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  • might be the volcanic dust getting you Brian, we were told it would affect asthmatics but when my hayfever kicked in this year it was the worst ever, and it actually scared me with what happened, I thought I'd developed asthma myself, and was too scared to leave the house for a while, and Sudafed is horrible, I always feel really dehydrated if I've had to take that, so I am definitely sympathising with you . Hope you feel better soon



  • Hope you feel better Brian. I have seasonal allergies & cats have been challenging me lately so I can definitely sympathize. Drink lots of water, rest & a bit of sunshine may help. Wishing you a speedy recovery

    Blessed be

  • Brian, blessings

    I am not sure if you have dental issues, especially the top teeth.

    My son has been suffering from what he thought was sinus infection for years. He just found out this past January, he has an absessed tooth on the top set of his mouth. The dentist stated this is what has been causing his sinuses to act up. The infection flair ups would occur throughout the years. With this awareness he is have this corrected.

    This is food for thought.

    Loving silver wings

  • Lovingsilverwings- When I had a sinus infection and no health insurance. I used ecchinaccea. That is a good herbal supplement for all kinds of stuff. It is for the immunity. Have him try that. It wil help with something! Love and God bless.

  • Sylvannah, my son's affliction is a absessed tooth. The absess needs to be drained first and the infection cleared up with antibiotics. He is not into the homopathic treatment. My son thought he had allergies which affected his sinuses.

    What I was trying to state to Brian, was, perhaps the afflictions may not have anything to do with allergies. It may be an absessed tooth which quite offer does not result in pain or a toothache.

    Loving silver wings

  • Take time out to heal BrianTristan and take care. Hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend. 😄

  • Hey Brian,

    Thank you for the reading. That is pretty much how I also feel. Do you have any ideas or can you expand on his other issues? I know he has guilt and I think I know what that is about.

    I hope you are feeling better!

    Thank you very much

  • donnamae92,

    Couples or Marriage Counseling is the how to get at the issues he has, or that the two of you face. We can certainly do more readings, you should not feel that is not the case, but getting a real dialogue going between the two of you is what needs to happen now, and I see the effective way to do that as counseling.

  • Thank you Brian. I hope you are feeling better.

  • Hi Brian!

    Just wanted to send you some love. Hope you're feeling better. You've been busy! Take it easy.

    Blessings to you,


  • Hey Brian Tristan!! I was told that I should ask this question of you!!!!

    I had a brief encounter with a Cancer man in April. It was as if I had been struck by lightning, so to speak!! I just had this unbelievable urge that I had to be with him, etc., that we were meant to meet and to be together, etc. We live about 15 hours apart though. He was calling about every week or two. Then, while we were on the phone, my husband came up to me and asked me a question, and I haven't heard from this guy since. (its been 5 weeks)!! This guy knew I was married, as he met my husband as well, and we had discussed it. There didn't seem to be any issues at this point.

    Anyway, I think this guy is in my future, but I would like to know when I will see him again, and is he my future mate??? I feel with everything that I own that he is to be with me in the future, but I would like to know everything that you can tell me about this!!!!

    My DOB March 18, 1960 5:39 am. , Paducah, KY. His DOB July 7th, 1973, Brazil, I don't know the time.

    Everyone that I have read about on this forum says you are the absolute best!!!!! Thank you for any insight you can give to me!!!!


  • Hey Brian!

    I just read that you are not feeling well!!! I am so sorry!! I had already posted my question before I read that!!

    Anyway, take care of yourself, and whenever you have posted you are ready again, I will try again!!!

    Thank you so much!!!


  • Hey, Brian i hope your feeling better.. me and my daughter have moved to a new basement suite this weekend and my body is on fire with my fibromialga and chronic pain, just let me know when your rested and feeling better for my next message

    Thanks Sheila

    PS I can't get to the last page of your thread...

    anyone else having problems

  • Brian has stated, "THIS SITE IS CLOSED". CLOSED until he is able to get caught up.



  • BUMP

  • LOL I would say hurry up and wait but it's more like a wait and hurry up! LOL Silly rabbit, ... I didn't read what was wrong but I hope you feel better! Take care Brian!

  • Brian Tristan,

    Thank you for your advice. Since then he did find out about me dating and you were right it was tearing him up inside. The last two weeks have been a rollar coaster ride though. He actually called while I was on two of my dates. It was like he had ESP. He wanted to talk to me and we did. He poured out his soul to me and told me how he missed me and that he loves me more and different than anyone ever....He even showed up at church last sunday, and we had a great time. Talked about vacationing together and everything. But now he is back to his stand offish ways. I talked to him about it and told him that i didn't want to be a fool and that if he didn't feel the same as i do all he has to do is say so. He told me that he didn't mean to lead me on in anyway but that he had some excess baggage to get rid of and that he was fighting his own demons. He also said that he didn't want to feel pressured into anythng. I told him that i would never do anything like that because if we were going to be, than i wanted it to be of his own free will. I haven't spoke to him since friday......I love him but i don't know what to patient or go about my life......anymore advice would be appreciated

    Thanks Again

    God Bless,

    Sweetie 1914

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  • Be back this week sometime.


    I am backlogged with questions, and if I accept anything new, the people who have already posted questions will have problems finding their answers.

    For those who have posted questions, I will get to them, I promise. I am working on them.

    Also, please note, follow ups to questions I have already answered, are acceptable, as those are already posted questions, that I can refamiliarize myself with the situation very quickly.


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