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  • dnnmre, I would hang up on him right away, keep doing it until he gets the point. Everytime something ugly starts too fall out of his mouth, click. He'll learn.

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  • Sandran712,

    "I would watch your mental health.I did this for awhile.It left me totally exhausted. Now the doctor tells me I am suffering lack of sleep. Wants me to take pills that I won't take. I still see you as an M&M...You sugarcoat everything.I will not do that.I tell it like it is!"

    You have multiple gifts, and indeed you are intuitive Sandran712 (born on my grandfather's birthday too by the way, and he was a great man), but the thing about using any of these gifts is this, balance. In using any of your gifts, if that wipes you out, then you need to figure a way to do that that does not. It may be turning down "the volume" so it is not so intense, or if that is not possible only using it once or twice a week so you do not totally exhaust yourself. You are so right, you can end up like a demolition derby car if you are not careful; get the life sucked out of you, and/or take on other people's negative energy.

    You are correct in not taking anything you do not want to take. Good for you, a lot of people would take rat poison if a Dr. prescribed it. However, sleep is important, and I hope you find a way to sleep some more, as being sleep deprived is really rough to deal with. What have you tried to do to get more sleep?

    As far as me being an M&M, as long as I can be a green peanut M&M, I am cool with that. I do not mind it that you think I sugar coat everything. I am sorry it annoys you, but I am who I am, and you are who you are, and neither of us is going to change. As far as I see it, that is okay.

    Like I have stated before, no one approach is right for everyone. Some people may loathe my approach (they do not need to ask me anything), some people may like it. Some people may like your approach much better. Does not bother me one bit, as this is not a contest, and therefore is no winner. Hopefully you help some people, and hopefully I help some people, and hopefully we both get some enjoyment out of being here on the forums.



  • Bluecat123,

    My brain is fried after working the polls for 16 hours, so what invites? I am truly lost.

  • hope we're not wearing you out you seem such a sweetie,

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • dangit Brian! k, / um then From E! who really has grown into her Own Person laltey! Followthat you'll see. K, this message might selfdestruct!

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  • Put it all together Brain , you'll see!

  • does it end

    Shame on me.......


  • so far got **** that part is good.

  • k, fine get my expelled Brian! from E!

  • you know like proboarding with the ing at the end , geez Some sites are a bit possessive!

  • on *** I have the same screen name as here now

  • Brian, hello! I have been reading your post and I would like to know if you could tell me somethings too, it doesn't matter what it is, ( I have too many things I want to know anyway! I cannot put it all down ). Love , life, money, spirits guids, the why of things that have happened, health etc. anything at all that you can tell me would be something I wanted to know 🙂

    My date of birth is 09-14-1958 @ 12:48 pm.

    much, much THANKS

    ps. I love your humor!!

  • Brian, right, but E has one but if its name gets dropped here, it gets deleted in like 2 seconds. Want u too visit hers!

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  • see what I mean? oh and redpetals too, and addicted

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