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  • this new guy is really nice but..... no sense of humor ,he is boring me no excitement at all

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  • hey Brian It just dawned on me you had said to me I can take him back if I want, hHow do you know he will take me back? It is just something that passed my mind This is definitely a dumb question

  • Dnmre- Don't even consider that, or staying with this new person. You will meet someone else. A guy that won't treat you like garbage til he wants something and someone that is funny. You don't need to settle for anyone! How old are you? You sound young.The sun doesn't rise and fall with either of these two men. You want love, get a dog. I am not with a guy either. But, I have dogs. lol Wait for te right guy before you are left by yourself in a year asking these same questions. I'm sorry Brian, but I have this one. Been there, done that. I am 38 yo and by myself. I was stuck on a lost cause. I was with him for 3 1/2 years. Now I am alone (again) instead of bouncing from one loser to another to end up alone, just wait for the right one. He's out there and you might even miss him wasting your time on this other guy. Don't give in. You are strong. You don't need any of it. Get a large dog! It will help. They will love you unconditionally. It will help. I promise.

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  • But I am not lone, I have myself. I do have a large dog, and he does make me happy . Can you explain it in english also which question you are referring to?

  • hey Brian It just dawned on me you had said to me I can take him back if I want, hHow do you know he will take me back? It is just something that passed my mind This is definitely a dumb question

    I was referring to this one. The dog should help. I have more than one but I know mine help me. I figured just one would actually help more because it would be more dependant. Is it a male or female? And what kind is it? Sometimes yourself doesn't help, but having God and a dog does. LOL If you don't mind me asking , how old are you? Are you under 25? I am going to be 39 this year. It really doesn't get much easier but unfortunately, you do get used to it.

  • I'm 52 and have been with him for 17 years until he found the grass not to be greener on the other side. the dog on the other hand is a yellow lab he is my special needs dog that I take to work with me because he keeps comiong back getting my hopes up only when something goes wrong with a relationship does he come back, but Brian knows what I did this time which was ok but it wasn't The dog was both of ours

  • I'm sorry but your advice is good, but Brain has not steered me wrong yet and I don't think he has any intentions of it Thank you anyway. I really dont feel like going through my situtations gain Brian knows the whole story.

  • I texted him telling him that I moved and just saying goodby so he wont be coming around anymore

  • Definately keep writing Brian! He can see alot more than I can. A yellow lab is a grat dog! Good for you! (on the move) 17 years is a long time! The grass is always greener on the other side but only if you water it. He will either have to let you go or see that you have always been there and quit his crap! You definately deserve better. You have to take care of you! Not be there for everybody else. That's what I was doing. I wanted to be there for him so much, I am now 27 lbs underweight. I have to take care of me. I was with him for 3 1/2 years. He is an alcoholic and his ex-wife was a total looney. So I was trying to fight against everything. I wanted to show that not all women are like that. That I wasn't going to give up! (even though I eventually had to for my own health) That his excessive drinking won'thelp. The problem will still be there tomorrow but now you're broke. He has spent so much money with nothing to show for any of it. Not even memories! If he doesn't at least slow down, it will kill him and he will die alone! He didn't care about me going but I bet now, he realizes what he lost.At least he is a functioning alcoholic. He will get drunk every night but still gets up at 5:30a to go to work. He is a good person but you have a small window in the morning to see him how he is, sober. lol I have a Beagle (she has papers and all) that I want to find a home for. She is allergic to something here. She looks bad but she clears up fast. I have given hr away twice but I keep getting her back cause I forget to tell people, they gotta put her in her place. After about 3 days, she will start growling and barking and you just have to smack her on her butt. I forget cause I haven't had to do that for over 4 years but I had to do that too. She doesn't growl or bark at me for nothing. You don't have to smack her hard, you just need to let her know that you are the alpha and she does not come first. Anyway, I hear thunder so I'm gonna go. I would definately wait for Brian, I just thought that maybe I could help a little. Help you and help ease him. TTFN

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  • not much activity happening here. Hopeing for a report real soon PLEASE.

  • donnamae92,

    I see the tumultuousness of the past year having made your marriage pretty rocky, but that is about it, I do not see it as destroyed or broken, more like neglected. You and your husband are certainly a good pair, and I feel you should ask for couples counseling as part of the divorce proceedings to see if your marriage can be put back together. I know you do not feel it needs to end, but he has some guilt, and some other issues that he needs to address, and basically share with you. Do not despair because this in divorce proceedings, in many places the attempt to reconcile is part of that whole business. I think the couples counseling with lead to whatever the path forward is for you two, and is what you both need to do. So, see if you can get that to happen. For right now, that is where things are at, your husband has to get his head screwed n straight, and unfortunately only he can do that and be willing to do that, you can not do that for him. Please, let me know how this first step in your journey goes.



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    Honey, you are doing fine. The ex will be okay, he has to grow up some, but he may not, who knows, either way he will be okay. The new guy may not be all fun and excitement, but do not dismiss him so quickly, he is a solid, decent person. You just keep doing what you are doing, and being positive, and life will get easier and flow naturally for you more and more.



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    Just remember, you do not have to be hard core, you can give a little. Only you know where that balance is, and I am certain you will find it.

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    Hey there. Working on answers for you.




    I am backlogged with questions, and if I accept anything new, the people who have already posted questions will have problems finding their answers.

    For those who have posted questions, I will get to them, I promise. I am working on them.

    Also, please note, follow ups to questions I have already answered, are acceptable, as those are already posted questions, that I can refamiliarize myself with the situation very quickly.


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  • Brian you still didnt answer my questions that were above though

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