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  • Yep, everyone has one, if not, just ask their parents, as I'm sure they have a vault somewhere with the pics.

  • Bluecat123,

    I have plenty of kid pics but now that I think about it, I think they are all clothed! Well, except of course a little fat, drooling baby pic where my brother is trying to hold me!

  • OSHA is the Occupational Safety & Health Administration

    ruling 23978, section 24, paragraph 8 is fictional

    H&HS Department is the United States Department of Health and Human Services

    the mandate; "due to the likelihood of car accidents and colds" is fictional

    Innocent pics huh? Without my little crab shell? For that, I WOULD charge money.

  • BrianTristan,

    How soon can you set up a paypal account? Lmao!

  • RedPetals,

    Wow no shirtless pictures, you were a modest child.

  • dunno about that, I got a pic of me, in the bath, with a whale, nowadays my dad said, I would be the whale !!!!LOL,I did win a cute baby competition with one of dad's photos though.(not the whale one) I was pretty as a child, but then I grew up

    When you're not too busy, any chance of looking into if I should persevere with my jewellery making business, or be practical and look for a 'proper' job, as I've got a few debts to clear from a while ago, too. I was born 11.30pm gmt on 14th february 1958.


    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • LOL Brian,

    I'll keep my top on for now since you are posting yours!

    Don't need to set up a PayPal account, you can always use mine!


    What program are you using to resize your pic?

    Have you tried Image Resizer (Microsoft) or VSO Image Resizer?

    They are both free to download.

    Hurry! We want to see the pics from the Wonderwoman (girl) days!LOL


    Cute pics LOL.

    I can practically hear my grandpa screaming at me right now " Where is your top, little girl???"

  • The only one I have seen is gemtwin52's I think everyone else is holding out, I would have too dig for those, that would require a trip too the attic, first a trip too garage too get a ladder, plus I'm afraid someone would reconize me from one of my kid pics! Brian, they need a section or two on here I think thats not fiction as far as rules go, but yours are pretty funny!

  • BrianTristian,

    Very modest and quite shy! I dunno, I just seemed to always have clothes on, go figure! I think we may be taking your thread a bit sideways, but fun though huh? Lol

    Emergence - you have a paypal? Lol...

  • see if this work this time...

  • still not working

  • Is the pic exceeding 300KB?

  • I think def it is Emergence, but for some reason I can't get too size down, part of that is me switching computers back and forth mabe, always got some pics on this one, then some more on that one, and send a lot from phone too socialsites/email as well, but with this one I just can't get it too go, except too my avtar, that actually worked, thats a real pic of my Barbie Loves Sponge Bob bathroom, I know silly!

  • I'm touble shootin though..

  • that is really weird because both programs which I mentioned above, it you choose small or 1200x900pixels and below, that should resize the pic below 300kb.

    Good luck though!

  • Thanks! I think I'm missing an app for it or something

  • What program are you using to resize your pic?

    Have you tried Image Resizer (Microsoft) or VSO Image Resizer?

    They are both free to download.

  • No, but I think I will thank you for that Emergence! My issue with it is, my bfriend is computer administrator and always tinkering with our computers, and so I never know what pics are on what pc, then I have too download or reload stuff all the time

  • So , Emergence, if I crack open a fortune cookie, and share the fortune with you, declare it too be your fortune, would that be a rule breaker? Will it get deleted?

  • Oh well, I'm doing it anyway, An unexpected vistior will bring you good blessings! Thats your fortune Emergence!

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