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  • Hey Brian I Have a update ! Check out my post .I know im a handful and I appreciate your help soooooooo much ! Im gonna have to give you my personal email address.

  • Dnnmre,

    I shall go back and look, and see what I missed.

  • Kaplow,

    I am buying a Nerf Bat soon I think. looks in my inbox Very soon it appears.

  • Hello BrainTristan i was just curious to know weather you got my email?

    Have you been busy lately 🙂

    Best wishes


  • Just a BUMP to keep it on the top ;))

    Great work BrianTristan.

  • About me taking him back If I want? But does he want me back.. If he misses me? you said he ws coming back? Also that the new guy has no sense of humor and a lot of baggage more than I did. He is so boring me gives no excitement at all. Doesnt even do things on his own. He is so used to everyone doing for him I do have red flags tht go up at timeswith this new guy.

  • Brian you have not steered me wrong and I have listened to everything you have said. I value what you say to me

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  • I'm glad that I wasn't around for that long.Well, I was done. I've been there before but I am done now. My new guy is an old friend. From like 20 years ago. He is not real good looking but he is my equal mentally and spiritually. We just had an arguement (I guess) because he did something my ex used to do all the time. He is not doing anything wrong but it was wrong when my ex did it. I dealt with it for 3 1/2 years. I am not mad at him. I am just having a hard time dealing with it. He feels guilty and he shouldn't because it's not him that has hurt me but he should understamd. If I did something that was harmless but his wife used to do to him only 3 months after, I would expect him to get upset. Anyway, this is just too wierd. I am argueing with him something about my ex. And, I have some guy (in Illinois I think) I have only talked to 3-4 times, online and he is confessing his undying love. I think I am just going to go to bed and start again tomorrow TTFN

  • Dnnmre,

    Your ex will be back, he is not out of your life forever, and that is because you tolerated his behavior, but you have not done that recently, which is good, but he will be back to see if you will revert and accept his nonsense. He may grow up, and you may be able to be friends, which would be nice, but do not hang your hopes on that.

    The new guy is not a bad person, that is what I was trying to tell you. Your own internal compass will tell you if he is right for you or not, and I would not dispute you saying he is not the right fit for you, but I would also not over look friendship in this case. Regardless, you know best what to do, not me. You know what you are doing.




    Getting Real

    “Every once in a while, a book comes out of left field that changes just about everything. This is one of those books. Ignore it at your peril.”

    -Seth Godin

  • Brain i realy need your help, i did ask the captain, but i think he was busy :S Iv had some trouble sleeping tonight iv only slept about 2 hourish Its now 5:45am :S an iv got college soon too

    dont know whats wrong

    Best wishes


  • brian thank you so much, have a great week

  • bump:-}

  • Looking forward to your follow up advice,Brian:)Have a nice week!

  • I took a quiz to see what they said about my 'political' views and they said I was teetering on the line of anarchism. lol I though that was funny. I don't read alot of books anymore. I did (however) just buy this book at a Salvation Army. It is an inspirational book called Breakfast With God. It has been very inspirational to me. Besides the $2 price tag lol That was my 1st inspiration lolYou know, I have no tolerance for stupidity and it ticks me off to see some people on here, 50+ so stupid! Drives me absolutely bonkers! But, I know that everyone evolves at a different speed. I just happened to hit that crossing a long time ago but that is why I could never be a coach! It seems like common sense goes right out the window and that the obvious escapes some people. I don't know how you can be so tolerant! I would just virtually slap some of these people and tell them to get a grip! Anyways, you are a very nice person to do what you are doing. I know if I have to tell someone the same stuff 2 or more times, I don't think I would continue to be so pleasant. I try to help sometimes but some people won't even listen to me and want only you and you say the exact same thing. I get like Fred Flinstone rackafracka lol Anyways, keep up the good work and if YOU ever need help, you know where to find me. TTFN

  • hey Brian, what is the list of up coming people reports for you, just wondering.


  • I need some help Brian. You picked the short straw as my go to guy (next to Hans) anyways, there is this guy. He is an old friend from 20+ years ago. And he wants to take care of me. I don't know what to do? How much does he really like me? What is going to happen? I am completely lost. I have never had ANYONE that cared for me before. What can I expect? I know you said no new posts earlier but I was wondering if you would trade this issue for the other one? I really don't want you to deal with it anyways. I feel it is dangerous. I really don't need to know. I was just curious. It'snot worth you for curiosity. So answer this question instead. TTFN

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