spirit guide, if there is any, I THINK, I really really think and have been told that I have a spirit guide who is an slightly older African male. I've tried meditating, no luck, I get distracted, I usually just rely on my dreams, they are always so active. But anyways, I do feel a male presence around but perhaps I am just tripping and RARELY I hear a voice saying "Bri" which is weird since only family calls me that. lol I would love to hear your ideas about this. I have not had much family close to me pass away, just my great abuela when I was young around 8ish. But luckily no one else, I am really into my cultural heritages, I am Mexican..Black..Spaniard and Creole, so I suppose it could be anyone perhaps there are ancestors there i'm not sure.

    Well thanks for your time!! Hope all is well with you! Have a wonderful night 🙂

    Many blessings!!!!!

    Brianna 🙂 ❤

  • I see an elderly black man. He's the one who says slow down all the time. He is a wise elder and is tide to your ancestery.You resemble his daughter he says. He had all daughters and feels protective of you. When he doesn't like your friends he interfears by doing strange things with the phone and once or twice he even stopped your car from starting. He trys to make you not so driven to stir things up--you resist sitting still and just listening--you do not like down time--all go go go he says. There is also a woman --older but not as elderly as him--she is from new orleans--loves cooking--loves food--trys to help you focus more on busy work with purpose and pride. She says you scatter your energy with no purpose at times--she encourages you to take pride in useful work--stop wishing for a man to fill your life. She is a very strong woman--she's the one that follows you when your cleaning house and says if your going to bother do it right. Pride in work is important to her.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Blmoon,

    I read your reply on not believing in curses and not giving into negativity. Is there something in my

    life that I have done that made my life to be the way it is. I pray and stayed positive at all the storms (more like tornados and earthquakes) that had come my way but why is it that I feel since I was 18 its been one storm after another. You have a lot of followers and requests I know but if you can, can you have an insight to why this is happening to me DOB 11/4/74. Thank you in advance.


  • Blmoon, thank you so much for the quick response! It reconfirmed my idea, but I had no idea of the woman 🙂 I recently met my father so It's nice to know that this man (my spirit gide) views me as a daughter since I have no relationship with my real father. And yes you are right, my phone ALWAYS messes up, my phone messes up somehow at least once a month, I'm serious, it's funny because If I'm head over heels for someone my phone will mess up or I'll lose my numbers or it'll stop charging. Mind you, I get good phones, blackberries etc, so it makes no sense that everyone of my phones are faulty. I was seeing a boy last year who was a umm..jerk and my car would indeed always not start and need a recharge or battery change weird huh? lol I would end up not going to visit him some days because of it. I always figured there was a reason why I'd lose some numbers or something. I am always on the go, but lately sometimes I enjoy sitting at home researching or reading with a glass of wine. I am enjoying downtime now and am learning to appreciate it, I could totally see why he would be protective, there are many men who call me or try to take me out etc..and it can be tiring, I can see why he would prevent it. lol As for this woman, she must be very annoyed since I am MESSYYYY!!! I don't like cleaning and housework!!! I can't stand it, but every now and then I'll get so annoyed that I'll clean everything. I do scatter my energy and half a*s some projects or things. I need to work on that 😞 She sounds like my mother..,...she's very independent, never married, likes things done right and fullty. She too doesn;t think I should find a man to fullfill any voids. I can see that spirit surrounding me, I have trouble giving 100% to relationships. I am too comfortable doing my own thing at my own time. Please tell her I'll try my best to be more tidy 😞 I know I can be lazy at times and I value my pride I do have as a woman, 🙂 It makes total sense to me, I am a dreamer, passionate and very strong willed, hopefully they will aid me to reach my fullest potential in the near future. Do you know of any lessons they want me to learn other than what they told you? Would they like to see me doing anything specifically?

    Thank you so much Blmoon! It is simply amazing and I feel closer and more aware! You certainly have a beautiful gift, blessings to you! 🙂

    ~Brianna 🙂

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