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  • Hi Brian,

    I wasn't sure if I was going to post or not...

    I read your comments that you give alot of people and they are straight to the point, and full of valuable information.

    I for one appreciate your directness and honesty....

    I know that you have said you use intuition for your comments, but I really think its more than that. Just want to thank you ahead of time, if you have time and the energy to use your intuition on me LOL.

    Thanks, Sheila

    My Birthdate is August 10,1960 born at 5:00AM

    Vancouver, British Columbia,Canada

  • might get a kick out of this..Yeppers, this was me running around with no shame!

    Isn't this just to much fun?? OMG, that was 54 yrs ago, where does the time go!!!!

  • Bump!

  • Holy crap, GemTwin52, and Emergence, are gonna be running around on these boards topless. Watch out everyone. LOL

  • Just Wanted to stop bye and say Hello. 😉

    Hope all is Very Good with you all.

  • Brian,

    I really appreciate the former relationship advice u gave me & am working hard to provide unconditional love to my partner even though I often feel like I'm last on his list...I know he cares for me but I still get mixed feelings about my status with him so I'm just playing it by ear...

    My question now is more about personal educational choices. Since I was a child I've wanted to work in the medical field (not quite sure whether its my dream job or just what I know to be an attainable goal based on my talents)...Life has gotten in the way with 4 children, one with special needs, I've let it be a dream deferred for quite some time... Since '09 I have set out to become a physician assistant with some difficulties due to financial hardship but I'm back motivated and ready to continue... Well, I have one of two options regarding which school to attend in the field for 2000 hours as an EMT (my chosen field for hands on experience) and then apply for one PA school or complete my bachelors degree and apply for a different PA school. I have been having second thoughts about PA school and wonder if its just boredom with life or my heart telling me to pursue a different path. Just hoping u have some insights to share on the issue at hand...Thanks for your time...


  • Thats adorable GemTwin52!

  • Is your intitution telling you that Brian? If so, I your right, I think one of them already is! I don't have nudies, just some in my cherished WonderWoman top!

  • Hello Addicted, we've missed you! Hope everything is going really fabalous in your world!

  • bluecat123

    Hey! Awwwwhh, I've missed everyone too!

    You know I have to check up on you guys, lol

    Things are Okay So far How about things in your world ?

    Hope all is good.


  • Same, mostly, not much too report! Just feeling grateful for getting through the retro in one piece!

  • How have you been doing? very busy I'm assuming!

  • I see, I see. Shhessshh, You are'nt the only one! haha,

    It seemed to have gave me its effects right before it was

    over, mercury stirred up quite a few complications lol

    but Hey, im still living as well.

    Im doing fine,just It seems everyday i must pause and reflect

    and re-evaluate my life you know ? like, what am I doing wrong

    now lol; otherwise things are okay..

    busy ?.. just been away from my computer,more than usual.

  • Brian he called me and told me to go "F" myself and my son can do the same(what he has to do with anything I dont know))He says he wants nothing to do with me and that he will never speak to me again we are done( I never knew we were together) Stupid is as stupid does I say

    I think he got caught doing something and is furious at me Says stay away from the old lady What do you think?

  • GemTwin52,

    How very sweet the pics are. What an age of innocence huh? I bet you can remember exactly what you felt like at that moment.


    You should post your pic too with your little T-shirt! As a matter of fact, why don't you and GemTwin52 start another thread for 'Age of Innocence Pics" Could be cute and fun! Could be a free-for-all of cute pics! And the best part is you would not be giving a reading so Admin would not delete you! Lol....

  • Red Petals How true! You saw that too huh? Brian Tristan must be famous, they mentioned him as an example of whats "ok too do"! Does that mean he's not competive too them? Why don't they just make a Do's and Don'ts already! I don't mind posting my WonderWoman days, except I can't get my pics too resize, I've tried it on my pc, and laptop, that problem is smarter then me at the moment!

  • Everyone,

    I will be indisposed until probably Thursday the 20th. So hang tight.

    333Tanya, Spratbrat, Torgirl44, Shatz, RaeofSunshyne,

    Get to you when I come back.


    Hello Wonderwoman. LOL


    Glad to see you again. Have to go look at the Starbucks stock price and see if they took a hit from your absence too. Tarot slipped by 12 points on the NASDAQ. LMAO : P


    Yup, you hit a nerve, but the good thing is, now you can work on yourself, and your stuff, he will still call you to tell you how "wonderful" you are, LOL but now you can move forward on a whole bunch of things.

    GemTwin52, Emergence,

    Now a message from the management, LOL a visit to the Forums requires at least a shirt be worn at all times, as you might catch a cold. "Going Tarzan" is strictly forbidden under OSHA ruling 23978, section 24, paragraph 8, and by a mandate issued by the H&HS Department, "due to the likelihood of car accidents and colds". LOL : P

  • Brain Is that a real section? so there is a Rules list then? Hmm, well, atleast we don't have too write "For Entertainment Purposes Only" under any advice we give or take from another.

  • Brian, you got any? "innocent pics"? You should post yours too!

  • Bluecat123,

    Great idea, this could be super fun, seeing BrianTristan without his little crab shell!

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