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  • Glad he is alive Notshy2bme, i was also getting a little worried about him 🙂 He has been so nice to all of us here, and i really appreciate what he does for us.

    Well Hope he will get better soon, and have some well deserved rest.

    Lots of love


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  • Notshy2bme im sure he wont mind at all, just letting us now that nothing bad has happened is alright. So I'm sure he wont mind.

    Lots of love to you

    RebeccaAnn! 🙂

  • I know he had loads and loads of readings to do for here, so if he's feeling ill he can't be expected to carry on as the ones here were quite in-depth and complicated and if he's elsewhere he's probably still working on the ones for here too, just he's not had the chance to post yet, I do notice that anyone who does readings of any kind gets pretty snowed under fast, some threads run to hundreds of pages in days, and if someone is on a few threads they will be really hard at work just to keep up with the postings, so if they're a bit under the weather, and in some threads there are people who just won't wait, as seen on the "respect" thread that CharmedWitchBente put up

    if you are reading this Brian, get well soon, Love,Light and Cyberhugs

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  • actually I know, the only reason I don't yell myself sometimes is that I hate to let others wind me up,and I won't allow others rudeness to get to me as sometimes I feel that that is exactly what they want, certainly I have that at home with my mother-in-law, I mean we live in her house and that, but I can't see any reason why she has to be rude and sometimes downright hurtful, as she also can be nice too, just no way to predict how she will be one day to the next, so am praying for a place of our own that we can afford.... well must stop moaning we're better off than a lot of people

    Brightest blessingsNotshy2bme

  • Chrissicat Im just like you, i wont tolerate other peoples rudeness either sometimes i feel like saying something, because it annoys me greatly but in the end i just leave it and do not post anything, the best way to deal with it, is to remind them a few times of the rules that you set up!, and if they refuse to co-operate then cancel the readings and say its too much work. and because no body's listening. People should type them out in capital letters so that they can read and understand them clearly.

    And thats also what my mother is like, she can be very judgmental, and hurtful sometimes too, and she does Moan too much LOL but i try not to let her get to me!!

    shes not been to bad at the moment he he! Maybe you should tell her how you feel Chrissicat it might help!


    Notshy2bme i am fine things here are settling down, slowly but surely i now i will find my feet someday! 🙂 they always seem to be one step ahead of me. its hard to catch up LOL! 🙂

    Lots of love to you both


  • I did once, but it's her house and she's just not really a happy person, she lost her hubby when mine was 14, and her friends are few and far between as you can guess at 86, so I try to make allowances for her

    Love to all


  • Ahhh i guess so, its nice that you do that for her.

    I'm sure one day she will appreciate all that you do!

    Lots of love to you to


  • bumpity bump bump

  • bump

  • Rebecca Ann and Chrissicat,

    I understand where you are both coming from with the rudeness. I do tend to let peoples rudeness affect me personally and feel like it is an attack on me - you would think that as a 45 year old woman I would have more sense but having been an extremely quiet and shy person all my life, some things are hard to change. I put up with the rudeness of my estranged husband for a long time and there were times when we were socialising that I would feel very embarassed by his behaviour. Even now that he is gone, his ignoring me and blaming me for his affair did almost destroy me but I realise it is his problem not mine and if I were the awful person he tries to portray to others then why do my children want to stay with me and have as little contact with their dad as possible.

    Best wishes to you both....


  • I put up with it for a long while I didn't realise but even my Dad, I have been told was rude to me and insulting too, as his nickname for me used to be fatso and barge-a*s, and that was in the days when I was 36-28-38, and he is worse now, as I'm 44-32-42, and still only 5'6", at least I have a shape, and hubby doesn't do it to me, ma-in-law does, always are you putting on weight,getting fat? your hair looks lke a witch, that sort of thing , but I don't think your age has anything to do with it,sometimes you can put up with it for years, but there's always something that will change that Dad did it when he remarried and insisted I dress the way he wanted me to, and have my hair and makeup checked out by his sister on his wedding day, needless to say his new wife dressed me the way I like, and his sister loved my style, so there can't be that much wrong with me, but he'd threatened to disown me if I didn't do things his way if I was to even go to his wedding and both hubby and my son weren't even invited, (they have long hair, my son in ringlets) we all had to fit in with the new people he was now associating with, and they don't so we hardly ever hear from him now at all. I'd had to dye and bleach my hair which I was growing the dye out from (it's too expensive to keep dyeing it as it was waist length)and get layers cut into it at a hairdressers, which I'd stopped doing as we couldnt afford monthly appointments, but no, it had to be done or he'd forget he had a daughter, needless to say I was quite upset, as doing this committed me to months of expense to keep looking reasonable and have you ever tried to put layered hair into a neat tidy roll or bun ?...and the frizz from the dye and bleaching well I'd just got it smooth before all that, at least it is nearly all out as my pic shows somewhere in here, but I doubt if I'll get it back to waist length for a while, and I was lucky enough to find a student hairdresser that trims it for a tenner, so the expense is not too bad, can't wait to get those pesky layeers

  • sorry, layers, cut out and my hair back to normal, but that's a few more trims away yet, so you see what giving in did maybe I should have cut my losses before, but he is my dad, and Mum's gone, so his new wife was, I hoped, someone to talk to she's nice, doesn't have airs and graces although she's well off, unlike dad, well no more moaning I suspect it's probably not good for me

    Brightest blessings Geraldine

  • Chrissicat,

    Gosh that sounds like a pretty awful life you had. It is terrible when people cannot accept you for who you are, especially parents. My estranged husband could not accept that my two oldest boys were individuals in their own right, with their own likes and dislikes and because they didn't gel with his he lost interest in them - hence the reason why his leaving does not have any affect on them. Their reasoning is that when he was here he was never a father to them and the house is a happier place without him.

    Don't get me started on mother-in-laws...............mine has shown herself to be as ignorant and rude as her son. She has not once contacted me or my children to see how we are coping with this split. I know they say blood is thicker than water but I also know that having been brought up by my parents to believe in morals and what is right and wrong, if I had done what he had my parents would have read me the riot act.

    Chrissicat, you are a lovely caring person and never let anyone tell you otherwise.

    Best Wishes


  • I did't have a bad childhood just a tactless dad he's always been like that, and at the end of the wedding lunch(shepherd's pie ) he said I looked lovely and had done him proud, what he will never understand I suspect is that I don't dress up unless I am actually going somewhere special I might wear nice jeans (ironed) and match with a waistcoat for everyday, but I wouldn't wear a chiffonblouse and skirt to go shopping in, nor would I expect dress-up to just go for a walk in the park, he seems to think I should, silly man, as for ma-in-law, she's sad she has been a widow since hubby was 14, and is probably wanting me to be more like her (which I certainly won't, as she has given up completely) appearance wise

    Love and Light


  • Chrissi,

    Same here, when I go about my normal day to day routines I will wear clean clothes but would never overdress to go shopping. I seldom wear make up either except when I am going on a night out which is very rare these days.

    Just be who you are and you will never go wrong 🙂


  • that's what hubby always says, and how we've taught my son to be, and everyone thinks he's lovely so we can't be wrong there

    Love and Light

  • People constantly tell me that my three sons are wonderful, makes me feel very proud. Even more proud when they tell me it is down to my love and caring for them, husband never taught them anything.........

    Best Wishes

  • well we all have that to be proud of then too

    Love and Light

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